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Let Classic Plaid Flannel Shirts Be Your Style Quotient This Friday

During fall and winter, flannel shirts are incomparable for their cozy fabric and classic designs. Mostly seen in colored and monochromatic prints, these are very versatile and you wouldn’t want to miss on them! Though carrying exquisite style statement, these shirts are often considered as drab and banal by many, but what if they could be your trendsetter for a Fridays in order to render a cutting-edge appearance with a doubled up style meter? We will tell you how to dress in funky flannel shirts for casual Fridays in order to look all hip and happening wherever you go!

 Funky Flannel Shirts Supplier

Weekend office scenes
With Fridays giving you the chance to dress up casually , why not something in a plaid flannel shirt? All you need to do is teaming up a monochromatic flannel shirt with black trousers in sleek belt and a long cardigan or jacket layered over for an edgy style. Do not forget those sleek pointed ballerinas!

Fun gateways
Weekends are the perfect time for all those sudden unplanned trips with friends and families, hence looking best in short notice can go tricky. Hence, here comes a flannel shirt at your utmost rescue. Put over an oversized plaid flannel shirt over a simple tee tucked into denim shorts with a woolen beanie cap and black tights, This will render a completely sporty look perfect for traveling!

Shopping spree
Our for shopping with friends on a chilly Friday evening? Strut in style with a blue-white combo check flannel shirt teamed with fluffy fur vest and chunky knit scarf with embellished ankle booties for an elongated appearance.

Lovey-dovey dinner dates
Ditch your sleek cocktail dresses on freezing winter Friday and try out something cozy with notched-up elegance and grace. Go for a dark colored flannel plaid shirt in color combination like blue-green or Pink-black , tucked in a contrasting hued flared skirt and sheer stockings. This gorgeous look can get added veneer with a statement necklace and classic stilettos.

An hour at the library

Are you an avid reader and books are your companions on Friday evenings? Then hop into a book cafe or library in a preppy look with a tight fitted single colored sweater over a plaid flannel shirt and distorted denims, teamed with high-rising leather boots or ballet flats! For the geeky touch, accompany your nerdy glasses!

Glam-up cocktail parties
If this Friday is lined up for a sophisticated cocktail or cruise party, bank on a casual checked flannel shirt from the nearest retail store. The inventory of the global designers and flannel shirts manufacturers will woo you too select one for a perfectly poised look. Wear this tucked in with a tutu skirt, or a skirt with sequin work or feathers and fringes , teamed with pointed heels and statement necklace for the much needed uber-chic touch.

Night around the town
Clubbing this Friday? Embrace a charming stance with a plain flared dress or tight one layered with an oversized multicolored flannel shirt and high rising booties or embellished stilettos and thus hit the dance floor with glamorous finesse , with sleek finishing .

Thus, you can easily raise up the fashionable appeal on chilly Friday nights with funky flannel shirts
worn with a twist.