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Pull Off A Long Sleeve T-Shirt This Summer Using The 3 Golden Guidelines

A very low maintenance key item of your wardrobe, a long sleeve t-shirt is an ideal wear for all those who love simplicity. They are cool and they are comfortable. Wear them correctly, they are trendy as well. However, if you’re a fan, there are a few rules to wear them. Want to know what they are? Keep reading then fella.

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#Rule 1

Wear it with jackets

Do you know why jackets are so widely loved? Because the instant you put them on, your appearance amplifies by volumes. And when you can team your favourite t-shirt with a classic jacket like a bomber or maybe also under a blazer, the niftiness of the outfit is too hot to handle. Ideal for a night out or a date maybe (poor lady will be bamboozled), you can make your pick depending on how chic your choice is. Opt for a basic base color (the tee) and bright hues for the jacket (green, brown, tan and black). This will help both of the pieces stand out individually while casting a charm together.


#Rule 2

No complications

If you are not the one up for any kind of embossment whatsoever and you hate complications of any kind, a jacket may also seem a bit too much for you. The good news is that a long sleeve t-shirt as designed by prominent wholesale long sleeve shirts manufacturer can be worn individually without looking hideous or like you rolled straight out of the bed. Pick one that comes with a plain white body and mono colored sleeves to look perfect. You can also opt for one that comes with black horizontal stripes on the white backdrop to look simple and sophisticated.


#Rule 3

Mind the motif

Whether to go for a printed theme or opt for something solid? This is a long pondered question with answer seldom given. But if you are to trust the trends then stripes, checks and graphic are the ones you should root for. While these will inject a little more drama to your personality, if you don’t feel bold, a shade of single dose can work just fine.

Long Sleeve Shirts Supplier USA

With all these tips to swear by, you can be assured of getting a few compliments. A long sleeve t-shirt is identified for its minimalism that is open to interpretation and can be amplified by you, on your whim. Long sleeve shirts supplier USA have an inventory that boasts of a range of shades and textures. Retailers can purchase them in bulk and get special offers.



Pull Off A Long Sleeve T-Shirt This Summer Using The 3 Golden Guidelines