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Etiquettes to Wear Summer Staple Polo Shirts for Men

Versatile, iconic and comfortable, if these three words can suit any outfit for men, it would be a classic polo shirt. Collared and short sleeved, they are the perfect summer staples owing to their lightweight and breathable features. Every gentleman must stuff his closet with these shirts to add buoyancy and spin to their collections and carry exotic ensembles anywhere they go.

Polo Shirts Manufacturers

Be it the golf courses, tennis courts, beaches, streets or parties, polo’s are the most happening fashion trend which is meant to stay in the global fashion scene forever. The leading polo shirts manufacturers are crafting a wide array of these shirts, in a medley of colors, fabrics and designs to suit the bulk requirements of the retailers and business owners. Blowing up since the later part f the roaring twenties, this classic fashion statement is still creating a stir in the fashion scenario. At the posh parties or the around the town casual strolls, you can befriend polos to deliver a number of style stances quite confidently.

We will get you covered with few mannerisms which must be kept in mind while doing the vintage polos:

Never accompany them with undershirts

A fitted polo doesn’t need the undershirt and looks odd when worn with one. Wearing them will completely spoil the shape and finesse of the polo and make the shirt crumble at the sleeves and collars. Hence, undershirts are a strict no-no for polo shirts.

Let them fit you, but not tightly

Let a polo drape nicely over your physique instead of clinging on to your body with a tight fit. Avoid going for claustrophobic tight fit so that you do not end up looking odd and eccentric. Choose something with a decent line and length to fit you properly.

The size has a lot to do with your height

The tail of the polo shirt shouldn’t go midway past the buttocks, as it will look odd and crumbles when wore tucked and while you wear it untucked , it will fall on the back with a dull look.

There is no need to pop the collar

The popping of the collar of polos to keep the sun away or try out some style is restricted only to the college going crowd. Men should refrain from this style as it would only make them look out of the place, without any definite silhouette.

Avoid too large and visible logos and monograms

Polos have the specialty of the embossment of logos and monograms, but make sure the one you are wearing designed by a polos wholesale company ,has a small one in sleek design. The logos or the big ones are good for the uniforms of the kids, and you should better go for the polos without logos in minimalistic design. The color contrast should be appealing and catch the attention of onlookers easily.

Polos and blazers doesn’t go in tune

If you have an event where wearing blazer for a formal or a semi formal look is must, go for a dress shirt and not a polo. Polo carries a casual stance and the collar of the polo will end up clashing with the collar of the blazer and end up committing a fashion crime. Hence, use the polos introduced by the polo wholesale distributors only for casual occasions.