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5 Rules That You Must Remember When Wearing a Striped Shirt

Striped shirts are arguably one the best in the category of button down. With their bravura that is hard to resist, they have become a staple in the wardrobe of most men around the world. But as it can be seen, the striped shirt ensemble mostly turns out to be a failure. But why? Maybe you got the color wrong or it doesn’t add to your look at all? How to correct it? Well, here is a list of rules that you can swear by. They will help you sail your stripes boat through.

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Rule no 1: Vertical is the best

Stripes come in different types. They can be identified as horizontal, vertical, diagonal, pin stripes and the list is long. Though each has an appeal of their own, vertical stripes are widely popular. A fundamental option for all the men out there, vertical stripes are thinning and do not carry any negative connotations along with them. A striped shirt that showcases vertical stripes has an affinity to instantly add to your appeal.

Rule no 2: Keep the motif thin

The thinner your stripes are, the better are your chances at appealing. Be it horizontal or vertical (though the safest bet is still vertical stripe), make sure that the density of the motif is thin. It not only adds to your appeal but gives a slimmer illusion to your stature. Also, wide stripes are clumsy and gawky, and not fashionable at all, no matter how much of an expert you are.

Rule no 3: Beware of the contrast

Not all colors complement each other. Some are destined to oppose each other. Though the shade you pick should initially dictate your skin tone and personal style preference, some combinations should be avoided at all cost. Like red/green, blue/orange and yellow/purple don’t really work well with each other. Be experimental, but not at the cost of how it makes you look. Thus, when you are picking a striped shirt wholesale from a manufacturer, ensure to go for the basic shades for that will be easier to work with.

Rule no 4: Mix patterns cautiously

Stripes are flamboyant and flashy, not in a bad way, but they are. Thus, striped shirt is the hero of the attire even without you having to try. The school of fashion vehemently opposes combining stripes with any other loud pattern for the same reason. For instance, if you team your striped shirt with a pair of checkered trousers, the appearance is only appalling. Though the millennial have little to no regards for this rule, you have to weigh your options well before taking a step potential enough to ruin your attire.

Rule no 5: Keep it simple 

This rule sums up the other four using just one word- simplicity. It is the key to stand out. No, the tip is not suggestive of undermining your look, but it is about how to not overdo your look. Elegance is your objective, hence, the shades you pick and the patterns you combine should be minimal in their approach. Stripes in themselves are charming enough; you should enhance it, rather than clashing it.

On that note, striped shirts are sexy and charming, and space constricts the number of adjectives that can be used. The bulk striped shirts manufacturer ensure to use good quality fabric that keeps you comfortable while putting much focus on the pattern. Retailers who are interested to make a bulk purchase can register with them today.

Follow the rules for wearing stripes shirts and make appearances worth the praise.


5 Rules That You Must Remember When Wearing a Striped Shirt