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MTV Video Music Awards 2016- Maternity Style Lesson From Laura Perlongo

One of the most star-studded nights, 2016 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) is over. And like every year, it didn’t fail to amuse us. While Queen Beyonce stole the show, it was Laura Perlongo, fiancée of ‘Catfish’ star Nev Schulman, who left people talking with her bold (and pretty awesome!) fashion approach.

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Expecting the first baby, Perlongo chose to put her baby bump on display. Skipping a top, she went with an army green bomber jacket with black slacks. Adding to the charm was the ornate body jewelry accessorizing her pregnant stomach.

The look, for sure, is a tad too forward for the regular to-be-mommies to pull on normal days, unless the next stop is MTV EMAs. However, Mrs. Schulman’s look did give a lesson or two about fashion that you can adapt to rock the maternity period with uber stylish look.

Being a proud to-be-mommy—display the baby bump; layer it up!

Embrace the big tummy. Put the baby bump on display. Layer button down flannel shirts with casual T-shirts and attain a wow-worthy casual look effortlessly. Or for a forward fashion approach, go with sturdy jackets over the tees.

Nothing too fancy, invest in the regular flannel shirts, bomber jacket, moto jacket or hoodie. About flannel shirts, red-black and blue-black is the ultimate staple; for a lighter variation, neon-white combo works like a charm.

Buy tees that are specially crafted for the pregnant women for added comfort. There are many manufacturing brands these days offering wholesale maternity t shirts and bottoms. Made using premium quality, ultra-soft organic fabrics, these wears exude maximum comfort with active wicking and ventilation. Always go with them for luxury fitting.

Accessorizing lightly isn’t an option—it’s essential

During maternity period, accessorizing would probably the last thing many worry about. However, going with light frills like chokers and wrap watches when hitting a party or cuff bracelets and sling bags when going for casual outings could add to your casual or forward look significantly, outstanding you in the crowd with the ultimate style.

The key however is to look at your best, while also being at your comfiest. So, just because your tummy’s getting bigger doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your style. With minor tweak in clothing selection, wardrobe and your fashion approach, you could look just as stylish as the regular days during these glowing few months.

Also, if you’re a clothing business owner, make room in your warehouse for specially designed wears for the pregnant ladies. Dial a good manufacturer and stock stylish and high quality wholesale maternity shirts, tees and bottoms.