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4 Ground Breaking Ways to Sport a Flannel Shirt This Month

The transition time from summer to autumn starts with the onset of August. The light tinge of yellow and orange on the leaves, the chilly winds, the occasional bursts of rain and the clear sky calls for something nice, something subtle. And nothing can get better than a flannel shirt available with the top shirts manufacturers in the industry.

Now the question is, why a flannel shirt? The reason is simple. While the semi-thick fabric of flannel ensures to protect you from the chilly winds that blow in the evening, the style factor is significantly high due to its ability to blend well with other fashionable pieces. Thus, balancing comfort and style, flannel shirts render them perfect for the fiery month of August.

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But how to wear a flannel shirt? To truly answer this question you have to understand that the statement of it blending well with other pieces is true and you can conjure millions of ways to wear them. However, to stand out in the crowd and boost your personal fashion statement, here is a list of unique looks you can try.

Look no 1: The old way

Though this is not an entirely wild guess and many youngsters prefer this particular ensemble, tying the flannel shirt around the waist is something that you have wanted to achieve (seamlessly) for quite some time now. So to put together this look, you have to keep your look simple. Pick a plain t-shirt in black and a pair of black jeans, and tie the shirt around your waist. A pair of heels to break the grunge impact with vogue and aviators. Effective to the core and tribute to the golden days.

Look no 2: The dressy effect

Flannel and dressy go hand in hand, but only if you know the right way to pull it off. No, it is very little about your attitude and much about putting together the correct pieces. An oversized red flannel shirt tucked in a nice midi skirt in black and pumps can form the base of your attire. A chunky neck piece and a shade for accessories, get ready for some stares.

Look no 3: The rain protection

Okay, so as mentioned, August is known for being a wet month (it rains!!). So having the right protection is necessary. When a rain jacket is involved, one has to be cautious about how they are using it, for that tricky piece can either make or break your look. To keep things from going over the top, you can throw it over a flannel shirt in blue, displayed in the inventory of the prominent bulk shirts wholesaler that is safely tucked in a pair of black pants. No extra dosage of patterns let the flannel work their charm. And don’t forget the boots!

Look no 4: The still-stuck with summer

Technically, summer is still here in its full rage, and it is your responsibility to make most if both the sun and the flannel shirt. Pick a sleeveless slip dress in darker tones to maintain a cool status quo and beat the heat. Tie the flannel shirt (in red) around the waist and complete the look with a pair of ankle length boots. A simple combination of simple pieces, but it is enough to set hearts on fire.

Thus, make your August a month to remember with the best clothing combinations using your flannel shirt. The bulk shirts supplier has an inventory that puts together the best flannel shirts in a plethora of shades and textures. If you are a retailer, you can make a bulk purchase of the same at discounted prices.


4 Ground Breaking Ways to Sport a Flannel Shirt This Month