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MTV Video Music Awards 2016- Maternity Style Lesson From Laura Perlongo

One of the most star-studded nights, 2016 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) is over. And like every year, it didn’t fail to amuse us. While Queen Beyonce stole the show, it was Laura Perlongo, fiancée of ‘Catfish’ star Nev Schulman, who left people talking with her bold (and pretty awesome!) fashion approach.

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Expecting the first baby, Perlongo chose to put her baby bump on display. Skipping a top, she went with an army green bomber jacket with black slacks. Adding to the charm was the ornate body jewelry accessorizing her pregnant stomach.

The look, for sure, is a tad too forward for the regular to-be-mommies to pull on normal days, unless the next stop is MTV EMAs. However, Mrs. Schulman’s look did give a lesson or two about fashion that you can adapt to rock the maternity period with uber stylish look.

Being a proud to-be-mommy—display the baby bump; layer it up!

Embrace the big tummy. Put the baby bump on display. Layer button down flannel shirts with casual T-shirts and attain a wow-worthy casual look effortlessly. Or for a forward fashion approach, go with sturdy jackets over the tees.

Nothing too fancy, invest in the regular flannel shirts, bomber jacket, moto jacket or hoodie. About flannel shirts, red-black and blue-black is the ultimate staple; for a lighter variation, neon-white combo works like a charm.

Buy tees that are specially crafted for the pregnant women for added comfort. There are many manufacturing brands these days offering wholesale maternity t shirts and bottoms. Made using premium quality, ultra-soft organic fabrics, these wears exude maximum comfort with active wicking and ventilation. Always go with them for luxury fitting.

Accessorizing lightly isn’t an option—it’s essential

During maternity period, accessorizing would probably the last thing many worry about. However, going with light frills like chokers and wrap watches when hitting a party or cuff bracelets and sling bags when going for casual outings could add to your casual or forward look significantly, outstanding you in the crowd with the ultimate style.

The key however is to look at your best, while also being at your comfiest. So, just because your tummy’s getting bigger doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your style. With minor tweak in clothing selection, wardrobe and your fashion approach, you could look just as stylish as the regular days during these glowing few months.

Also, if you’re a clothing business owner, make room in your warehouse for specially designed wears for the pregnant ladies. Dial a good manufacturer and stock stylish and high quality wholesale maternity shirts, tees and bottoms.

Re-discover Your Deep Love for Flannel Shirts this Fall/Winter Season

1990s was the time when flannel shirts boomed and ever since, it has been playing hide and seek. But in 2016, this style craze has again re-surfaced and in a big way. You simply cannot ignore flannels – celebrities to the youngsters at popular haunts and malls are seen adorning it with great panache and confidence. Apart from a heavy dose of masculinity, the shirts exhibit great flair and finesse which makes it a great addition to the wardrobe of men and women of all ages and all walks of life.

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Rejoice in the Color and Pattern Fiesta

Flannel shirts manufacturers have made plaid shirts available in muted, monochromatic to vivacious and tie-and-dye color combinations displaying varied patterns and checks. The sheer luxe appeal of the fabric allows wearers to don any look that they wish – from the punk hipster look to the classy, formal one and even lumberjack, since lumbersexuals are running high on popularity right now!

Men can replace those boring, monotonous dress shirts with flannel shirts and bring some vitality and verve into business casual wear! For the full-on business look, wearers can opt for those turtle-neck sweaters worn over the comfort of flannels. Women too can take this fashion rage to high and low levels by pairing it up with trousers, shorts, denims and wearing it as an outerwear with super sexy dresses.

Justin Bieber is a Huge Fan of Flannel Shirts and Selena Gomez Couldn’t Resist It Either…

From musicians to pop stars to Hollywood superstars and everyone in between are embracing flannels like their second skin! Since they are the fashion icons for the upcoming generation, it is a clear sign that urges retail store owners to keep their plaid shirts collection updated!!

Rihanna Wears Flannel Shirts as a Dress!

…and so does Kylie Jenner! There are only few garment pieces that looks great fitted as well as oversized and plaids definitely belong to that family! Women all over the world are a huge fan of RiRi and they seem to be smitten by the shirt dress trend. Baggy plaid shirts worn without any bottom wear not only is comfy but looks super alluring!

The Red and Black Patterned Plaid Shirts are HOT!

Contemporary men might want to wash their hands off the red and black flannel shirt trend because apparently it’s too ‘lumberjack-ish’ but the truth is, the color combination is smoking hot. Be it men or women, it looks amazing on both. So while you are stocking up on greys, greens, blues, oranges and yellows, also keep the classic in mind!

Don’t go broke getting every style and color of flannel shirt that there is! A smart choice would be to order for bulk flannel shirts at wholesale prices and don’t worry, the collection will be swooped up in a jiffy!!

Top 3 Red Tops For Ladies That You Must Have In Your Store’s Stock

Red is such a color that ladies can connect to instantly! Whether a prom night, the first date, a casual brunch or hitting the dance floor in the party zone in a bright red bodycon dress with high heels- the ravishing divas know how to heat things up. The noted manufacturers are crafting the sexy-looking red tops with great care so that the store owners dealing in women’s clothing line can really woo their customers.

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The off-shoulder red top with ruffles

Tomato red is the color to go for when you are thinking of mesmerizing your cool gals who hit your store. Ladies with strong and toned arms and in need of flaunting the much-coveted collar bone would love to pick red tops with a dash of ruffles at the hem or in the wrist area. All the ladies out there if you are all willing to buy this off-shoulder red top in bright red hue, and then team it up with pearly white pants, go for minimal accessorizing and you will be geared to kill the male brigade. Red tops for ladies find a place in the recent fashion trove and they look for variations when they think of revving up the ‘wow’ quotient of their wardrobe.

The spaghetti flared red top

It is a sure kicking outfit in the wardrobe of the leggy lasses who want to flaunt their slim frame. A spaghetti flared red top, in other words, a chic camisole is sure going to make the female brigade look stunning. For every store, it is crucial that they update their stock from the awesome clothing line of manufacturers who are keeping a keen eye on runaways, celeb fashion circuits while churning out clothes in bulk. It is crucial to filter and choose a noted wholesale red top supplier so that the business owners are able to strike a professional and profitable deal with a manufacturer cum supplier. Dressy pants are an awesome combination to opt for with this upper.

A red top with cap sleeves

A close-cut bodycon red top with a high neckline that is cropped can be the best abs flaunting option that women would like to exercise and why not? Hey confident ladies if you are a possessor of an hourglass figure, just go for a red crop top preferably in knitted variety and rock the world. The manufacturers have got the cues and are coming up with clothing options that are sure to win over the ladies, hands down!

Dear Retailers, Please Don’t Stock These Polo T-Shirts Wholesale

Even the well-established, pro clothing retailers make some rather silly when wholesaling. This isn’t a problem. Problem comes when they don’t know that or act indifferent towards their mistakes. So here’s to help them… and you.

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Here are 5 varieties of wholesale polo shirts for women and men that you should stay away from-

Polo T-shirts with animal motifs

Unless you’re targeting the kids, steer clear of Polos with animal motifs. Cool and hippy appearance doesn’t mean juvenile and lumberjack.

Text-polo tees

Crewneck text-tees are all rage this season (again!). However texts on polo T-shirts are a big fail. Although supplied by many manufacturers, these tops are fashion-fail.

3D polo tees

Again, quite popular with crewneck tees and full-sleeve hooded shirts- 3D graphics, they just don’t hit the right chords with polo t-shirts. Quite appealing.

Sublimated polo T-shirts

Yes, sublimated varieties of wholesale polo shirts for men and women are quite popular in the market. But they appeal only a segment of consumers. Targeting anyone and everyone with these busy and radiant varieties is a mistake.

Silk polo Shirts

Silk made polo shirts are quite obsolete in the consumer market but some suppliers still offer them. Although with smooth base that offers a cozy fitting, without decent ventilation and wicking properties, they could be quite uncomfortable, particularly for summer days.

Polo T-shirts are ever-green. They are simple and radiate a classy flavor that enhances their overall appeal. Adding a contemporary flavor to them kills their charm. So instead of going for modern varieties, go with the classy ones— that’s what their biggest USP. For cool and modern tops, there are crewneck short and full-sleeve tees.

In fabric department, there exist many types. While cotton is still highly favorable, poly blend is too rising in the demand- pushing silk and even jersey-knit to oblivion.

So stay away from 5 mentioned varieties of wholesale polo shirts for women and men. Dial a good manufacturer.

The Quintessential Red Tops Every Women Must Stash In Their Closets

No matter what kind of outfit suits you, be it the sporty tracksuits, or the sex=y little black dress, your style quotient is completely boring and incomplete if you do not own the right red tops. Yes, red is a color which suits every body type and complexion, and must be used by the fashion forward women to experiment with different silhouettes for an array of occasions and purposes. The basic clothing item can not only be the companion to your denims, chinos and skirts, but also help you layer your outfits well, especially in the winters. Versatile enough to add spin t p any closet, the red tops also add a ting of elegance and class to one’s fashion statement instantly.

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So, now that you are wondering on which kind of red tops have , here is a list of few which are must haves for the ladies crafted by a leading ladies red top manufacturer.

The Boxy Top

Though they do not have a definite shape and look unflattering, but they are definitely creating a stir in the fashion scenario today for being very uniquely designed.   The red boxy shorts will easily go with your tight, legging or denim, and also look great when tucked into the skater skirt for a classy, yet playful look.

The Turtleneck

Emphasizing your face, the old turtlenecks are back today. Bank on the red turtle neck top as it will help you get the layering game correct. Be it below the sleeveless dress or the trench coat, the red turtle neck full sleeve top will pump up your fashion game easily to new levels.

The Crop Top

Are you looking forward to confidently go for some skin show? It is time to show off your midriff with the red crop top, and you can cinch upon any neck style. The red crop top can add poise to your black pencil skirt and also go with your blue denim with a structured blazer or coat for a classy silhouette.

The Classic Red Button Down

Yes, you might have been doing the soothing white formal white button down , but now it is time to change the fashion stance with the red button down shirt. Wear it under a sweater with the red collars popping out, for may be tuck it into the mini skirt for the innocent old school attire. Obviously, the formal get up with a blazer and pant is definitely present.

A Red Printed Top

Be it in stripes, florals or plaids, you definitely need to own a red printed top introduced in the retail store by a renowned trendy womens tops supplier which would go well with your neutrally colored clothing pieces. Have fun with them while you dress up for any casual or party occasion with the minimal use of accessories.

Why Should You Take Note of the Plus Size Fashion Market?

Clothing retailers and business owners are greatly ignoring plus-size women! Given the lack of options available in the market for full-figured women, it sometimes feels that the fashion industry truly believes that women come in sizes of those skinny models seen on the runway!

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News Flash: An average American woman is a size 12 or larger!

Are you taking note? If you are not, it is time for you to wake up from your reality-deprived slumber because you are losing out on a crucial opportunity to tap into a $20 billion industry! Yes, the plus size fashion market is worth billions and it is only growing with every passing fashion season. Due to such a large market share of plus size fashion, finding reputed wholesale plus size clothing suppliers that offer high-end clothes for full-figured women will not be a problem! What are you still waiting for?

Curvaceous Women Do Not Want Baggy Clothes!

Contrary to popular believe, voluptuous beauties do not want to hide their curves! They want to flaunt it. 2016 has seen full-figured women coming out of their cocoons and embracing their bodily flaws with great pride. Some of them have even graced the runways, while others are seen on magazine covers! Plus-sized women are raising their voices regarding the injustice meted out to them by retail stores and high-end fashion houses and they’ve honestly just had enough. If you run a retail store that is stocked up with dull, boring and shapeless clothes for the curvy women, then you are basically not catering to more than half of the women who walk into your store!

Plus Size Clothing is Good for Business

If you think that selling plus-size clothing and accessories is going to be a death blow to your business, then you are highly mistaken. Full-figured women do not make up a sparse demographic, but as mentioned earlier, the average American woman is a size 12 or more. To top it all, voluptuous women are willing to pay if they are presented with clothes that flatter their shape and are voguish.

Recently, plus size women are getting a lot of attention and appearing in runways and magazines. This is not because the industry suddenly realized that it is alright to be big but because she cannot be ignored any longer! The skinny models do not even represent half the population!!

But, hold your guns. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the fashion ideals have changed! Fashion ideal is still pencil thin. But since the industry is profit-hungry, it has woken up to the reality that it is a lot more lucrative to design and make a size 18 that looks like a size 6!

Add trendy plus size shirts bulk wholesale, tees, blouses, dresses, crop tops and more, from renowned manufacturers and earn some money!

Flatter Your Baby Bump In Maternity T-Shirts, Dresses, With Fun Style Ideas

What may feel right to dress up in the 9th week might feel completely wrong in the 14th, this is the dilemma which they would be mothers go through. From the first trimester to the tail end of the pregnancy,   comfort and style are the important considerations which must be made, and flattering the cute baby bump and the unwanted curves becomes a matter of hassle. With each trimester bringing the huge fashion challenges, it becomes a matter of conundrum for the pregnant women to indulge into some fun and thoughtful shopping spree.

Wholesale Maternity Shirts Manufacturer

Be it the wholesale maternity shirts or the dresses and skirts, the designers are making it a point to deck up the would be moms in the prettiest attires, so that they too for 9 months look no less than stunning divas!

The Fitted Jersey Dress

In the initial months of pregnancy, you can definitely go for the body con jersey dress which will hug all your curves, and of course the baby bumps wonderfully. The figure flattering cuts call for cutting -edge silhouette s which end up making you look no less than the teenage graduate! Try the striped jersey dresses to flaunt your curves well.

The Knotted Tank with Maxi Skirt

The maxi skirts are the most comfortable a outfits for the pregnant women, and you can wear them in fitted A-line silhouette to look lean and slim. These maxi skirts slims the curves , especially around the belly, and you can team this up with the long oversized tank tee , knotted at the bottom to get a required shape. Quite boho chic, isn’t it?

Leather and Denim

Get the comfortable and stylish style quotient with the black tank dress, and layer this with the blue chambray shirt, pairing the whole thing with the leather legging pant. Perfect for the 2nd trimester, and lends an edge to your persona through the fusion of denim and leather.

Casual with Long Tee

Look cool and casual with a long tee, and add a belt to cinch on the waist. This can be paired with cotton legging. Keep the whole attire in black, and let the footwear be in a vibrant color of red or yellow.

The Mid Length Skirt with Crop Tee

Let your asymmetrical mid length skirt get a fresh new stance with a crop tee knotted at the bottom. You can carry a silky chiffon top, or the casual V-neck crop tee. The wholesale maternity shirts in cropped cuts help your baby bump to peep through, and also adds a lot of prep to your wardrobe!

The Runic Tee with Jeggings

Make your tunic tee the fashion staple for the pregnant days! Team up the tunic tee with the printed leggings or the denim jeggings, with soft and cushiony sneakers to add some funk to your persona!