Dear Retailers, Please Don’t Stock These Polo T-Shirts Wholesale

Even the well-established, pro clothing retailers make some rather silly when wholesaling. This isn’t a problem. Problem comes when they don’t know that or act indifferent towards their mistakes. So here’s to help them… and you.

wholesale polo shirts for women

Here are 5 varieties of wholesale polo shirts for women and men that you should stay away from-

Polo T-shirts with animal motifs

Unless you’re targeting the kids, steer clear of Polos with animal motifs. Cool and hippy appearance doesn’t mean juvenile and lumberjack.

Text-polo tees

Crewneck text-tees are all rage this season (again!). However texts on polo T-shirts are a big fail. Although supplied by many manufacturers, these tops are fashion-fail.

3D polo tees

Again, quite popular with crewneck tees and full-sleeve hooded shirts- 3D graphics, they just don’t hit the right chords with polo t-shirts. Quite appealing.

Sublimated polo T-shirts

Yes, sublimated varieties of wholesale polo shirts for men and women are quite popular in the market. But they appeal only a segment of consumers. Targeting anyone and everyone with these busy and radiant varieties is a mistake.

Silk polo Shirts

Silk made polo shirts are quite obsolete in the consumer market but some suppliers still offer them. Although with smooth base that offers a cozy fitting, without decent ventilation and wicking properties, they could be quite uncomfortable, particularly for summer days.

Polo T-shirts are ever-green. They are simple and radiate a classy flavor that enhances their overall appeal. Adding a contemporary flavor to them kills their charm. So instead of going for modern varieties, go with the classy ones— that’s what their biggest USP. For cool and modern tops, there are crewneck short and full-sleeve tees.

In fabric department, there exist many types. While cotton is still highly favorable, poly blend is too rising in the demand- pushing silk and even jersey-knit to oblivion.

So stay away from 5 mentioned varieties of wholesale polo shirts for women and men. Dial a good manufacturer.