5 Stylish Types of Plaid Shirts to Outstand Your Competitors

It is no secret that plaid shirts have been ruling the clothing and fashion industry for the past couple of years. And by the looks if it, that’s not going to change in the coming few years. Or at least you can bet the demand for plaid shirt mens and women would be pretty high all throughout 2016. This provides a good opportunity for the small businesses to delight their customers quite easily and up their overall revenue. But again, this opportunity comes with a lingering problem.

Wholesale Plaid Shirts Manufacturer

Considering their high demands, every small clothing business is stocking wholesale plaid shirts; and that includes your competitors too. This means, despite your disliking, you’re a part of the big crowd. And you sure can’t outstand them with the same blue and white plaid shirts or those supremely popular red and black ones.

To outstand your competitors and in the crowd you need new, unique and exclusive varieties of plaid shirts for women and men. And there are many manufacturers and suppliers out there who are offering exactly that. So contact them today and bulk up these types of wholesale plaid shirts

Half-sleeve plaids– Although a very common type, half-sleeved plaid shirts often gets lost in the crowd of full-sleeved ones; small business prioritize them less, undermining their demand. But less do they know, this variety is highly demanded by both women and men for the much hailed blend of formal and fashion flavor- which make them the perfect wear for both offices and parties.

Night plaid shirts– Originally made for sleeping-in purpose, this variety has become a popular fashion wear- mostly among women. Look wise, it is just like the normal plaid shirts, but, comparatively, it is more loose or baggy with extra low hemline.

Hooded long-sleeve plaids– Just as the name suggests, this type have long sleeves and have hoodies. Unless custom made, they usually are very spacious- loose- even on the sleeves, which makes them super stylish.

Loose-fittings plaid blouse– This one is extra long, and unlike any other type of shirts have button-down till chest, which make them look much like a preppy plaid kurta- but only with the full sleeves.

Plaid dresses– Many women wear these plaid dresses with black denims, which only made this plaid shirt-look-a-like to be in the shirts’ list. Highly preferable as the casual wears, their lengths, dimensions vary- and so do their collar and pocket types.

These fived mentioned types of plaid shirt for women and men are already adored by many but are yet to come in the mainstream. Bulking their wholesale will sure outstand you in the crowded market, help you delight your customers more effectively, and increase your revenue considerably.