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Want Some Outfit Ideas with Denim Shirts? Read On..

Denim – in the ‘jean’ sense of the world – is a material that is ingrained within the very core of menswear. From jeans to jacket to everything in between, the rugged and practical fabric makes its presence felt within the contemporary gents’ wardrobe season after season, come rain, hall or shine and it will continue to do so for generations to come. If we put durability aside, denim’s underrated versatility is actually what really helped its continued rise in the sartorial rank.

Wholesale Denim Shirts Manufacturer

Denim jeans and jackets might have for long stolen the limelight, but the denim shirts can really be regarded as the quiet workhorse. This season is all about the revival of the denim shirts trend and it is not just men but women too are excited for the comeback of this uber-cool, versatile style.

Here are few styling tips that both men and women can follow to stay on top of the wholesale denim shirts trend.

Treat it as a Jacket

Take a page out of the style book of David Beckham and Kate Hudson and treat the jean shirts as jackets. Wear a form-fitting solid colored tee inside with denim shirts outside – keep it unbuttoned for an extra punch of panache. These shirts can be easily paired up with shorts, rugged boots or sneakers as well as works beautifully with long pants and trousers.

Denim on Denim

Double denim doesn’t necessarily have to make one look like a cowboy-rancher or someone who has just come out of a workshop. Take inspiration from celebrities like John Mayer, Ryan Gosling, Rihanna and Victoria Beckham. Doubling up basically involves mixing up the two indigo hues. So, if the denim jeans is of a darker shade, keep the shirt one or two tones down. As for women, they can always accessories it with a cool-looking scarf and have the sleeves folded.

Just for the Men – Denim Shirt with Suit Jacket

2016 is a big year in fashion and tailoring these super cool shirts to work well with suit jackets is a commendable and bold move and it makes this shirts ready to be worn at work. These shirts work wonderfully with fitting chinos and suit jackets in darker or neutral colors. As for the footwear, a smart brogue or oxfords look exceptional.

The denim shirts are a great addition to any man’s or woman’s capsule wardrobe. Retailers looking to stock up and expand their product line can get in touch with denim shirts manufacturer to place bulk order and enjoy wholesale prices.