Re-discover Your Deep Love for Flannel Shirts this Fall/Winter Season

1990s was the time when flannel shirts boomed and ever since, it has been playing hide and seek. But in 2016, this style craze has again re-surfaced and in a big way. You simply cannot ignore flannels – celebrities to the youngsters at popular haunts and malls are seen adorning it with great panache and confidence. Apart from a heavy dose of masculinity, the shirts exhibit great flair and finesse which makes it a great addition to the wardrobe of men and women of all ages and all walks of life.

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Rejoice in the Color and Pattern Fiesta

Flannel shirts manufacturers have made plaid shirts available in muted, monochromatic to vivacious and tie-and-dye color combinations displaying varied patterns and checks. The sheer luxe appeal of the fabric allows wearers to don any look that they wish – from the punk hipster look to the classy, formal one and even lumberjack, since lumbersexuals are running high on popularity right now!

Men can replace those boring, monotonous dress shirts with flannel shirts and bring some vitality and verve into business casual wear! For the full-on business look, wearers can opt for those turtle-neck sweaters worn over the comfort of flannels. Women too can take this fashion rage to high and low levels by pairing it up with trousers, shorts, denims and wearing it as an outerwear with super sexy dresses.

Justin Bieber is a Huge Fan of Flannel Shirts and Selena Gomez Couldn’t Resist It Either…

From musicians to pop stars to Hollywood superstars and everyone in between are embracing flannels like their second skin! Since they are the fashion icons for the upcoming generation, it is a clear sign that urges retail store owners to keep their plaid shirts collection updated!!

Rihanna Wears Flannel Shirts as a Dress!

…and so does Kylie Jenner! There are only few garment pieces that looks great fitted as well as oversized and plaids definitely belong to that family! Women all over the world are a huge fan of RiRi and they seem to be smitten by the shirt dress trend. Baggy plaid shirts worn without any bottom wear not only is comfy but looks super alluring!

The Red and Black Patterned Plaid Shirts are HOT!

Contemporary men might want to wash their hands off the red and black flannel shirt trend because apparently it’s too ‘lumberjack-ish’ but the truth is, the color combination is smoking hot. Be it men or women, it looks amazing on both. So while you are stocking up on greys, greens, blues, oranges and yellows, also keep the classic in mind!

Don’t go broke getting every style and color of flannel shirt that there is! A smart choice would be to order for bulk flannel shirts at wholesale prices and don’t worry, the collection will be swooped up in a jiffy!!


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