Top Shirt Trends to Adopt in 2016

Whether you like it or not, shirts are a wardrobe staple and can take you from the street to the boardroom with total panache. With shirts, it is always about finding the right fit, pairing it up with equally flattering bottom-wear and accessories. That apart, here are some of the major shirt trends to look out for in 2016 and some may even not fall under the definition of “tailored fit” but nonetheless will help wearers grab some serious eyeballs.

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The Crisp White Shirt Still Dominates the Scene

This is a wardrobe essential. But do not make the mistake of calling it basic. There are myriad ways to reimaging this “basic” shirt such as intricate details, colorful buttons and so on. It is an essential for both men and women and can be worn with smart suits for work or with a pair of blue denims for a casual yet classy look. And they are NOT going out of fashion anytime soon! So, stock up.

Time to Show Some Baggy Love

Yes, we go on and on about fitting shirts but 2016 is definitely a year that has seen major fashion changes, one of which being the baggy shirt trend. These come with or without collars, button-downs and are made available in different materials, from cotton to denims. When the summer is beating down with full force, loose clothing is what will make one feel comfortable. If you are a retailer and wish to make an impact with your product offerings, get in touch with wholesale shirt suppliers to become the first one among your competition to add this to your existing product line. And don’t be afraid to go crazy with prints and colors… this generation are all about a little quirkiness!

Agree or Not… Dress Shirt is Needed!

Nobody can go wrong with slim fit dress shirts and these cheap wholesale shirts are made available today by top-notch designers and manufacturers in a wide variety of bright to neutral hues and tones, prints, patterns and designs. The style of patterns, checks and boxes varies for formal to informal occasions.

Look Out for Silk Shirts

The trend of silk shirts just proves that this piece of garment is not just meant for the boardroom but for the streets as well. Designers and manufacturers make it available in fabulous prints such as dragons, animals, floral and abstract. It is hugely popular among the fashion-conscious generation and viewed as a rather bold option. Buy shirts in bulk wholesale to get wonderful discounts.

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