Why Should You Take Note of the Plus Size Fashion Market?

Clothing retailers and business owners are greatly ignoring plus-size women! Given the lack of options available in the market for full-figured women, it sometimes feels that the fashion industry truly believes that women come in sizes of those skinny models seen on the runway!

Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Manufacturer

News Flash: An average American woman is a size 12 or larger!

Are you taking note? If you are not, it is time for you to wake up from your reality-deprived slumber because you are losing out on a crucial opportunity to tap into a $20 billion industry! Yes, the plus size fashion market is worth billions and it is only growing with every passing fashion season. Due to such a large market share of plus size fashion, finding reputed wholesale plus size clothing suppliers that offer high-end clothes for full-figured women will not be a problem! What are you still waiting for?

Curvaceous Women Do Not Want Baggy Clothes!

Contrary to popular believe, voluptuous beauties do not want to hide their curves! They want to flaunt it. 2016 has seen full-figured women coming out of their cocoons and embracing their bodily flaws with great pride. Some of them have even graced the runways, while others are seen on magazine covers! Plus-sized women are raising their voices regarding the injustice meted out to them by retail stores and high-end fashion houses and they’ve honestly just had enough. If you run a retail store that is stocked up with dull, boring and shapeless clothes for the curvy women, then you are basically not catering to more than half of the women who walk into your store!

Plus Size Clothing is Good for Business

If you think that selling plus-size clothing and accessories is going to be a death blow to your business, then you are highly mistaken. Full-figured women do not make up a sparse demographic, but as mentioned earlier, the average American woman is a size 12 or more. To top it all, voluptuous women are willing to pay if they are presented with clothes that flatter their shape and are voguish.

Recently, plus size women are getting a lot of attention and appearing in runways and magazines. This is not because the industry suddenly realized that it is alright to be big but because she cannot be ignored any longer! The skinny models do not even represent half the population!!

But, hold your guns. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the fashion ideals have changed! Fashion ideal is still pencil thin. But since the industry is profit-hungry, it has woken up to the reality that it is a lot more lucrative to design and make a size 18 that looks like a size 6!

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