The Sports Clothing Industry is Evolving… Keep Up!

Sportswear is having its moment in fashion and there is no way but up. The activewear industry is booming and fast expanding into the fashion-meets-sports sweet spot to sweep the fashion-conscious fitness freaks off their feet. Yoga pants never looked so appropriate paired up with a fur vest for lunch with friends! Wearing gym clothes post-workout is the latest trend and nobody seems to be complaining. Retail store owners should put some serious thought into revitalizing their sportswear section for men and women by getting in touch with new-age sports clothing manufacturers and suppliers.

Wholesale Sports Apparel Manufacturer

Hi-tech Fabrics on the Rise

The demand for improved and better performance apparel has shifted focus from the traditional fabrics that were used to craft workout clothing and brought about the introduction of new and technologically advanced fabrics such as microfibers and synthetic materials. These fabrics help in the creation of wholesale sport clothing that breathes, wicks off moisture and sweat easily, improves circulation and is extremely lightweight. The contemporary sportswear also features a good amount of stretch that allows the body complete freedom of movement. To prevent chaffing and rashes to the skin, manufacturers have also introduced the latest range of seamless gym wear that is fast growing in popularity. As a retailer, you should invest in different types of exercise clothing in order to serve your customers better.

Newer and Better Printing Technologies

With modern, superior printing techniques such as dye sublimation, wholesale sports shirts and shorts look better than ever. This process results in the creation of prints that are polished, clear and bright coupled with better durability. The prints do not fade or chip even after repeated washing and everyday use, and can endure the rigorous wear and tear that fitness freaks and athletes subject their clothes to. Thanks to this printing technology, active individuals and athletes now have the option of wearing cooler-looking clothes that do not mess with their sense of style while still making them feel comfortable. You already know that you have to buy sublimated workout apparel in bulk for men and women, don’t you?

Compression Garments Becoming Popular

Another raging trend that has been doing the round for quite some time now is compression apparel. They are considered by performers as having magical powers that boost performance by shortening recovery time, improve circulation and prevent muscle and joint injury even after hours of heavy workout. This too would be a great addition to your sports clothing line!

Now that you are fully or sort of intimated with the advances made in the sports clothing industry, why don’t you start looking for a manufacturer and supplier of wholesale sports apparel? Don’t forget to order in bulk if you are looking to save on some of the expenses!


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