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3 Ways To Use Denim This Summer That Will Slay The Ladies

Denim has a quality- it has made all of us fall in love with it. In spite of being around the circuit for years, denim has been able to hold on to their status as one of the best fashion pieces. Comfortable to wear, tough exterior and endlessly versatile, denim shirts are that staple piece in a man’s wardrobe that screams of attention.

Since their inception, denim shirts have been under the spotlight and for all the right reasons. With its high potentiality that is complemented by the myriads of washes, here is paying homage to denim shirts. The workers’ wear that has provided relief to the summer heat and winter blue equally for decades, it is unfair to not include them in the summer wardrobe. This summer, wear them in three different ways and make appearances that will woo all the ladies.

womens denim shirts

The dressed up denim

No, denim is not limited to the boundaries of casual wear; it has a flamboyant nature that is best when exploited. To give it a conventional appearance, you need to pull an effortless ensemble. A denim shirt is worn under a nice, structured blazer. The combination looks elegant when the look is complemented by using a tailored pair of chinos and loafers. While most will complain that the guise is leaned towards a smart-casual approach, it is the attitude that truly separates them both. With manufacturers producing formal denim shirts, this look can be pulled off seamlessly.

The casual denim

Now there is something about wearing denim casually that makes it so well-liked among the millennial crowd. Holding on to the summer holiday mood, team your shirt with a pair of knee length shorts and loafers. This ensemble demands more attention than the rest and allows you to cheat by using accessories like straw hats and aviators. Keep the fit slim and shades light to stay cool and stay stylish.

 formal denim shirts

The double denim

Denim on denim is a fail-safe appearance that if nothing works will work surely. Reputed denim shirts manufacturer has a plethora of them in a variety of washes and you should be able to take advantage of this fact. The key to getting this combination right is to pick contrasting shades. A light washed shirt with a dark pair of jeans. Don’t use too many accessories to accompany the look. Keep the appeal maximum with minimum accoutrements like a pair of plimsolls for footwear and maybe a beanie for panache.

On that note, the touch of the denim shirt is smooth and soft, thus, you can be assured of premium comfort. Make all those ladies go gaga over your appearance by wearing the denim shirt right. Denim shirt wholesale can be purchased in bulk by retailers, as manufacturers have them displayed in their catalog. Massive discounts can be secured by registering with them today!

Happy making the summer hotter guys! *wink wink*


3 Ways To Use Denim This Summer That Will Slay The Ladies


The Fusion of Wholesale Shirts with Suspenders For Men is Classy and Vintage

If men want the fusion of funky, trendy, vintage, classy and snazzy looks, nothing can work better than the duo of shirts with suspenders. Though not all have the confidence to carry this blend, but once done, you are absolutely good to go, be it for your travel blog pictures, to office parties or weekend outings.

bulk shirts Chicago

This attire must remind you of the old times, when men were known for wearing the shirt and suspender duo for different occasions. Exuding a classic and sophisticated stance, you can never get enough of this if you know the right art to master the technique.

The widest assortment of the wholesale shirts Chicago pieces that are added to the retail stores can be banked upon by you to get the best looks in suspenders.

Here are some of the useful tips to wear this pair.


The Grey Shirt Class

When you have the plain and boring grey shirt to wear to office and you are wondering how to make it more interesting, you can add the brown printed fabric suspenders! This will give way to a very soothing look, and also bring in some changes in your formal stance as the colors blend perfectly.


The Fun Date Attire

Do you have a date to go for and you want to come out of the usual tee-jeans or completely sombre suited up look? It is time to choose the shirt and suspender look as you wear the white plain button down with the bright or dark colored printed or plaid suspenders and add the hat to this for the perfect addition of a complementing accessory.

shirts wholesale Chicago


The Graduation Day

Go for a very vintage and traditional outfit as you wear the white dress shirt, dark dress pants, and a light tan set of thin suspenders. This is a very fresh semi-formal look that can take you to places directly from the graduation day ceremony.


Go Neat and Elegant

Get a playful and flirty look for a party on the weekend as you wear the light colored shirt with suit jacket, and pant that match in color. Wear this with a set of bowling shoes, a bowtie, and dark colored suspenders.  This is definitely a neat and elegant look.


Casual and Fashionable Outing

For the casual day outings when you want to look fashionable, wear the construction boots, rolled up skinny jeans, a denim button up dress shirt, and thin dark suspenders.

The retail stores get spruced up with bulk shirts Chicago pieces and matching suspenders and you can add them to your closet at the soonest.



The Fusion of Wholesale Shirts with Suspenders For Men is Classy and Vintage 



Every Girl Must Know the Art of Wearing Shirts Wholesale Pieces in Salt Lake City

Have you wondered how ingenious the world of fashion lets you be? Apart from following the latest trends, you are always a freebie to experiment with personal styling requisites, and always look up to celeb inspirations to add twists to your looks.  The world of fashion never disappoints, and always ends up offering you with wide scopes to look the way you want to, without copying anyone.

Shirts In Bulk Salt Lake City

Apart from being flexible, you also get to be super creative with your clothes and accessories, and change the norms that determine the meaning of style to the world.  You should always be open to embracing something new, odd and weird so that you can revolutionize the way you dress yourself up.

We all might feel that the dress shirts are quite boring for being too formal all the time you wrap them around. But no one has stopped you from adding changes to it? Here are some tips to turn the formal shirts crafted by the leading shirts wholesale Salt Lake City manufacturers to something very interesting.

A belt always works

Do you have the oversized boring formal shirt stashed in the corner of your cupboard? Time to take that out for some interesting styling! The shirt can be made streamlines as you add the wide or sleek belt to the waist and wear that with narrow- fitted skinny denim. This will add to your slimming effect effortlessly!

Shirts Wholesale Salt Lake City

Hipster feel with suspenders

If you have the single colored drab and banal formal shirt, and you are running out to ideas to make it look fashionable, you always have the 90’s retro styling to look back to.  Add the suspenders to this shirt, and wear this with pencil skirt, or even with trouser or denim for a much refurbished look.

High-waist skirts work wonders

Get the super sexy look for an office event, and be the lady at work with oomph. Take the striped or checkered shirt, and wear this with the high waist skirt for the smartest and most appealing look. This is a great fusion of classy and funky silhouettes.

Shirt dress with a twist

Are you still dreading to buy the shirt dress? You can just turn a shirt into a dress easily at home! Follow a fashion tutorial and learn the art of creating a strappy mini dress by buttoning up the shirt without the sleeves on. Wear heels with the statement neck-piece with this for parties on weekends.

The retail stores get spruced up with shirts in bulk Salt Lake City, and you can get different variety there.



Every Girl Must Know the Art of Wearing Shirts Wholesale Pieces in Salt Lake City


3 Clothing Pieces That Work Absolute Wonders With A Flannel Shirt

For the last few seasons, many classic clothes, which were lost in the pages of time, have been revived. Some have raved the circuit, while some are yet to make a mark. But flannel shirts, unsurprisingly, have created the right amount of hubbub, enough to garner the attention of the enthusiasts and beyond.

bulk flannel shirts

Flannel shirts are marked for their extreme versatility and flamboyance. Come on, it will be unfair to leave out the fact that flannel button downs work well with every other outfit on the planet. (Maybe it sounds exaggerated, but it is justified). It is this flexibility of theirs that makes them so popular, so sought after.

But just like t-shirts are synonymous with jeans, flannel shirts too have their allegiances. Want to discover more about it? Keep reading then.


Clothing choice 1: With a pair of jeans

Is there anything that a pair of jeans doesn’t work with? When you have two versatile pieces clubbed together, the result has to be staggering. Also given that flannel and jeans, when put together, creates the rugged grunge look, this combination is a must try for all the fashion forward millennial out there. Pick darker shades for both and use plimsolls to bring out the best of both. Wholesale flannel shirt in different colors is available with the best manufacturers out there.


Clothing choice 2: With a pair of chinos

Chinos act as a bridge between the smart and the casual. Tailored rendition of the same is conventional in a natural way; hence balancing the look is easier. While the flannel shirt stands out for its sharpness, the chinos will give direction to the ensemble. Team the ensemble in light colors for a more amplified effect, a pair of loafers is all you need to give definition to your personal style statement.


wholesale flannel shirt


Clothing choice 3: With a sweater

A V-neck sweater screams of the 1950s and flannel is, well, very old. When these two are combined in the right way, you can actually make a bigger impact on the onlookers. For the bottom wear, pick any of the above-mentioned pairs for both works well. The good boy vibe of the sweater is openly complimented (challenged) by the hippie image of flannel shirts. Go for contrast mishmash to render a nifty and well-kept appearance.


Thus, pick your clothes to match with the flannel shirt wisely. With all this information, your flannel shirt will soon become the hero of your wardrobe (if it already is not!).


Interested retailers can make a purchase of bulk flannel shirts in an array of shades that also vouch for comfort. Displayed in the catalog of the top manufacturers, discounts can be secured on bulk purchase.




3 Clothing Pieces That Work Absolute Wonders With A Flannel Shirt




Go Creative With Wholesale Blank T-Shirts Seattle

Are you a foodie and you love being a Seattleite? The Seattleites and Washingtonians love to sport the comfy tees and why not whether it the male brigade or the female ones, tees and pairs of jeans form wardrobe staple for the young fashion lovers. Anthony Bourdain has said that Seattle has one of the best and most interesting food scenes in America .

t shirt wholesale Seattle

So when it comes to stretching the imagination, the retailers dealing in shirts and t-shirts can zing up their stock of wholesale t-shirts in bulk Seattle collection by going the custom way and adding food-inspired themes that is very popular in Seattle on the t-shirts


The juicy red and green apples are the breakfast and snack staple and the Seattleites are in love with and the apple embossed t-shirts go a long way in making the custom tees be filled with a quickly slogan and the picture of an apple.

#Upping the chocolate game

The chocolates with which many weave melting moments of togetherness like caramels coated with milk chocolate with a lavish sprinkle of smoked sea salt have impressed President Obama also! If you are a chocolate lover and want your tee to be filled with some biting, chewing or awesome moments of fun, then go the chocolaty way while following the fashion path.

t-shirts in bulk Seattle

#Bubble tea and coffee for the beverage lovers

Bubble tea shops are common hangout zones and if you are not sure what it is or whether you should try or not, we bet first put it in your blank tee and then take the fashion game notches higher! Who doesn’t know the Seattle and Starbucks connection and if you have a thing for this beverage, flaunt coffee in your custom tee after you pick the wholesale blank t-shirts Seattle.

#Burger, fries, fried chicken: Too good to be missed!

When you are thinking of burger, fries, friend chicken that define awesomeness on your plate when you declare yourself to be a foodie, you cannot do away with these right! What about grabbing the eyeballs of the onlookers with the too good yummy food prints on your blank tee be of bright hue or mute hue as you prefer! You have Dick’s yum burgers, juicy fries, delectable milkshakes while crispy and mouth-watering fired chicken from Ezell’s just leaves you craving for more.

It is time that you prove a point that you love Seattle and its food via the clothes (read blank tees) you choose!



Go Creative With Wholesale Blank TShirts Seattle



Top 5 50’s Inspired Polo Shirt Look That Is Worth The Try And Time

The 1950s were an eventful decade. The world was still coping from the pangs of the Second World War, and misery was much of a known agenda. But fashion never stopped for anyone, not now, not then. It kept evolving throughout the decade for the fashion scenarios could successfully influence the eras later.

The fashion scenes of the 50s were very much recognized for its Ivy League status. The conservative guys were more preferred by the ladies than the leather jacket dudes (though none had motorcycles back then!). But getting back to the topic, the 50s had a classy style statement in the fashion department.

Bulk Polo Shirts Distributor

Now that all the old classic pieces are coming back, there is no reason to not look back to the 50s. Even the top clothing manufacturers have the best of the wholesale polo shirts collection. With the V-neck cardigans and polo t-shirts, this is the era that we all need to stick to if you want to look the good part. Here is a list of clothing inspiration focusing much on the polo tees. Before moving further, remember one thing, the key to look good is to balance out the old and the new.

#Look inspiration 1: For the first inspiration, use your imagination to the best. A white polo shirt teamed with a pair of black chinos and loafers will be a perfect Sunday brunch look. Skip on the accessories to maintain the simplistic appeal of the attire.

#Look inspiration 2: The next ensemble to try out is a little inclined towards formal tone. Pick a polo shirt in navy or black and wear it under a structured yet loose fit suit. The suit when in lighter tones will give a perfect contrast that can be further exploited with a pair of tan brogues and shade. Conventionalism at its best!

#Look inspiration3: The men of 50s believed in accessorizing themselves from head to toe. They included hats, suits, cardigans, socks and nice shoes to their outfits for a more enhanced impact. Keeping this particular trend in mind, the third polo inspiration can be drawn as- a light color polo shirt, trousers and a V-neck cardigan worn over it. Pick dark shades for the cardigan. A pair of nicely polished oxfords will help you look perfectly in alignment with 50s style. (Make sure to tuck in the collars inside!).

#Look inspiration 4: The fourth look is more experimental in nature than the rest. A striped polo tee teamed with a pair of jeans and plimsolls is more modern than yesteryear. But incorporate a nice hat to the look and you have all the elements sorted perfectly. (If the tee comes with a pocket make sure to put in a nice handkerchief for that elevated impact).

#Look inspiration 5: The last look is for all those looking to make their summer holidays a little more stylish. The 50s men had some really fun beach look to motivate. Thus, take motivation from them and opt for a printed pair of shorts and team it with a mono color polo t-shirt. The simplicity of the shirt will keep the printed extravagance grounded. Sneakers, straw hats, shade and sunscreen goes without saying!

On that note, polo shirts have been around for quite some time and so has the influence of the 50s. Thus, blending them together is the perfect way to give a tribute to both.

Wholesale polo shirts for men are available with celebrated manufacturers that can be purchased in bulk by the retailers while securing attractive discounts.


Top 5 50’s Inspired Polo Shirt Look That Is Worth The Try And Time

Kurt Cobain’s Fashion Ideas Are Reinvented Today: From Flannel Shirts To Ripped Denims

Kurt Cobain might be no more among us today, but his persona still inspired the pop culture with music and fashion today. From his grunge clothing style to the unkempt haircut, the oversized fashion, everything has been reinvented at large by the fashion biggies today. Whether it is the classic touch or vintage fashion tweaks in the recent fashion circuit or more, his contribution is immense. His enshrined place in the fashion world will never be forgotten, and generations will remember him for bringing so much class and prep to causal dressing once upon a time.

Flannel Shirts Wholesale Distributors

Though, the world of fashion has changed a lot today, and none will completely give up on their suited looks, but similarly, men and women are looking for exciting chances to look sloppy, careless and casual whenever they find such an occasion. Keeping this hidden desires in mind, the leading wholesale hubs and manufacturers are bringing in the style highlights that was once made popular by the legendary artist Curt Kobain.

From flannel shirts bulk to ripped denims, let’s have a look at his favourite outfits.

Everything Oversized and Sloppy

Slouchy silhouette was his aesthetic signature in the 90’s and today again the oversized style has been brought back with modern twist and contemporary edge.  From the sloppy sweatshirts to the tees, the shirts and the pants, or the sweaters, everything that is ill- fitted is in craze especially for the men.

The Distorted Jumpers

Kurt always gave way to the distorted or destroyed jumpers that might look odd but are very innovative even today.  This rockstar’s addiction to the sloppy, careworn, ripped and patched back knitwear is once again relevant today, and men are totally loving this style, especially the ones who love music.

The Ripped Denims

The 90’s grunge style brought in by this rockstar always imbibed in the love for the ripped denim pants. Today, once again, with grunge refurbishing in global fashion scene, we all can see how we are absolutely in love with the ripped and damaged jeans. The classic, sandblasted, washed-out, worn-in, ridden with holes, shredded and ripped denim pants are making a great fashion trend today too.

The Plaid Flannel Shirts

No matter how much the simple tees, or the formal shirts and the athletic stance have made a significant place in our closets today, but both men and women can never get enough of the flannel plaid shirts that are made of wool and cotton fine textured flannel fabric. This outfit style used to be the identity of the grunge fashion introduced by Kurt back in the 90’s and continue to reign supreme even today.   The flannel shirts today can be worn to parties, to beach and pool outings, as formal wear to office and also for weekends casual errands.  The reputed flannel shirts manufacturers are bringing in new styles every day.

Thus, be it the flannels by the flannel shirts wholesale distributors or the oversized clothing pieces, and ripped denims, Kurt Cobain still is present in our closets.


Kurt Cobain’s Fashion Ideas Are Reinvented Today: From Flannel Shirts To Ripped Denims

Time To Reuse The Old Wholesale Flannel Shirts And Bring Them To Everyday Life

We all have some old clothes that are stashed into the corner of the closets that we do not use anymore. Similarly, we all have the vintage fallen plaid shirts that need to be replaced by something new. But can you get rid of this classic piece completely? You can definitely think of some bombastic ideas and keep the flannel shirts to yourself in some novel way.  Wondering how? Well, you always have the DIY art to try your hands in, or take some help from someone, and completely refurbish the old and useless flannel shirts, and bring it to use on in daily life.

Buy Flannel Shirts In Bulk

The flannel shirts is something you are sure to absolutely be head over heels with, but just don’t feel like wearing anymore. Now your love for this piece will never allow you to discard this, turn it into a rag or give it to someone, will it?  This is your perfect chance to recreate it, and make something really fabulous out of it.  Here are some of the exceptionally impeccable and modish ways to reuse the wholesale flannel shirts.

The cuff bracelets

Do you love the shimmering and flashy accessories to complement your clothes and carry a very holistic fashion approach?  What about the colourful and smart cuff bracelets for your single colored shirts to get a much required twist? Juts wrap a piece of the flannel shirts on a wooden or plastic bracelet, and you get something fresh and new. Be it your simple and plain denim shirts, or formals and casuals, you can team them up top get a makeover.

Something for your dog

Do you love pets and the doggy at your home means a lot to you? Time to prep them up with a very stylish dog coat made of flannel shirt.  The plaid design fused with the warmth of the flannel fabric will be great for them in the winters. Stitch the flannel plaid shirt along with the collar and pockets, and dress up your dog properly.

Some interior decor

For your table or kitchen, you can replace the old pale and dull napkins with the colourful check flannel ones.  Spruce up the entire feel of the interiors by cutting the flannel shirts in any way or shape you want, and lend some comfort to the gusts too.

The hand warmers

In the chilling colds of the winters, it becomes difficult to keep the discomfort out of your hand.  You can stich the flannel wholesale shirts into little hand warmers and keep your hand away from the cold, as flannel is a very snug and warm cosy material to go for.

The spicy headband

For the kids in your family or friends, or even for yourself, you can team up the simple and plain dresses with DYI flannel headbands.  Cut the rectangular strip from the shirt, and stich the corners according to the size and shape of your head. The check flannel headband would add some funk to any single colored attire of yours.

The iPad cover

What about carrying your iPad everyday fashionably instead of just putting it into your bag?  Just cut the old flannel shirts according to the size and shape of the IPad or IPhone, and stich the three ends properly.  The soft, smooth and warm, thick flannel fabric will keep the devices safe, and add a very stylish twist to them effortlessly.

As the retail stores buy flannel shirts in bulk, you too get more options to have in terms of the vintage pieces.


Time To Reuse The Old Wholesale Flannel Shirts And Bring Them To Everyday Life