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Why Going Non-Mainstream When Purchasing Your Shirts Wholesale Is A Good Choice

Few could look beyond denim, formal and flannel shirts when purchasing their shirts wholesale. While these types are very popular in the consumer market, buying non-mainstream types of shirts could very well pay you off. Why? And what ‘non-mainstream types’? Well, we answer these questions here.

Wholesale Shirt Suppliers

It is very likely that your competitors are selling the same varieties that you are

The retail market is very crowded today. Offline or online- you are likely facing heaps of competitions. And the chances are high that the types and varieties of shirts you are offering, your competitors are too. So one of the easiest way to beat them here (without marginalizing your profit) is to also stock non-mainstream types of shirts; ‘also’ being a keyword here. You don’t have to ditch the popular and clichéd items as a whole; just start stocking different and unique types and varieties of shirts. There are few top wholesale shirt suppliers who can help you here.

You will stand out your competitors and will attract many new customers with these new collections. And your sales could touch the sky, just like you dream, with the very least of effort.

So what are non-mainstream types?

In general, in view of the current market trend, anything other that denim, formal and flannel shirts would go in the non-mainstream category. But to be specific, here are three types of the shirts that you should bulk from a good wholesale shirts manufacturer

Chambray Shirts– Many small businesses confuse these with the denim shirts. Although they might look a bit similar, their fabric construction type varies. So they vary in weight, ventilation and wicking properties, as well as in strength and durability. It is their overall quality that makes these chambray shirts popular among a section of consumers.

Sublimation Shirts– Sublimated round-neck tees are crazily popular in the market today. The demand of full-sleeve button down sublimation shirts doesn’t match that of these tees, but they are also very popular among buyers. Particularly among the ones who want a standard looking, bold variety of colorful shirt.

Linen Shirts– Linen Shirts are the foremost choice when its summer. Light in weight with higher breathability and wicking, they offer high comfort. Even in the style department they do well. Top wholesale shirt suppliers offer many custom varieties of these linen shirts in different shade, design and fitting.

These are the three non-mainstream types of shirts; non-mainstream at least in view of current market trend. Bulk them up today to outstand in the competitive market and to attract new customers. You can also use customization option to ‘unique-up’ your wholesale even further. So now contact a good wholesale shirts manufacturer and make your bulk purchase.