Shirts – A Friend for All Occasions Irrespective of Gender

It is important for both men and women to create a wardrobe that is prepared for any occasion or event and one such closet staple are tailored shirts. As a retail clothing store owner, it is your responsibility to pamper your customers with a wide range of options to choose from so that they have a shirt for every situation – from casual to formal and also one that makes them stand apart at the club. Here is a list of some of the shirt styles that are in vogue right now and you should definitely think of stocking up on.

Bulk Clothing Suppliers

Crisp White Shirt

You can never have enough of white shirts! The crisp cotton shirts look amazing on everyone and it is perfect to be worn at work with a blazer, irrespective of the gender. They look supremely sophisticated and are always in demand. Get in touch with reputed bulk clothing suppliers to place bulk order and you can also hope to enjoy fabulous discount rates.

Denim Shirts

The year 2016 has been favorable to the denim trend and the denim shirts have seen a huge comeback and a craze among fashion-forward men and women. Double denims are making heads turn everywhere and suave men have also started taking these shirts to work. Expand your product inventory to include them if you want to stay ahead of your competition.

Flannel Shirts

Flannels are such a material that can be worn all year round as it stays cool during summer and warm during fall/winter. Also, it is extremely easy to layer up in case the temperature decides to drop down really low. Look for well-known wholesale clothing suppliers offering a wide assortment to choose from and add flannels to your clothing line in regular to slim fit styles, small to big checks and varied color combinations.

Don’t Forget Polos

Your shirt collection just cannot be complete without the addition of classic polo shirts for men and women. Polos are perfect not just for formal and sports events but they are seen today in all kinds of occasions and even to the pubs. Designers have given these iconic pieces a modern fashion twist by designing them in vibrant colors and prints that capture the spirit of today.

Throw Something for the Kids Too

Little cherubs look adorable in shirts designed in adult-styles and parents are always on the lookout for trendy and comfortable options for their wee ones. Stock up on shirts for little girls and boys in adorable prints, patterns and vibrant hues.

To get highest quality products at the best price, contact reliable bulk clothing suppliers.