Top 5 50’s Inspired Polo Shirt Look That Is Worth The Try And Time

The 1950s were an eventful decade. The world was still coping from the pangs of the Second World War, and misery was much of a known agenda. But fashion never stopped for anyone, not now, not then. It kept evolving throughout the decade for the fashion scenarios could successfully influence the eras later.

The fashion scenes of the 50s were very much recognized for its Ivy League status. The conservative guys were more preferred by the ladies than the leather jacket dudes (though none had motorcycles back then!). But getting back to the topic, the 50s had a classy style statement in the fashion department.

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Now that all the old classic pieces are coming back, there is no reason to not look back to the 50s. Even the top clothing manufacturers have the best of the wholesale polo shirts collection. With the V-neck cardigans and polo t-shirts, this is the era that we all need to stick to if you want to look the good part. Here is a list of clothing inspiration focusing much on the polo tees. Before moving further, remember one thing, the key to look good is to balance out the old and the new.

#Look inspiration 1: For the first inspiration, use your imagination to the best. A white polo shirt teamed with a pair of black chinos and loafers will be a perfect Sunday brunch look. Skip on the accessories to maintain the simplistic appeal of the attire.

#Look inspiration 2: The next ensemble to try out is a little inclined towards formal tone. Pick a polo shirt in navy or black and wear it under a structured yet loose fit suit. The suit when in lighter tones will give a perfect contrast that can be further exploited with a pair of tan brogues and shade. Conventionalism at its best!

#Look inspiration3: The men of 50s believed in accessorizing themselves from head to toe. They included hats, suits, cardigans, socks and nice shoes to their outfits for a more enhanced impact. Keeping this particular trend in mind, the third polo inspiration can be drawn as- a light color polo shirt, trousers and a V-neck cardigan worn over it. Pick dark shades for the cardigan. A pair of nicely polished oxfords will help you look perfectly in alignment with 50s style. (Make sure to tuck in the collars inside!).

#Look inspiration 4: The fourth look is more experimental in nature than the rest. A striped polo tee teamed with a pair of jeans and plimsolls is more modern than yesteryear. But incorporate a nice hat to the look and you have all the elements sorted perfectly. (If the tee comes with a pocket make sure to put in a nice handkerchief for that elevated impact).

#Look inspiration 5: The last look is for all those looking to make their summer holidays a little more stylish. The 50s men had some really fun beach look to motivate. Thus, take motivation from them and opt for a printed pair of shorts and team it with a mono color polo t-shirt. The simplicity of the shirt will keep the printed extravagance grounded. Sneakers, straw hats, shade and sunscreen goes without saying!

On that note, polo shirts have been around for quite some time and so has the influence of the 50s. Thus, blending them together is the perfect way to give a tribute to both.

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Top 5 50’s Inspired Polo Shirt Look That Is Worth The Try And Time


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