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6 Tricks for Wearing Your Polo Shirts Perfectly off the Field

Polo shirt, originally referring to the game itself, has long been associated with formal sports attire. But as it has turned out in the most recent years that with their versatile appearance men have accepted them as their casual yet dressy wardrobe ensemble which can be worn for different occasions and purposes, be it a short trip around the countryside or a semi-formal event with business associates. Wondering how you should actually work your polo shirts? Follow the tips below.

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Using it as an undershirt? No way!

Polo t-shirts are generally designed for wearing as a single piece without having to put on another shirt over it as this will only add to a very unpleasant look for the undershirt may be visible from under the sleeves or get crumpled around the collar. Instead purchase a well-fitted polo shirt online and pair it with any jeans or trousers for best results.

Right size and fit should top your list

The simple way to ensure that you have got them in proper size and fit is by slipping your finger into their sleeves, besides taking your exact measurements before purchasing them. In addition to this make sure that they are made of lightweight cotton fabrics which will actually drape over your body rather than clinging close to your flesh, revealing every flexes of your biceps.

Business owners must also get these products in different sizes and fits from their polo wholesale distributors to suit the demands of their customers.

Consider the length in proportion to your height

No matter where you are going or which shirt you are putting on make sure that the tail of the shirt does not go past the back pockets of your jeans or trousers. A long tailed shirt may appear to be a completely wrong choice as it has the chances of getting creased and wrinkled when you tuck it in and on the other hand look quite ridiculous when you do not.

Never raise the collar

Unless you are a teenager, raising collar is a strict no-no. Even if you are doing this during summer to protect your neck from the harmful rays of the sun, it is best to apply sunscreen lotion there instead and just keep the collar down. Raising the collar seems as irrelevant as wearing a pair of sunglasses at night. So just leave it for the teenagers and do not try so hard to look cool.

Say no to blazer

Wearing a blazer under the polo shirt? Well it may not always work as it has been often seen that the collar of the shirt has stuck out from the former. So when it comes to getting a former look with a blazer, it is always better to stick to a basic shirt or a dressier one.

Tuck in vs. tuck out

There is nothing like a rule for whether you can tuck in or tuck out your shirt. But depending on the situation and the rest of the outfit, you can choose to wear them. For instance, those in red or maroon colors are perfect to be paired up with madras shorts where you are not required to tuck them in. On the other hand, if you are choosing to team them up with seersucker slacks or chinos, you must not forget to tuck the tails in so that the entire outfit gets a new spin.

Retailers must hurry up and collect all different colors and styles of wholesale polo shirts from their wholesale suppliers online.