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Three Rules To Rock Flannel Shirts For Men

A flannel shirt is something which you will be noticing in every season, be it spring or winter .Then why not do it properly to be the trend setter that probably you always wanted to be? Just like women have rules to stick by when it comes to fashion, even men must follow guidelines and style ideas to do any look perfectly without any glitch. Be it classic flannel, or vintage denims, breaking or making a look completely depends on how you are doing a trend , while following a celeb or experimenting with something unique all by yourself ! Whatever might be your fashion statement; there are certain tricks which can make you a perfectionist in fashion quite effortlessly. The wide array of wholesale flannel shirts which are being crafted by the flannel wholesale companies, in a medley of colors, cuts, patterns and shapes are enhancing the retail outlets to entice the male customers.

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We will tell about few nuances of how flannel shirts can be the wardrobe staple for you this season

Come out of plaids (Flannels doesn’t mean plaid)

When people think of flannel, plaid comes to their mind, but this notion is wrong. Flannel is a fabric and has nothing definite to do with plaid or checks. Then why stick to classic plaids all the time and wear the same looks every time? Come out of patterns and try flannel shirts in color blockings or may be duo tones, equipped with a variety of collar styles, with or without pockets, and amazing line and length. This goes without any doubt that the plain flannel shirts can be easily integrated into more number of looks easily, which probably plaids fail to do. From parties to office, they can be your only solution, paired with contrasting denims or trousers.

Flannels and layering create wonders

To try out something different, flannels can render makeover to any look easily when layered. The slim fit flannel shirts look great when paired with sweaters in the fall or denims in the spring. For parties, nothing will look better when you team up a checked flannel shirt with a lather moto jacket, and for the office dress code of strict formal, put together a professional look with a blazer over a flannel shirt for maximum comfort and flair.

Now, what about turning the usual flannel shirt as a layer? Yes, wear a graphic tee beneath a plain flannel shirt, or team up a checked flannel shirt over a plain colored tee for a casual ensemble. To incorporate more pieces in your layering, a vest over a plaid flannel shirt teamed with a structured coat can be the perfect attire!

Denims and flannels create wonders

Though while trying formals, flannels must go with cotton trousers, but while doing the casual dressing, denims look the best with flannels, for a laid back stance. Depending on the occasion a plaid flannel can be tucked or left undocked, and it can be worn with lighter or darker washed denim, depending on the color combination of the checkered patterns. Also, this kind of casual and simple get-up goes good with boots, both brown and black!

Not just for men, the retail stores are getting spruced up with wholesale womens flannel shirts, to woo the women customers.