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4 Ground Breaking Ways to Sport a Flannel Shirt This Month

The transition time from summer to autumn starts with the onset of August. The light tinge of yellow and orange on the leaves, the chilly winds, the occasional bursts of rain and the clear sky calls for something nice, something subtle. And nothing can get better than a flannel shirt available with the top shirts manufacturers in the industry.

Now the question is, why a flannel shirt? The reason is simple. While the semi-thick fabric of flannel ensures to protect you from the chilly winds that blow in the evening, the style factor is significantly high due to its ability to blend well with other fashionable pieces. Thus, balancing comfort and style, flannel shirts render them perfect for the fiery month of August.

Wholesale Flannel Shirts Manufacturers

But how to wear a flannel shirt? To truly answer this question you have to understand that the statement of it blending well with other pieces is true and you can conjure millions of ways to wear them. However, to stand out in the crowd and boost your personal fashion statement, here is a list of unique looks you can try.

Look no 1: The old way

Though this is not an entirely wild guess and many youngsters prefer this particular ensemble, tying the flannel shirt around the waist is something that you have wanted to achieve (seamlessly) for quite some time now. So to put together this look, you have to keep your look simple. Pick a plain t-shirt in black and a pair of black jeans, and tie the shirt around your waist. A pair of heels to break the grunge impact with vogue and aviators. Effective to the core and tribute to the golden days.

Look no 2: The dressy effect

Flannel and dressy go hand in hand, but only if you know the right way to pull it off. No, it is very little about your attitude and much about putting together the correct pieces. An oversized red flannel shirt tucked in a nice midi skirt in black and pumps can form the base of your attire. A chunky neck piece and a shade for accessories, get ready for some stares.

Look no 3: The rain protection

Okay, so as mentioned, August is known for being a wet month (it rains!!). So having the right protection is necessary. When a rain jacket is involved, one has to be cautious about how they are using it, for that tricky piece can either make or break your look. To keep things from going over the top, you can throw it over a flannel shirt in blue, displayed in the inventory of the prominent bulk shirts wholesaler that is safely tucked in a pair of black pants. No extra dosage of patterns let the flannel work their charm. And don’t forget the boots!

Look no 4: The still-stuck with summer

Technically, summer is still here in its full rage, and it is your responsibility to make most if both the sun and the flannel shirt. Pick a sleeveless slip dress in darker tones to maintain a cool status quo and beat the heat. Tie the flannel shirt (in red) around the waist and complete the look with a pair of ankle length boots. A simple combination of simple pieces, but it is enough to set hearts on fire.

Thus, make your August a month to remember with the best clothing combinations using your flannel shirt. The bulk shirts supplier has an inventory that puts together the best flannel shirts in a plethora of shades and textures. If you are a retailer, you can make a bulk purchase of the same at discounted prices.


4 Ground Breaking Ways to Sport a Flannel Shirt This Month


Understanding the Concept of Private Label Business

Private Label clothing has become a soaring name in the global business scenario owing to its numerous advantages. If you are a retailer who is looking to expand his business relying on this massive module, it is only plausible to know everything about it. Keep scrolling down to know more about the system.

What is Private Label Clothing?

According to layman language, private label clothing can be defined as a manufacturer producing clothes under the retailer’s brand name. While the retailer stays in control by specifying the kind of product they want, the design, the colors, the fabric, the numbers and the cost, the manufacturers only produce the clothes on their behalf. They also deliver the apparels, which are usually in constructed in bulk, to the store that is then sold by the retailers to their customers.

Wholesale Private Label Shirts Manufacturer

This business module has caught a widespread attention from the retailers as it allows them to grow and expand their own business. The unique nature of private label clothes gives the retailers a strong position of control in the market. They can further act as a supplier and distributor of the products created for them to ensure an increase in the customer.

What makes it so popular?

Allows retailers to control cost- This is one of the foremost reasons for the private label clothing to become popular. For instance, wholesale private label shirts manufacturer produce the shirts and charge a fee for doing the same. But once the retailers get the personally branded shirts, they can sell at any price they want to. This helps them increase the profit margin significantly too.

Allows retailers to be in control of production- From deciding the kind of fabric to be used to the color combinations preferred, the retailers are in the control of the entire thing. This gives them a sense of control. Even some of the production factors are controlled by them, like the quantity of quality.

Growth and less reliance on the third party- As highlighted quite a few times in the article, with this particular module, the retailers can grow and expand their horizon. They don’t have to rely on the third party manufacturers to procure the clothes. They know what their customers prefer and they get exactly that same thing.

On that note

Private label clothing is the business strategy that has resulted in a success for both retailers and manufacturers. Wholesale private label shirts manufacturer and   private label clothing wholesalers who has introduced this scheme at large can be approached by the retailers. They have their network spread all across the USA with offices in locations like San Francisco, New York, and Las Vegas to name a few. They charge a nominal amount to produce the private label shirts. Register with them and grow on a global scale.


Understanding the Concept of Private Label Business


5 Rules That You Must Remember When Wearing a Striped Shirt

Striped shirts are arguably one the best in the category of button down. With their bravura that is hard to resist, they have become a staple in the wardrobe of most men around the world. But as it can be seen, the striped shirt ensemble mostly turns out to be a failure. But why? Maybe you got the color wrong or it doesn’t add to your look at all? How to correct it? Well, here is a list of rules that you can swear by. They will help you sail your stripes boat through.

Bulk Striped Shirts Manufacturer

Rule no 1: Vertical is the best

Stripes come in different types. They can be identified as horizontal, vertical, diagonal, pin stripes and the list is long. Though each has an appeal of their own, vertical stripes are widely popular. A fundamental option for all the men out there, vertical stripes are thinning and do not carry any negative connotations along with them. A striped shirt that showcases vertical stripes has an affinity to instantly add to your appeal.

Rule no 2: Keep the motif thin

The thinner your stripes are, the better are your chances at appealing. Be it horizontal or vertical (though the safest bet is still vertical stripe), make sure that the density of the motif is thin. It not only adds to your appeal but gives a slimmer illusion to your stature. Also, wide stripes are clumsy and gawky, and not fashionable at all, no matter how much of an expert you are.

Rule no 3: Beware of the contrast

Not all colors complement each other. Some are destined to oppose each other. Though the shade you pick should initially dictate your skin tone and personal style preference, some combinations should be avoided at all cost. Like red/green, blue/orange and yellow/purple don’t really work well with each other. Be experimental, but not at the cost of how it makes you look. Thus, when you are picking a striped shirt wholesale from a manufacturer, ensure to go for the basic shades for that will be easier to work with.

Rule no 4: Mix patterns cautiously

Stripes are flamboyant and flashy, not in a bad way, but they are. Thus, striped shirt is the hero of the attire even without you having to try. The school of fashion vehemently opposes combining stripes with any other loud pattern for the same reason. For instance, if you team your striped shirt with a pair of checkered trousers, the appearance is only appalling. Though the millennial have little to no regards for this rule, you have to weigh your options well before taking a step potential enough to ruin your attire.

Rule no 5: Keep it simple 

This rule sums up the other four using just one word- simplicity. It is the key to stand out. No, the tip is not suggestive of undermining your look, but it is about how to not overdo your look. Elegance is your objective, hence, the shades you pick and the patterns you combine should be minimal in their approach. Stripes in themselves are charming enough; you should enhance it, rather than clashing it.

On that note, striped shirts are sexy and charming, and space constricts the number of adjectives that can be used. The bulk striped shirts manufacturer ensure to use good quality fabric that keeps you comfortable while putting much focus on the pattern. Retailers who are interested to make a bulk purchase can register with them today.

Follow the rules for wearing stripes shirts and make appearances worth the praise.


5 Rules That You Must Remember When Wearing a Striped Shirt


The Ultimately Gorgeous Ways to Embrace the Wholesale Men’s Flannel Shirts by Women

The flannel shirts have come a long way since the old age to today when fashion has become more dynamic. They are versatile and you can simply wear them to the college, to the mall, for office and even at the parties. Then why would you ever want to get enough of them? The flannel plaid shirts are basically timeless and no matter how much the world of fashion changes, you can always resort to them whenever you go through some sort of style conundrum. Just like we love to wear the big tees for the men, for comfy and funky attires, why not experiment with the men’s flannel shirts too? These can be turned into the ultimate boyfriend shirts, and you can get an array of casual yet careless looks!

Here are some of the best attires that can be created from the designer wholesale men’s flannel shirts crafted by the best designer manufacturing brands.

Flannel Shirts Bulk

Amp up your suede leggings

It is time to go out of the box, and try out the suede leggings instead of the same old synthetic and mesh ones. For any casual occasion, just wear the plaid flannel shirt with suede leggings, leather bracelet v-neck tee, vintage boots and a hat. This will give you a very novella and funky look.

The old school times

Do you want to go back to your school days and try out a very sweet and fun look with the men’s flannel shirt? You can wear any colored plaid shirt with sunglasses, a completing retro choker, guitar pick necklace,  a simple and casual crop top, denim circle skirt and boots. This will take you back to your old days!

The winter scenes

The beginning of the winter season is a very confusing time of the year when you don’t understand how to wear, and what to wear since its neither very cold or hot. For this, the plaid flannel shirt crafted by one of the reputed flannel shirts wholesale distributors will come to your rescue worn with tee shirt, beanie, chunky jewellery, velvet leggings and shoes with white laces.

The hipster shenanigans

Go for the hipster shenanigans as you wear the oversized and sloppy men’s flannel shirt with a complementary waistcoat, tights, shorts and long rising leather boots.  This is your ultimate look for road trips and even to the pool parties or while partying at the pubs. Check out the reliable retail stores that have flannel shirts bulk, and get the men’s ones in different options.


The Ultimately Gorgeous Ways to Embrace the Wholesale Men’s Flannel Shirts by Women


The Denim Shirt Wholesale Pieces Have Come A Long Way Into The Fashion Scene

The denim shirt trend has been in news since old times, and this classic wardrobe staple continue to rule over the fashion world. They have been the favourite for the men, and from office to parties, these shirts never disappoint.  A versatile clothing style, these denim shirts reign supreme even today, and come with contemporary edge and modish twist.

Wholesale Denim Shirts Supplier

Today, there has been a major change in the denims shirts, as they are better fitted, and slim, unlike the ones that were ill fitted and oversized once. Recently, the fashionable men are bringing in fresh new ways to get clad in these shirts, from party wear to casual stance, and even in business silhouette.

Here are some of the newest style ideas that men are seen wearing with these timeless denim shirt wholesale pieces.

Begin with formals

If you are clueless on how to wear them, you can go easy and begin with formals. If you have a full sleeved denim shirt, you can simply style your denim shirt with a pair of formal trousers and shoes. This can be carried from meetings to social functions and a lot of other places and events.  To make things more formal and little strict, use the blazer to layer this attire!

The heavyweight style is in

If you want to create the alpha male aesthetic through your clothing type, the heavyweight denim shirt style is there for you.  The oversized, casual cool denim shirt is best for the layering game and wear this paired with a granddad jersey, lumberjack jacket and a pair of hiking boots.  Carry this attire to trips or even when it is too cold outside and when you want something cozy and stylish.

Wholesale Denim Shirts Supplier

The preppy shenanigans

The vintage denim shirts are perfect for preppy ensembles, be it in simple blue color or the different types of other stone washed shades, paired with a range of different pieces. For a flattering, everyday casual outfit team a fitted denim shirt with a pair of beige or stone chinos, and finish off with your choice of footwear – be it the loafers to the chukka boots.

The lightweight and slim fitted scene

The lightweight and slim- fitted denims shirts can be worn in multiple casual and tailored style ideas. They look great with the unbuttoned joggers and also can be dressed up as you wear over or under layers depending on the weather. The leading retail store you love will have the best collections from reputed denim shirts manufacturer.

Thus, try out the newest denim shirts crafted by the popular wholesale denim shirts supplier, and get a number of looks.


The Denim Shirt Wholesale Pieces Have Come A Long Way Into The Fashion Scene


Pull Off A Long Sleeve T-Shirt This Summer Using The 3 Golden Guidelines

A very low maintenance key item of your wardrobe, a long sleeve t-shirt is an ideal wear for all those who love simplicity. They are cool and they are comfortable. Wear them correctly, they are trendy as well. However, if you’re a fan, there are a few rules to wear them. Want to know what they are? Keep reading then fella.

Long Sleeve Shirts Manufacturer


#Rule 1

Wear it with jackets

Do you know why jackets are so widely loved? Because the instant you put them on, your appearance amplifies by volumes. And when you can team your favourite t-shirt with a classic jacket like a bomber or maybe also under a blazer, the niftiness of the outfit is too hot to handle. Ideal for a night out or a date maybe (poor lady will be bamboozled), you can make your pick depending on how chic your choice is. Opt for a basic base color (the tee) and bright hues for the jacket (green, brown, tan and black). This will help both of the pieces stand out individually while casting a charm together.


#Rule 2

No complications

If you are not the one up for any kind of embossment whatsoever and you hate complications of any kind, a jacket may also seem a bit too much for you. The good news is that a long sleeve t-shirt as designed by prominent wholesale long sleeve shirts manufacturer can be worn individually without looking hideous or like you rolled straight out of the bed. Pick one that comes with a plain white body and mono colored sleeves to look perfect. You can also opt for one that comes with black horizontal stripes on the white backdrop to look simple and sophisticated.


#Rule 3

Mind the motif

Whether to go for a printed theme or opt for something solid? This is a long pondered question with answer seldom given. But if you are to trust the trends then stripes, checks and graphic are the ones you should root for. While these will inject a little more drama to your personality, if you don’t feel bold, a shade of single dose can work just fine.

Long Sleeve Shirts Supplier USA

With all these tips to swear by, you can be assured of getting a few compliments. A long sleeve t-shirt is identified for its minimalism that is open to interpretation and can be amplified by you, on your whim. Long sleeve shirts supplier USA have an inventory that boasts of a range of shades and textures. Retailers can purchase them in bulk and get special offers.



Pull Off A Long Sleeve T-Shirt This Summer Using The 3 Golden Guidelines