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Purchasing Polo Shirts- Keep 3 Important Things in Mind

Classy and versatile, polo shirts enable a man to dress up and down based on the event and purpose. They are designed in such a way that they provide maximum level of comfort while rendering a smart look. So if you are attending a business affair or spending time with your friends in the weekend, they are perfect to go with a wide variety of occasions. Each, in spite of having the basic style, differ from one another in terms of fabric, color and design. Since every polo tee is different from the other, it is quite important for men to select the ones that fulfil their requirements. Here you will find some guidelines which will help you find the right ones for your occasion.

Wholesale Polo Uniform Shirts Wholesaler

Fabric types

The first and foremost thing to watch out for is the type of fabric used to make the polo shirt. This greatly affects the comfort and breathability of a shirt. Here’s a look at some of them.

Pure cotton

No other fabric even comes close to cotton since this is highly capable of providing utmost comfort as well as moisture-wicking. As a result this is more sustainable and durable than other types of fabrics.


Not as comfortable as cotton, but a blend of cotton and polyester is perfect to resist wrinkle and stains while coming pretty inexpensive to the pocket.

Jersey knit

With the advancement of technology many online manufacturers are now using jersey knit to make the shirts more breathable and softer on the skin.

Those sports team owners who want to offer their players with the best quality polo uniform shirts wholesale are required to contact a wholesale supplier online and place their orders in bulk.


The most expensive in the lot, silk is comparatively more lightweight and breathable than genuine cotton with the downfall of getting wrinkled and stained pretty easily. However, the ones made of silk are preferably worn for special occasions like parties.


The appearance of the wearer relies mostly on the right fit of the shirt. While a large tee ends up making a man sloppy and unattractive, a tight one makes the wearer uncomfortable, restricting the movement of arms as well as breathability. So you must pay attention to the right fit as well as purchase those that fall right above your back pockets.


It is solely the personal preferences of the wearers that the style of these shirts depends. For instance, performance polos have better breathable weaves which enables them to protect the fabric from the harmful UV rays and stain, rendering them more sustainable and durable over the years. Apart from this, you can find them in different striking colors like red, green, blue, black and white and prints such as floral and abstract which are perfect to give a drooling look when paired up with the right jeans, shorts or chinos.

Retailers and business owners can lay their eyes on the countless options, available at the online manufacturing hubs of polo shirts wholesale.

A Complete Buying Guide for Maternity Clothes

Since pregnancy is one of the most exhilarating experiences in a woman’s life, buying some maternity clothes becomes a part of welcoming the baby to the world. So keeping the basic requirements as well as the importance of fashion in mind, many online clothing manufacturers have come up with excellent options which are made to offer stunning look even when you appear plump and oversized during this period of time.

Wholesale Maternity Clothes Supplier

Size does matter

Just because you are growing in shape, this does not mean that you will buy some slouchy clothes. Instead, take a good measurement of your body, especially your belly, and choose those that are perfect to cover you well while providing you with utmost comfort and style.

Mind the cut and fit

While trying to reduce the purchase of maternity clothes, many women often make the mistake of choosing large and plus size clothes. Maxi, sheath and A-line dresses can be opted, instead of baggy clothes, for flattering looks.

Take a note of the right fabric

The stability and sustainability of your clothes mostly depend on the quality of the fabrics. Since your baby bump will grow with time, it is best to choose those stretchable fabrics which will offer comfort and much needed support to you as your body takes a different shape. While natural fabrics like cotton, linen and bamboo are highly breathable and durable, helping with pregnancy hot flashes and irritations, chemically dyed fabrics like polyester is quite dangerous for the pregnant women since they often hold heat to the sensitive skin and make for uncomfortable wear.

Invest in essentials

Since maternity clothes are pretty expensive, purchasing only the essentials like maternity t-shirts, shorts and jeans in supreme quality fabrics can save your extra penny. For instance some tank tops or camisoles in different colors such as red, yellow, blue, black and grey, meant exclusively to deal with pregnancy and post partum period, are perfect to give a lightweight feel while their high quality fabrics ensure comfort as well as softness on the skin.

Those retailers who are planning to expand their stocks with wholesale maternity t shirts can browse through the large catalogue of some of the top rated wholesale clothing suppliers and seal the deal by placing their orders in bulk.

Spread Love this Valentine’s by Adding V-day-Inspired plus Size Clothing to Your Inventory

Lovers around the world are gearing up for V-day celebrations and as we all know, making a woman happy is equivalent to climbing Mount Everest because she wants everything to be perfect. There is one thing though that never fails to steal a woman’ heart and that is great clothes. Almost every kind of woman, be it the mushy, shy type or the bold ones, are big clothing aficionado. As a retail store owner, it would be your responsibility to stock up on all the latest trends and styles so that men do not necessarily have to go through a tough time impressing their bae.

Wholesale Plus Size Clothes Manufacturer

Women Go Crazy Over Chiffon Tops!

Retailers and boutique owners must absolutely include chiffon tops in their inventory because women adore them. These tops exude a sheer luster and sophistication that can be worn from work to the clubs and equally helps to impress the boss as well as the cute guy at the bar. Black and white sleeveless chiffon tops are an extremely hot choice among wholesale plus size clothes and not to forget, men love their women in black!

Tank Tops Are a Popular Choice

For all those men who are hoping to whisk away their lady love for a weekend-long Valentine’s Day celebration would be on the lookout for vacation clothing that they would like to surprise their partner with. You could update your collection of tank tops by adding tanks in solid colors featuring hearts printed all over with ruffles or laces for that enthralling look.

Have a Generous Option of Dresses

Dresses are a must for adding allure to a romantic dinner. Wholesale plus size women’s clothing collection simply cannot be complete without a wide plethora of options in dresses in various lengths and sleeveless to off-shoulder and one-shoulder style options. Since it is about celebrating love, the colors that you should concentrate on are red, black, and maybe a touch of pink with a good amount of lace-work, embellishments and ruffles. Dresses featuring cut-outs at all the strategic places are also a good choice.

Printed Tops

Graphic wholesale plus size tops are one of the biggest trends this season. You could add to your collection tops carrying lovey-dovey messages and if you cannot find something that appeal to you, you could get in touch with clothing manufacturers to place customized bulk order. A lot of couples also like to wear identical t-shirts carrying love messages or images.

Help the hopeless lovers to be triumphant in winning the hearts of their ladies. Stock up on wonderful tops and dresses inspired by Valentine’s Day by contacting renowned manufacturers and wholesalers.

Why Sports Shirts Are Preferred Over Lifestyle Clothes?

As the global fashion world evolved, by every passing day the sports wears got less to do with what their name suggests- sports. Today top wholesale sports shirts supplier are offering products that has peaked up in the customers’ demand list and are even trailing the fashion and lifestyle clothing industry.

Wholesale Sports Apparel Manufacturer

Historically speaking, the term ‘sportswear’ was thrown back decades back. The clothing items under this category were very casual and targeted majorly the sports spectators who would come in the ground or arena to watch the sport. But as the time passed, the look and style of these wears changed dramatically, and people who didn’t even cared for any particular sport started opting for these sports shirts and tees as their lifestyle wear.

So what is so special about these sports shirts and tees? Why customers- women and men alike- are in their charm? And above all, are their wholesale the best option for small clothing businesses and bulk buyers to purchase?

Sports Wear is the Synonym of Casual and Comfort

Back in the days, when sports clothing manufacturers and suppliers designed and made their products, their foremost, and only- to a large extent, priority was to make the best quality wears. Shirts, tees, trousers, jackets, vests and more that are at the pinnacle of the mountain of comfort.

As a matter of fact, decades back these manufacturers used only the cotton. But it is for their quest of ‘optimum comfort’ polyester blend was introduced. And today, some are even using latex or spandex in these casual sportswear items. Also the dri-fitting technology took things to a whole different level. This technology makes fabrics more effective in dealing and treating moisture related problems. And this subsequently increases the comfort of the wears even further.

Taking over the fashion and lifestyle clothing

‘Casual and Comfort’ was the USP (Ultimate Selling Point) of sportswear years back. Don’t get us wrong, they still very much are. But another ‘C’ has been added to these USP- ‘chic’.

Today wholesale sports shirts supplier are offering wears that are casual, comfortable and very chic. These wears are coming in ample of stylish varieties- from different colors and designs to various fittings. This makes them perfectly wearable for a range of formal and informal occasions- from birthdays and anniversaries parties to executive meet ups and more. And this is why many consumers are choosing them over the fashion and lifestyle shirts and tees.

So now, the big question- an elephant in the room- here is should small businesses and bulk buyers exhaustively stock the sportswear wholesale in their inventory?

Say yes to stock large bulk of sports shirts

The small businesses should definitely start prioritizing the sportswear more than ever. But the problem is, not every sports clothing items would sell the same; or to be clearer, not every sports clothing items- shirts, tees, shorts, trousers, jackets, hoodies- are demanded equally. And for this fact, we’ve been stressing particularly over ‘sports shirts’ and not other items. The demand of these shirts are comparatively very high, and they are literally the ‘must-haves’ for every small clothing businesses who deal in either of the niche- sports clothing or lifestyle apparels.

And this task in itself- purchasing high quality wholesale- isn’t that hard. There exist many top and well renowned manufacturer and supplier in the market. So, one can simply select any wholesale sports shirts supplier who best suits their needs and their customers’ demands and order.

How to Glam up Your Week with Simple Yet Trendy Plus Size Shirts

Every woman has their personal sense of choice and style and they must be allowed to demonstrate themselves in any unique way one chooses to sport. So no matter what size you are, if you love to wear those striped t-shirts that some of your favorite celebrities are wearing, nothing can stop you from doing so unless you have gone overboard with them. So purchase some classic stripes yet trendy plus size shirts in different colors and follow the style inspirations to make them through the week stylishly.

Wholesale Plus Size Shirts Distributor

Weekday’s busy corporate look

Classic black pencil skirt? Check. Diagonal striped shirt in black and white? Check. Black kitten heels? Check. Put them all together and get set ready for office. You cannot obviously put on the same style every day. So pair up the same basic shirt with different jeans, trousers and sometimes layering with blazer, but all of them preferably in black. To strike the perfect no-nonsense look, keep the make-up and accessories as minimal as possible.

Saturday night-out with friends

A colourful night at a dance club calls for a color blocking outfit. So forget your black and white regular shirts and purchase a few trendy plus size shirts in striking color combos like white and bright orange, black and yellow and stripes, preferably horizontal. For instance, team up your red and white short sleeves tee with denim shorts and embellished sneakers to dance the night away in utmost comfort and style.

Casual outing on Sunday

On a holiday afternoon when you are going out to chill out in the sun, take out your dungaree and wear it over a white and black striped t-shirt. Slip into a pair of mauve pointed heels to add flamboyance to the entire outfit. However, those who feel too laid back to get up from their bed and dress up for a brunch, can simply put on this basic tee and team up with light wash denim shorts and white sneakers and be ready to hit the road.

With the exciting range of trendy plus size shirts available in the wholesale market, retailers can now certainly expand their stocks and impress their customers.

Different Stages In The Quest For Perfect Shirts Wholesale

Although the demand for cheap clothing items always exists in the market, not every item sells consistently and equally; not at least the shirts. Shirts are one of those items on which the end customers are always giddied-up to spend well- spend more. This means you don’t necessarily have to desperately and ecstatically look for wholesale of shirts in bulk cheap price range; but there are no harms of course if you can get such wholesale.

Wholesale Shirt Distributor

Not price but quality

Unlike any other clothing items, you can be a bit lenient- price wise- when purchasing from any top shirt distributor, knowing that your customers will be ready to pay whatever amount if the shirt matches their needs, demands and preferences.

One important and obvious thing that you should be considerate of is the quality of the bulk. The quality of the shirts should be of top-notch. It should be made using premium quality fabrics- well adept to offer optimum comfort and coziness to the wearers.

Not quality but style

There are many people who prioritize style over quality in their shirts. So one of the most important factors or things that you should remember while buying your wholesale is ensuring it tops the style-o-meter of the potential consumers and that variety is trending in the fashion world- worn by top celebrities. This could rather be a laborious task, considering the existence of so many varieties and the diverse demands of the customers.

Before high quality and stylish wholesale

But before you even start thinking about picking high quality and stylish wholesale, your foremost task is finding a good shirt distributor. This is another big and a bit tough task, for there’s a crowd of mediocre manufacturers and distributors who might conveniently convince you they are good. Doing well or bad in this task will steer your business to either success or disappointment.

How to select a good distributor?

There are no hard-rule steps to help you find a good shirt distributor, but there are few parameters with which you can gauge if they are the right one or not.

They must have good market reputation;

Their market reach must be extensive; having global network would win them brownie points;

They collection might not necessarily be the biggest, but whatever they have must be of premium quality;

Their wholesale must be stylish and trending in the market;

They understand, in this niche, price is not everything;

If your shirt distributor fits in most- if not all- of the above mentioned parameters, it is highly likely that they are good to buy from.

The Sports Clothing Industry is Evolving… Keep Up!

Sportswear is having its moment in fashion and there is no way but up. The activewear industry is booming and fast expanding into the fashion-meets-sports sweet spot to sweep the fashion-conscious fitness freaks off their feet. Yoga pants never looked so appropriate paired up with a fur vest for lunch with friends! Wearing gym clothes post-workout is the latest trend and nobody seems to be complaining. Retail store owners should put some serious thought into revitalizing their sportswear section for men and women by getting in touch with new-age sports clothing manufacturers and suppliers.

Wholesale Sports Apparel Manufacturer

Hi-tech Fabrics on the Rise

The demand for improved and better performance apparel has shifted focus from the traditional fabrics that were used to craft workout clothing and brought about the introduction of new and technologically advanced fabrics such as microfibers and synthetic materials. These fabrics help in the creation of wholesale sport clothing that breathes, wicks off moisture and sweat easily, improves circulation and is extremely lightweight. The contemporary sportswear also features a good amount of stretch that allows the body complete freedom of movement. To prevent chaffing and rashes to the skin, manufacturers have also introduced the latest range of seamless gym wear that is fast growing in popularity. As a retailer, you should invest in different types of exercise clothing in order to serve your customers better.

Newer and Better Printing Technologies

With modern, superior printing techniques such as dye sublimation, wholesale sports shirts and shorts look better than ever. This process results in the creation of prints that are polished, clear and bright coupled with better durability. The prints do not fade or chip even after repeated washing and everyday use, and can endure the rigorous wear and tear that fitness freaks and athletes subject their clothes to. Thanks to this printing technology, active individuals and athletes now have the option of wearing cooler-looking clothes that do not mess with their sense of style while still making them feel comfortable. You already know that you have to buy sublimated workout apparel in bulk for men and women, don’t you?

Compression Garments Becoming Popular

Another raging trend that has been doing the round for quite some time now is compression apparel. They are considered by performers as having magical powers that boost performance by shortening recovery time, improve circulation and prevent muscle and joint injury even after hours of heavy workout. This too would be a great addition to your sports clothing line!

Now that you are fully or sort of intimated with the advances made in the sports clothing industry, why don’t you start looking for a manufacturer and supplier of wholesale sports apparel? Don’t forget to order in bulk if you are looking to save on some of the expenses!

5 Stylish Types of Plaid Shirts to Outstand Your Competitors

It is no secret that plaid shirts have been ruling the clothing and fashion industry for the past couple of years. And by the looks if it, that’s not going to change in the coming few years. Or at least you can bet the demand for plaid shirt mens and women would be pretty high all throughout 2016. This provides a good opportunity for the small businesses to delight their customers quite easily and up their overall revenue. But again, this opportunity comes with a lingering problem.

Wholesale Plaid Shirts Manufacturer

Considering their high demands, every small clothing business is stocking wholesale plaid shirts; and that includes your competitors too. This means, despite your disliking, you’re a part of the big crowd. And you sure can’t outstand them with the same blue and white plaid shirts or those supremely popular red and black ones.

To outstand your competitors and in the crowd you need new, unique and exclusive varieties of plaid shirts for women and men. And there are many manufacturers and suppliers out there who are offering exactly that. So contact them today and bulk up these types of wholesale plaid shirts

Half-sleeve plaids– Although a very common type, half-sleeved plaid shirts often gets lost in the crowd of full-sleeved ones; small business prioritize them less, undermining their demand. But less do they know, this variety is highly demanded by both women and men for the much hailed blend of formal and fashion flavor- which make them the perfect wear for both offices and parties.

Night plaid shirts– Originally made for sleeping-in purpose, this variety has become a popular fashion wear- mostly among women. Look wise, it is just like the normal plaid shirts, but, comparatively, it is more loose or baggy with extra low hemline.

Hooded long-sleeve plaids– Just as the name suggests, this type have long sleeves and have hoodies. Unless custom made, they usually are very spacious- loose- even on the sleeves, which makes them super stylish.

Loose-fittings plaid blouse– This one is extra long, and unlike any other type of shirts have button-down till chest, which make them look much like a preppy plaid kurta- but only with the full sleeves.

Plaid dresses– Many women wear these plaid dresses with black denims, which only made this plaid shirt-look-a-like to be in the shirts’ list. Highly preferable as the casual wears, their lengths, dimensions vary- and so do their collar and pocket types.

These fived mentioned types of plaid shirt for women and men are already adored by many but are yet to come in the mainstream. Bulking their wholesale will sure outstand you in the crowded market, help you delight your customers more effectively, and increase your revenue considerably.

Let Classic Plaid Flannel Shirts Be Your Style Quotient This Friday

During fall and winter, flannel shirts are incomparable for their cozy fabric and classic designs. Mostly seen in colored and monochromatic prints, these are very versatile and you wouldn’t want to miss on them! Though carrying exquisite style statement, these shirts are often considered as drab and banal by many, but what if they could be your trendsetter for a Fridays in order to render a cutting-edge appearance with a doubled up style meter? We will tell you how to dress in funky flannel shirts for casual Fridays in order to look all hip and happening wherever you go!

 Funky Flannel Shirts Supplier

Weekend office scenes
With Fridays giving you the chance to dress up casually , why not something in a plaid flannel shirt? All you need to do is teaming up a monochromatic flannel shirt with black trousers in sleek belt and a long cardigan or jacket layered over for an edgy style. Do not forget those sleek pointed ballerinas!

Fun gateways
Weekends are the perfect time for all those sudden unplanned trips with friends and families, hence looking best in short notice can go tricky. Hence, here comes a flannel shirt at your utmost rescue. Put over an oversized plaid flannel shirt over a simple tee tucked into denim shorts with a woolen beanie cap and black tights, This will render a completely sporty look perfect for traveling!

Shopping spree
Our for shopping with friends on a chilly Friday evening? Strut in style with a blue-white combo check flannel shirt teamed with fluffy fur vest and chunky knit scarf with embellished ankle booties for an elongated appearance.

Lovey-dovey dinner dates
Ditch your sleek cocktail dresses on freezing winter Friday and try out something cozy with notched-up elegance and grace. Go for a dark colored flannel plaid shirt in color combination like blue-green or Pink-black , tucked in a contrasting hued flared skirt and sheer stockings. This gorgeous look can get added veneer with a statement necklace and classic stilettos.

An hour at the library

Are you an avid reader and books are your companions on Friday evenings? Then hop into a book cafe or library in a preppy look with a tight fitted single colored sweater over a plaid flannel shirt and distorted denims, teamed with high-rising leather boots or ballet flats! For the geeky touch, accompany your nerdy glasses!

Glam-up cocktail parties
If this Friday is lined up for a sophisticated cocktail or cruise party, bank on a casual checked flannel shirt from the nearest retail store. The inventory of the global designers and flannel shirts manufacturers will woo you too select one for a perfectly poised look. Wear this tucked in with a tutu skirt, or a skirt with sequin work or feathers and fringes , teamed with pointed heels and statement necklace for the much needed uber-chic touch.

Night around the town
Clubbing this Friday? Embrace a charming stance with a plain flared dress or tight one layered with an oversized multicolored flannel shirt and high rising booties or embellished stilettos and thus hit the dance floor with glamorous finesse , with sleek finishing .

Thus, you can easily raise up the fashionable appeal on chilly Friday nights with funky flannel shirts
worn with a twist.

Dress Up Like The Celebs In A Cool Denim Shirt

Though the fashion scene is evolving with time and every fabric or dress is seen going through constant changes, the one thing that has remained timeless is denims. Be it a shirt, jacket or trousers, relevance of denims will never lessen down and they will continue to rule the fashion trends for both men and women. These days, to bring twist and exciting touch, global designers and manufacturers are crafting denim shirts in a wide variety of cuts, colors, silhouettes and designs, and this effortlessly renders cutting-edge to your persona . A denim shirt wholesale is not only versatile, but speaks of vintage class.

Denim Shirt Wholesale Supplier

Do you think that denim shirts are boring? Then go through the trends of the celebs to prove this notion wrong:

Office look like Charlize Theron
If you are wondering how to get a notched-up look at your office, then ditch your boring formals for a while and add verve to your get up like Chrlize Theron in a double denim attire. Slip into a light shaded denim shirt with a contrasting dark shaded denim pants, teamed with a black leather bag and ballet flats. The inventory of retailers have large variety of collared denim shirts in a wide array of washes and colors.

Minka Kelly’s day-out look
If your friends have planned for a meet-up at a cafe, getting a simple yet sporty look like Minka Kelly is easy. All you need is a pocketed short-length denim shirt over a white camisole worn like a jacket on top of printed trousers and oft-colored velvet shoes.

Pool party shenanigans like Kate Bosworth
Getting decked up for a pool party? Deliver a completely unconventional style quotient like Kate Bosworth dressed up in a polished yet girly look with a dark washed denim shirt , all buttoned up over a mini floral wrap skirt and black sporty sneakers . Hence, if dressing up tomboyish is your wish, this is a perfect attire to go for!

Weekend brunch scenes Katharine McPhee way
Add panache to your weekend vibes for a sleek look like singer Katharine McPhee in a striped flowing maxi skirt teamed with a sleeveless denim shirt tucked in. For the much needed flair, you can team this with collar necklace, sling bag and wedge flat or casual ballet slippers.

Party-night fun in Chanel Leigh Lezark style
Top DJ and model Chanel Leigh was spotted in a beautiful faded floral printed mini-dress, double layered with a denim shirt and leather moto-jacket for an edgy get-up. If you are planning for clubbing and hitting the dance floor this Saturday, befriend this edgy attire paired with chic pairs of wedges or pointed heels.

Rachel Roy’s holidaying outfit
For all the fun weekend gateways, slip into a slim fit classic denim shirt tucked in with a vibrant colored crop pant with ballet flats or sneakers like stylish Rachel Roy. The retail outlets are stocking in galore these slim-fit shirts for an enhanced collection from any leading slim fit denim shirts supplier.

To conclude, it can be said that getting desirable looks in a denim shirt wholesale is quite hassle-free, if you are aware of the top-notch fashion trends.