Elegant Ways to Wear a White Shirt Crafted By One of the Wholesale Shirt Suppliers

Leaning on few of the outfits in the wardrobe is something which is essential for all fashion-forward women, be it the distressed denims or a white button down shirt. The wear-anywhere wardrobe staples complete our closet and are useful to get dressed up in a number of ways, owing to the versatility they carry. Not just for boys, even girls should have a white button down shirt for a weekend stroll, a date night or to the work scenes at office. A year-round essential, you can use it as a layering , tie a knot at the end or wear it buttoned up for formal occasions, you can never go wrong with a shirt like this. The leading wholesale clothing manufacturers and designers are sprucing up the stocks of the retail outlets, owing to the high end demand of the fashionable women towards these shirts.

Bulk Clothing Suppliers

The top-notch wholesale shirt suppliers are rafting them in a wide variety of fabric options, from linen to silk and cotton as fabric has a lot to do with the purpose you are getting decked up for.

To help you with this, we will get you covered with few style ideas for three occasions:

For Professional Ambience

For the office environment, dressing up soothing and somber is very essential. Hence you can go for the following looks:

Tuck into a high waisted mid length black skirt with a white button down shirt and a pair of pointed toe heels. Instead of black, you can also go for a two-toned skirt with the white shirt.

Go for a silk white shirt with slim fit grey trousers and team this up with a similar color tweed blazer for the ultra-mod stylish texture.

Go for an all-white color palette with a white button down shirt tucked into a pleated white midi skirt. This will give you a perfect semi-formal silhouette.

For Amorous Date Nights

You always don’t need to wear something feminine like a dress to complete your date nights. You can try the following too:

Layer a white button down shirt over a sleek black bra and let it peep through the shirt as you keep it unbuttoned with a knot at the end. Team this with a black floral printed mid-length skirt and a shoe of vibrant color.

Wear a sexy sleeveless black dress over a white button down shirt and add embellishment in the form of a collared necklace to notch up your appeal.

For a flirtatious look, pair up a sloppy shirt in white with a red wrap skirt, bringing in a poised finishing.

For Weekend Strolls and Parties

On the weekends for casual outings and parties, it is time to ditch your halter neck or the cocktail dress and adopt a more classy look through the following ideas:

Team up a white shirt over a denim jumpsuit and team this with a neutral shaded jacket to complete the look.

For mild winters, team up straight fit denim with a white shirt, and pair this up with a long sized sleeveless coat for a dash of panache added to your look.

Get hold of a silk button down white shirt crafted by one of the wholesale shirt suppliers and wear it with an embellished skirt and a bandana.