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Top Shirt Trends to Adopt in 2016

Whether you like it or not, shirts are a wardrobe staple and can take you from the street to the boardroom with total panache. With shirts, it is always about finding the right fit, pairing it up with equally flattering bottom-wear and accessories. That apart, here are some of the major shirt trends to look out for in 2016 and some may even not fall under the definition of “tailored fit” but nonetheless will help wearers grab some serious eyeballs.

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The Crisp White Shirt Still Dominates the Scene

This is a wardrobe essential. But do not make the mistake of calling it basic. There are myriad ways to reimaging this “basic” shirt such as intricate details, colorful buttons and so on. It is an essential for both men and women and can be worn with smart suits for work or with a pair of blue denims for a casual yet classy look. And they are NOT going out of fashion anytime soon! So, stock up.

Time to Show Some Baggy Love

Yes, we go on and on about fitting shirts but 2016 is definitely a year that has seen major fashion changes, one of which being the baggy shirt trend. These come with or without collars, button-downs and are made available in different materials, from cotton to denims. When the summer is beating down with full force, loose clothing is what will make one feel comfortable. If you are a retailer and wish to make an impact with your product offerings, get in touch with wholesale shirt suppliers to become the first one among your competition to add this to your existing product line. And don’t be afraid to go crazy with prints and colors… this generation are all about a little quirkiness!

Agree or Not… Dress Shirt is Needed!

Nobody can go wrong with slim fit dress shirts and these cheap wholesale shirts are made available today by top-notch designers and manufacturers in a wide variety of bright to neutral hues and tones, prints, patterns and designs. The style of patterns, checks and boxes varies for formal to informal occasions.

Look Out for Silk Shirts

The trend of silk shirts just proves that this piece of garment is not just meant for the boardroom but for the streets as well. Designers and manufacturers make it available in fabulous prints such as dragons, animals, floral and abstract. It is hugely popular among the fashion-conscious generation and viewed as a rather bold option. Buy shirts in bulk wholesale to get wonderful discounts.

Buy shirts in bulk in trendsetting colors and featuring interesting design elements from reputed wholesale suppliers and update your inventory to trump your competition.

6 Tricks for Wearing Your Polo Shirts Perfectly off the Field

Polo shirt, originally referring to the game itself, has long been associated with formal sports attire. But as it has turned out in the most recent years that with their versatile appearance men have accepted them as their casual yet dressy wardrobe ensemble which can be worn for different occasions and purposes, be it a short trip around the countryside or a semi-formal event with business associates. Wondering how you should actually work your polo shirts? Follow the tips below.

Wholesale Polo Shirts Manufacturers

Using it as an undershirt? No way!

Polo t-shirts are generally designed for wearing as a single piece without having to put on another shirt over it as this will only add to a very unpleasant look for the undershirt may be visible from under the sleeves or get crumpled around the collar. Instead purchase a well-fitted polo shirt online and pair it with any jeans or trousers for best results.

Right size and fit should top your list

The simple way to ensure that you have got them in proper size and fit is by slipping your finger into their sleeves, besides taking your exact measurements before purchasing them. In addition to this make sure that they are made of lightweight cotton fabrics which will actually drape over your body rather than clinging close to your flesh, revealing every flexes of your biceps.

Business owners must also get these products in different sizes and fits from their polo wholesale distributors to suit the demands of their customers.

Consider the length in proportion to your height

No matter where you are going or which shirt you are putting on make sure that the tail of the shirt does not go past the back pockets of your jeans or trousers. A long tailed shirt may appear to be a completely wrong choice as it has the chances of getting creased and wrinkled when you tuck it in and on the other hand look quite ridiculous when you do not.

Never raise the collar

Unless you are a teenager, raising collar is a strict no-no. Even if you are doing this during summer to protect your neck from the harmful rays of the sun, it is best to apply sunscreen lotion there instead and just keep the collar down. Raising the collar seems as irrelevant as wearing a pair of sunglasses at night. So just leave it for the teenagers and do not try so hard to look cool.

Say no to blazer

Wearing a blazer under the polo shirt? Well it may not always work as it has been often seen that the collar of the shirt has stuck out from the former. So when it comes to getting a former look with a blazer, it is always better to stick to a basic shirt or a dressier one.

Tuck in vs. tuck out

There is nothing like a rule for whether you can tuck in or tuck out your shirt. But depending on the situation and the rest of the outfit, you can choose to wear them. For instance, those in red or maroon colors are perfect to be paired up with madras shorts where you are not required to tuck them in. On the other hand, if you are choosing to team them up with seersucker slacks or chinos, you must not forget to tuck the tails in so that the entire outfit gets a new spin.

Retailers must hurry up and collect all different colors and styles of wholesale polo shirts from their wholesale suppliers online.

Edging Competitors with Drop Shipping Clothing Wholesalers by Your Side

There are of course many ways to trail your competitors in the clothing industry- buying wholesale from top manufacturer, stocking only the high quality wears and selling at cheap. But latelya new trend has emerged in this niche that small businesses has been rooting to; a trend that not only help the bulk buyerslead the market but also reduce their hassle of doing business; a trend of making bulk purchase from dropshipping clothing wholesalers.

Dropshipping Clothing Wholesalers

Wholesalers wooing small businesses with dropshipping service

There are many top wholesalers or manufacturers in market today who have upped their game with their amazing drop shipping services. They basically store the purchased wholesale of thebulk buyers in their own warehouse, offer a smooth inventory management and make the delivery to the final customers themselves on the bulk buyers’ behalf. This service brings a string of benefits for the small businesses.

Cost cutting– With their bulk stored in the warehouse of the manufacturers, the cost of owning or renting the warehouse themselves is eliminated for the small businesses. Also, the occasional costs incurred due to shipping accidents is reduced, along with the shipping cost of delivering to theirown customers.

Opportunity to expand– Top drop shipping clothing wholesalers usually has wide distribution channels around the world. This provides the small businesses a big window of opportunity to expand their business. They can take orders from customers at any geographic location without caring about distribution or shipping.

Choosing the right wholesaler or dropshipper

It is best to purchase your bulk from a manufacturer who also offer dropshipping service; avoid any third party dropshipper, they will only add to your cost. There are few things that you need to remember when looking for such drop shipping clothing wholesalers.

Always prioritize the collection (and its quality) of the wholesaler at the top and not the drop shippingservice.

Be considerate of the distribution channels of the wholesaler; it must be wide enough to meet your business’s needs.

A good wholesaler will offer a range of add-ons like insurance for your wholesale, extra discounts on their bulk and a very transparent returning policy.

With everything the drop shipping clothing wholesalers has to offer, you better start looking for them today. With them by your side, you can edge your competitors, increase your revenue and expand your business effortlessly.

Three Rules To Rock Flannel Shirts For Men

A flannel shirt is something which you will be noticing in every season, be it spring or winter .Then why not do it properly to be the trend setter that probably you always wanted to be? Just like women have rules to stick by when it comes to fashion, even men must follow guidelines and style ideas to do any look perfectly without any glitch. Be it classic flannel, or vintage denims, breaking or making a look completely depends on how you are doing a trend , while following a celeb or experimenting with something unique all by yourself ! Whatever might be your fashion statement; there are certain tricks which can make you a perfectionist in fashion quite effortlessly. The wide array of wholesale flannel shirts which are being crafted by the flannel wholesale companies, in a medley of colors, cuts, patterns and shapes are enhancing the retail outlets to entice the male customers.

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We will tell about few nuances of how flannel shirts can be the wardrobe staple for you this season

Come out of plaids (Flannels doesn’t mean plaid)

When people think of flannel, plaid comes to their mind, but this notion is wrong. Flannel is a fabric and has nothing definite to do with plaid or checks. Then why stick to classic plaids all the time and wear the same looks every time? Come out of patterns and try flannel shirts in color blockings or may be duo tones, equipped with a variety of collar styles, with or without pockets, and amazing line and length. This goes without any doubt that the plain flannel shirts can be easily integrated into more number of looks easily, which probably plaids fail to do. From parties to office, they can be your only solution, paired with contrasting denims or trousers.

Flannels and layering create wonders

To try out something different, flannels can render makeover to any look easily when layered. The slim fit flannel shirts look great when paired with sweaters in the fall or denims in the spring. For parties, nothing will look better when you team up a checked flannel shirt with a lather moto jacket, and for the office dress code of strict formal, put together a professional look with a blazer over a flannel shirt for maximum comfort and flair.

Now, what about turning the usual flannel shirt as a layer? Yes, wear a graphic tee beneath a plain flannel shirt, or team up a checked flannel shirt over a plain colored tee for a casual ensemble. To incorporate more pieces in your layering, a vest over a plaid flannel shirt teamed with a structured coat can be the perfect attire!

Denims and flannels create wonders

Though while trying formals, flannels must go with cotton trousers, but while doing the casual dressing, denims look the best with flannels, for a laid back stance. Depending on the occasion a plaid flannel can be tucked or left undocked, and it can be worn with lighter or darker washed denim, depending on the color combination of the checkered patterns. Also, this kind of casual and simple get-up goes good with boots, both brown and black!

Not just for men, the retail stores are getting spruced up with wholesale womens flannel shirts, to woo the women customers.

2 Easy Ways to Increase the Profit Margin from Your Clothing Wholesale

It is no secret that year’s back- and even today- small businesses would find desperate ways to up their profit margin from their clothing wholesale. They would-

Buy the cheapest of clothes;

Sell at very high price range;

Buy from the local manufacturers;

Choose wholesale whose quality is poor; and so forth.

As delightful these ways may be (sarcasm), there are few other ways that can help you increase your profit margin and reduce your hassle of doing business considerably; ways that are easy and more ethical.

Wholesale Clothing Supplier

Contacting top bulk wholesale clothing suppliers

Many small businesses and bulk buyers, for whatever reason, believe that buying their wholesale from topmost and reputed bulk wholesale clothing suppliers would cost them more; when in fact the truth is just the opposite.

Cheap suppliers don’t really offer their bulk at cheap- they say they do, but they really don’t. Foremost is that their pricing policy is not very transparent and includes many hidden costs, like shipping and distribution charges, taxes and duties, and more. Also, when they are offering their clothes at cheap, they make up for that money by using low quality fabrics, and inefficient technology and human resource.

On the other hand, good and reputed supplier set their pricing policy right and transparently. If they are going to charge you for anything, you would know that. Also they employ some of the best technologies and machineries that reduce their overall cost of production. All these combined reduces the cost of their bulk dynamically.

Banking on dropship clothing companies’ service

Over the past couple of years, dropshipping companies have become the backbone of the clothing industry and the messiahs for the small businesses. But unfortunately, not many businesses bank on this service; maybe they don’t really know what it is or have no idea just how lucrative dropship clothing companies can be for their businesses.

A dropshipper stores your ordered bulk in their own warehouse and offer a very smooth inventory management system. They, then, deliver to the end customers on your behalf. This saves you from delivery charge, and the cost of owning or renting a warehouse. Also, they provide insurance for your wholesale; so the financial loss suffered (if) during shipping is eliminated. Ultimately, all this increase your profit margin effortlessly.

Additionally, there are many top bulk wholesale clothing suppliers or manufacturers who also offer dropshipping services. This even furthers down your overall cost of buying wholesale and using dropshipping service indirectly.

So with these two ways you can easily increase your profit margin and edge your competitors.

5 Mistakes you’re Making When Buying Polo T-shirts Wholesale

Top polo shirts wholesale distributor is the one of the most sought-after in the clothing industry; and we’re not really surprised, after all so is the magic of this wear. Even after years, polo t-shirts still holds a dominant position in the global fashion industry.

Wholesale Polo Shirts Manufacturer

With a traditional look, blended with the modern colorful variations, today we have varieties of polo tees in the market that are fashion and casual wear at the same time. They are preferred in all season, and their demands are high and consistent pretty much all throughout the year. So if you own a small clothing business, you must have been told countless times the significance of prioritizing and bulking up the best quality of polo t-shirts wholesale.

But even with all the advices, many small businesses make some minor mistakes that often cost them big. Here are five of those mistakes that they, and maybe even you, make when purchasing bulk from any polo shirts wholesale distributor

Not understanding the difference between polo t-shirts and full-sleeve polo shirts. And even if you do understand, you simply overlook it for whatever reason. The demand for polo t-shirts are much (and much) higher comparatively.

You still consider polo shirts as the winter and spring wear. In reality, their demands are pretty high even during winter. Many people choose them to tag along with a stylish jacket to attain that cool and causal look.

You don’t customize your polo t-shirts wholesale. Admittedly manufacturer would be offering a decent range, but there’s always room to customize your bulk and contrast it with your customers’ specific preferences.

You think colorful and fancy varieties of polo shirts are not good and won’t sell much. When in fact, today such varieties are crazily popular among the young consumers. You should definitely go for sublimated polo tees.

When placing your bulk order, you simply overlook the demands and preferences of female consumers. One reason behind that might be your orthodox thinking that most women don’t wear polo shirts; or else you’re just plain sexist. In reality, the demand for these shirts from women equals that of men’s.

These are the five most common misconceptions that we seen trouble the small businesses. If you are one of those businesses, address them today and contact a good polo shirt wholesale distributor.

Shirts – A Friend for All Occasions Irrespective of Gender

It is important for both men and women to create a wardrobe that is prepared for any occasion or event and one such closet staple are tailored shirts. As a retail clothing store owner, it is your responsibility to pamper your customers with a wide range of options to choose from so that they have a shirt for every situation – from casual to formal and also one that makes them stand apart at the club. Here is a list of some of the shirt styles that are in vogue right now and you should definitely think of stocking up on.

Bulk Clothing Suppliers

Crisp White Shirt

You can never have enough of white shirts! The crisp cotton shirts look amazing on everyone and it is perfect to be worn at work with a blazer, irrespective of the gender. They look supremely sophisticated and are always in demand. Get in touch with reputed bulk clothing suppliers to place bulk order and you can also hope to enjoy fabulous discount rates.

Denim Shirts

The year 2016 has been favorable to the denim trend and the denim shirts have seen a huge comeback and a craze among fashion-forward men and women. Double denims are making heads turn everywhere and suave men have also started taking these shirts to work. Expand your product inventory to include them if you want to stay ahead of your competition.

Flannel Shirts

Flannels are such a material that can be worn all year round as it stays cool during summer and warm during fall/winter. Also, it is extremely easy to layer up in case the temperature decides to drop down really low. Look for well-known wholesale clothing suppliers offering a wide assortment to choose from and add flannels to your clothing line in regular to slim fit styles, small to big checks and varied color combinations.

Don’t Forget Polos

Your shirt collection just cannot be complete without the addition of classic polo shirts for men and women. Polos are perfect not just for formal and sports events but they are seen today in all kinds of occasions and even to the pubs. Designers have given these iconic pieces a modern fashion twist by designing them in vibrant colors and prints that capture the spirit of today.

Throw Something for the Kids Too

Little cherubs look adorable in shirts designed in adult-styles and parents are always on the lookout for trendy and comfortable options for their wee ones. Stock up on shirts for little girls and boys in adorable prints, patterns and vibrant hues.

To get highest quality products at the best price, contact reliable bulk clothing suppliers.

Want Some Outfit Ideas with Denim Shirts? Read On..

Denim – in the ‘jean’ sense of the world – is a material that is ingrained within the very core of menswear. From jeans to jacket to everything in between, the rugged and practical fabric makes its presence felt within the contemporary gents’ wardrobe season after season, come rain, hall or shine and it will continue to do so for generations to come. If we put durability aside, denim’s underrated versatility is actually what really helped its continued rise in the sartorial rank.

Wholesale Denim Shirts Manufacturer

Denim jeans and jackets might have for long stolen the limelight, but the denim shirts can really be regarded as the quiet workhorse. This season is all about the revival of the denim shirts trend and it is not just men but women too are excited for the comeback of this uber-cool, versatile style.

Here are few styling tips that both men and women can follow to stay on top of the wholesale denim shirts trend.

Treat it as a Jacket

Take a page out of the style book of David Beckham and Kate Hudson and treat the jean shirts as jackets. Wear a form-fitting solid colored tee inside with denim shirts outside – keep it unbuttoned for an extra punch of panache. These shirts can be easily paired up with shorts, rugged boots or sneakers as well as works beautifully with long pants and trousers.

Denim on Denim

Double denim doesn’t necessarily have to make one look like a cowboy-rancher or someone who has just come out of a workshop. Take inspiration from celebrities like John Mayer, Ryan Gosling, Rihanna and Victoria Beckham. Doubling up basically involves mixing up the two indigo hues. So, if the denim jeans is of a darker shade, keep the shirt one or two tones down. As for women, they can always accessories it with a cool-looking scarf and have the sleeves folded.

Just for the Men – Denim Shirt with Suit Jacket

2016 is a big year in fashion and tailoring these super cool shirts to work well with suit jackets is a commendable and bold move and it makes this shirts ready to be worn at work. These shirts work wonderfully with fitting chinos and suit jackets in darker or neutral colors. As for the footwear, a smart brogue or oxfords look exceptional.

The denim shirts are a great addition to any man’s or woman’s capsule wardrobe. Retailers looking to stock up and expand their product line can get in touch with denim shirts manufacturer to place bulk order and enjoy wholesale prices.

Wholesale Striped Shirts Become The New Member In Corporate World

No matter how much funky fashion you love to flaunt, you got to dress up in out and out formal way when the matter is official. Striped shirts are considered as the most popular wear for formal purposes. And especially amongst men, the demand for striped formal wear can never go down. For so many obvious reasons the US wholesalers bring you their latest formal shirt collection that you cannot afford to miss!

Wholesale Striped Shirts Supplier

Stripes & Corporates

Today our business world is driven by the corporate!  The word ‘corporate’ itself gives an impression of prim and proper dressed men and women. And this is so very true in the corporate culture, they are quite firm about their dress codes.

A man’s closet could hardly be imagined without striped shirts. Plus, if one is a part of the corporate world, then he just can’t do without stripes. The wholesale striped shirts arrived in the market are definitely going to knock you out with its long designer range, let’s explore!

Sea Green Stripes

Enough of those single coloured boring shirts. Look interesting in the soothing sea green hued stripes. Walk fresh inside the meeting room and deliver your presentation with confidence.

Slim Fit Stripes

Got a great physique? Get yourself a slim fit striped shirt. The white and light blue contrast in the wholesale striped t shirts range is so elegant. Featured with trimmed collars and front pocket the piece is the ideal corporate material.

Fine Blue Stripes

Hold high your corporate image by putting on this slim fit fine blue striped shirt. This belongs to the designer range of the wholesale striped shirts, and yet so sober.

Black Stripes

Moving on from sober colours let’s introduce you with something bolder, the black striped shirt on maroon base. Be it a special delegate meet or a formal night, choose this piece without any second thought.

Electric Blue Stripes

If you are young and confident in carrying brighter shades then try the electric blue striped shirts with white collars and front pocket. The blue and white create an absolute contrast that can be only be sported with the right attitude.

Stripes in Orange

Add some colour to your collection with this black and orange striped shirt. Off white used as the base retains the eye soothing feel in the clothe. Can be used as regular wear.

Most of the products are tailored in polyester and cotton blend and offer comfort even on longer hours. Undoubtedly, the wholesale striped shirts are the best a man can get!

The Spring Summer Flannel Fashion for Men is at Your Doorstep

Good news for all the flannel fans out there! The USA based private label brands have already launched their spring summer collection. And this collection is fully equipped with flannel shirts among others. Go hit their web stores today to get a glimpse of their products. And in order to own the wholesale flannel shirts you must visit their suppliers or retailers.

Wholesale Flannel Shirts Manufacturer

The Wholesale Story

These USA manufacturers cum wholesalers are serving the fashion loving individuals for quite some time now. They have a wide range of fashion apparels in almost every kind. Woven in the best handpicked fabrics its goods last over a long time. Their team of expert in-house designers style each and every garment in the latest trends. And the best thing about these wholesalers is their fashionable clothing range never go stale. They keep on updating and developing it with time.

The Flannel Section

A wholly separate section for shirts has been launched by the makers. This includes the freshly arrived bunch of flannel wear. Checked shirts are always in good demand. Impress your buyers with the latest arrivals in checks, but not in cotton or rayon, but in flannels.

Although flannels are tailored in wool or other warmer fabrics, its end products are not at all too warm and stuffy. Manufactured in a way that you stay cool and breezy in the summer time as well!

The Flannel Range

The bulk flannel shirts are available for men and women both. But as the summer approaches, the demand for light yet trendy shirts for men grows higher. So, let’s take look in the male category.

Black & Red Flannel

Wear the traditional flannel look with this black and red big check. Look bold but stay cool in this curvy hemmed piece.

Black & White

Get wrapped in elegance with the black and white monochrome shirt. Ideal for firm official meets!

Black & Grey Blocked

Bring a twist in the good old monochromes with a hint of grey. Designed in large blocked pattern the shirt has a designer appeal.

Black & White Small Checks

If you are a little heavier it’s smarter to choose smaller prints, this helps in making you look slimmer. The wholesale flannel shirts give you the forever young black and white combo in small checks. Look slender at any occasion.

Dark Blue Checks

No matter if you have a bit darker skin, this dark shaded blue checked flannel will complement you. Look stout and manly in formal or friendly gatherings. Female attraction guaranteed!