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4 Breathable Summer Fabrics Every Formal Shirt Retailer Should Depend On

Double digit days are not only uncomfortable but also a struggle, especially for those who must show up at work appropriately dressed. When it comes to formal clothing, wearing a suit is a real challenge. To skip the entire portion of wearing a suit, the shirt needs to be right and in point.

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It sounds easy and simple, but there are a few factors to consider when it comes to wearing a shirt in the summer. Being mindful of getting creases, moisture wicking qualities and fabric is of utmost importance. It is also worth noticing that the other two aspects (moisture wicking and less crease) is directly related to the fabric used.

Talking about the fabrics, reputed wholesale shirts distributor uses the finest materials available in the industry to construct the button downs. if you are a retailer looking to add proper pieces to your collection to appeal to your customers, these pieces will be game-changers. But what fabrics should you blindly depend on for utmost summer comfort? Here is a summary of the fabrics to look for, the ones available with the leading shirts distributor.


This natural fiber is ideal for all climates. With qualities such as lending a soft and smooth touch against the skin of the person wearing it and enhanced air circulation, cotton is ideal for constructing shirts that are to be worn for a day’s length. Cotton shirts are widely loved by all for their air-conditioning abilities. No matter how high the temperature gets, cotton shirts are reliable.


Known for exceptional coolness and freshness, linen is the go-to fabric for scorching summer days. For centuries, this natural fiber has been worn for a simple reason- its high breathability qualities. Linen shirts ensure to keep the wearer cool and at ease. An added advantage of linen shirts is that these are wrinkle-free.

Watch this If you are new in clothing line:-


A lot of people argue with the validity of rayon in summer months, however, this fabric is great for promoting breathability. Since it’s a synthetic fiber, rayon might not be as great at wicking moisture, however, it is ideal for a lightweight option. Rayon shirts are being designed at large by shirts wholesale bulk clothing distributors. Using pastel colors to highlight the shirts further gives these a highlighted appeal. Also, lighter shades soak less heat and will offer better comfort.


Chambray is practically cotton but with a higher thread count. This means that the shirts made of chambray have a finer weave, allowing better breathability options. This fabric also dries faster and doesn’t crease. The appeal of a chambray shirt is like that of a denim, but unlike the latter, chambray shirts don’t weigh you down and are more suitable for hotter days.

With such fantastic pieces on display, the manufacturer/ distributor has much to offer. You can register with them and become a distributor of impeccable summer shirts. Bulk purchase will account for massive discounts.

One White Dress Shirt And 4 Ways To Completely Rock It

There is something about a white dress shirt! It works for all types of occasions and situations. Be it a date night or a high-profile meeting with clients, it is that go-to piece of clothing which every man needs and deserves to have in the wardrobe. A timeless staple, wearing a white dress shirt gets half the work done. Though there are no prescribed way of wearing a dress shirt in white, here are still mentioned two ways in which you can wear a piece to two different occasions.

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The Classic

A white dress shirt is primarily designed for formal occasions and the most classic way is to wear it is to keep the attire simple. Team the button down with a black or grey suit trousers. You can skip wearing the jacket if it feels to hot but do replace it with a black or grey tie (that matches the color of the trouser). Also, pick the right pair of shoes like Oxford or Derby to feel formal. Conventional in its appeal, keep the rest of the ensemble simple by wearing minimal accessories. Acceptable are cuff links for it lends a tasteful look ideal for hot months.

The Casual

Not the first thing that comes to our mind, but a dress shirt can be more than just a formal piece. A great option for casual occasions, all you need to accentuate the dress shirt is a quality piece of jeans. Roll up the sleeves, wear a brown leather belt, a pair of white trainers and add a pair of aviator sunglasses to complete the look. If you want to opt for the bad boy appearance that will make the ladies swoon, throw over a black leather jacket on top.


Summer Special

Wearing and maintaining a white dress shirt during the summer can be a difficult feat to achieve. The idea of getting sweat stenches on the shirt is horrifying enough. Also, you need a material that allows air circulation, and a fit that is easy to move in. combining these significant factors for summer dress shirts, personalized dress shirts wholesale manufacturers have crafted such pieces. The design and appeal of the dress shirt remains the same however, it is just the way you wear it varies. Taking on the two regular occasions and imagining these to be during the summer, here are two more ways to wear a dress shirt during summer.

Casual Summer

A well-deserved summer holidays requires well-deserved clothes to wear. a white dress shirt (again might not seem like a great choice) looks smart. It is versatile no doubt, so why not use it accurately? Pick a version that showcases short sleeves and team it with a pair of dark navy shorts. Add a brown belt and flip flops in brown to finish this laid-back vacation look. If you still feel that the look is too white, opt for simple accessories like a wristwatch or a bracelet or a pair of sunglasses. Don’t go for any thing black for this appearance to keep the summery feel intact.

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Smart Summer

The heat may not permit you to wear a suit with a dress shirt. And sometimes even the addition of the tie seems like a bit too much. But then, you cannot really walk to a meeting wearing a pair of jeans and sneakers. It is not going to make the cut! So, what you need is a pair of smart trousers (read, chinos) to nail the smart summer look completely. You can throw in some checks and stripes on the chinos for some added drama (and if you are too bored with the same old solid hues). A pair of loafers will perfectly balance the white dress shirt and chinos.

So now that you have an idea about how to wear a white dress shirt, make sure you make good use of it. Stand out in the crowd with an appeal and panache undeniable. Reputed wholesale dress shirts suppliers have fine versions in white designed and displayed in the inventory that can be purchased in bulk by the retailers.



A Guide To Pick The Right Polo Shirt According To Your Body Type

One good thing about summers is that you get to wear polo shirts. The power of polo is too hard to ignore. Want to get at par with the polo shirt trend? But don’t just slip into any polo shirt. If you want the appeal intact, then be clever enough to pick a version that complements your body type. Here is a guide to picking the right polo shirt according to your body.

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Body type 1: Tall and Skinny

If you are long and slim, make sure you pick a polo shirt that remains close to the body, especially around the chest. For most tall and skinny guys, the problem area lies in their short arms, which looks less proportionate compared to the rest of the body. Make sure that the sleeve taping stretches less to hold the shape. Dark solid colors again are a great pick because its create an illusion of covering a boarder surface area. Get custom polo shirts in navy as it is impeccable and suits all types of occasions without any hassle.

Body type 2: Tall and Athletic

Being tall has its own perks, however, you can’t overlook the fact that you have long arms as well. and assuming you already have muscles, the sleeve of the polo must be done right. Rather than opting for something that is extremely small, go for a length that makes you feel comfortable. Mid-bicep is a great way to highlight your muscles while adding the right illusion to your arms. Spread collars will take away too much attention from the sleeves. The overall length of the polo shirt should again be such that it allows you explore both worlds of tuck and untuck. Lighter, tonal shades will add the right amount of drama to the appearance.

Body type 3: Tall and Dad Bod

Men with dad bod usually have two main problem areas- the (ever growing) belly and broad shoulders. The polo shirt you pick should be designed as such that it allows the mid-section to be comfortable without making the rest of the body look sloppy. If you are trying to divert the attention from your belly, make sure you display the thinner body parts like arms and neck, but avoid unnecessary details. A simple chest pocket can work the charm. Bright and fun colors like teal should be your primary choice. Also, accentuate your natural waistline rather than hiding under layers of fabric.

Body type 4: Short and Muscular

Guys who are muscular often make the mistake of picking clothes that are a size up. But being muscular is different from being oversized. The only rule of wearing a polo shirt is to be mindful of the fit. So, the first thing you need to do is (and if you have been oversized clothes) cut down the size of the polo shirt. A narrow fit will do you justice. Color block patterns work perfectly for this body type. Minimal detailing allows the natural charm (read muscles) to be more apparent, lending it a sporty yet refined appearance.

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Body type 5: Average all-around

When you fall in a category that says all-around average without mentioning any specifics, don’t be disheartened. It just means that you have an average build- be it your height or your structure. It is a blessing in disguise, simply because you can style anything and everything without having to worry about it. A dark polo shirt with playful yet elegant (versatile as well) prints is a welcome break from the otherwise common solid versions. Dark background gives an elongating illusion to the short torso, while it looks office ready as well.

So which body type do you belong to? With all these information, the next time you buy a polo shirt, make sure you have these points in mind to get the polo shirt game on point. Reputed polo shirt manufacturers have the best pieces, suiting all body types, displayed in the inventory. Interested retailers can make a bulk purchase today at a discounted price.


A Guide To Pick The Right Polo Shirt According To Your Body Type


Pairing Flannel Shirts with Athleisure this Season!

Flannel shirts are a classic and have been really in style for decades now. The reason? It is flexible and can pick up with almost all other kinds of fashion. To give you a hint of what that is really like, here’s how a list of how you can pair wholesale flannel shirts with athleisure clothing – the truth of youth fashion right now!

Take a look at the trends and make sure you follow them too and give your wardrobe the edge of when old school meets new and totally makes an epic crossover! Are you ready, because the list is, right here –

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  1. Flannel with Joggers

Joggers are a staple bottom for athleisure followers all around and the flannel shirt would make a rather unconventional yet perfect stylistic feat with it. The plaid designs are the one too love and one could go for a color combination a little out of the ordinary – perhaps navy blue and grey. Rolling up the sleeves untidily is a must and coupling it with maroon joggers that will end in a beautiful white sneakers, make the look extraordinary! One could try multiple styles at how to wear the joggers, but the easiest and the most convenient one is good enough. If you are a flannel fan with athleisure clothing, then this is a must try!

  1. The Hip Accessory

Flannel shirts make a great hip accessory for when you are wearing some kind of athleisure clothing. It might be a simple basic tee shirt along with a pair of cool joggers and some high top sneakers – perfect right? A little short of that!

But adding the flannel shirt tied around the hip makes all the difference. It drives attention away and helps you layer your dress or t short joggers whenever you feel the need for more variation. You can go for any color of bulk flannel shirt in this scenario, but the black and green plaid shirts are the ones that are popularly used.

  1. Button Up Flannel Shirts with Sports Miniskirts

A popular women’s look, this one is not at all complicated. All one has to do is buy loose fitting flannel shirts and button it up with the sleeves rolled up. They can then tuck it in a grey mini skirt and has a pleat design and ends at the thigh. Pairing a white sneakers underneath is a great idea and makes the look really casual in spite of having all the elements of a semi-formal attire.

  1. Plaid Shirt with Leggings

Another very popular look that is slowing turning into a classic for people all around. Wearing a loose fitted plaid shirt with tight black leggings and sneakers looks like an absolute head turner on the roads and anywhere else. Plus, it’s pretty casual and doesn’t reek of being to try hard which is often the case.

With these 4 trends of how to use flannel plaid shirts with athleisure clothing, understanding why retailers are getting bulk flannel shirts even during off season isn’t that hard. It works because it is different from the staunchness of other shirts available and makes a mark in fashion, no matter what hour or clock it is around the world.

Now that you know it’s importance – get your shirts today and be ready to style them all summer long!


Pairing Flannel Shirts with Athleisure this Season!


Rock The Maternity Style In Appealing Shirts, t-Shirts And Dresses, With Confidence

The maternity style trend is the new cool, and would-be- moms are no longer only seeking for comfort, but also embracing fashion wholeheartedly. If you are about to conceive, and want to look absolutely elegant with the baby bump, fret not as there are a pool of choices for you to dress up. No longer are you supposed to only wear the ill- fitted and slouchy tees, and can go for more appealing and fashion forward options. The global fashion scene has opened new gates for maternity styling opportunists to bloom, helping you look stunning without giving up on comfort.

The retail stores are continuously upgrading their stocks with the designer bulk maternity shirts, denims, or gowns and enticing the pregnant women to the core.  The leading wholesale manufacturers are giving way to the endless options, in a range of styles, designs, colors and cuts.

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Here are some of the most splendid maternity style trends for 2018.

The clothes sans seams at the waist

This year, the wholesale manufacturers are trusting the experts and churning out tees, shirts and dresses for maternity fashion without seams on the waist.  To help your belly grow into a dress or tee, go for the ones that come without seams so that you don’t feel or look awkward! The tops sans seams and also the dresses would look great on pregnant women.

Classic silhouettes are the most in option

Remember that during pregnancy, your wardrobe should be simple and low key, as anything too much would ruin your baby bump. To flaunt it perfectly, trust on the clothes, be it tees or shirts and gowns that come in the classic silhouette.  This will help you show off your curves also with confidence.

Engagement in more layering looks

During your journey through the second trimester, you might finally begin feeling less confident about your baby bump, and flaunting your belly becomes essential.  Buy a number of tops or dresses, and layer them with different options, from cardigans to shrugs, kaftans and much more.

Dark colors are safer options

If you want to look toned and slim, then streamline your silhouette with the dark colored clothes, be it fancy shirts or even casual tops. The leading plain maternity t shirts wholesale manufacturers are giving way to the dark colored clothes, from usual black to trending wine and much more.

Flowing pieces are great for baby bump

Invest in the flowing pieces that hug on the right places, and something not too tight or billow. These would be the perfect in-between options.


Rock The Maternity Style In Appealing Shirts, t-Shirts And Dresses, With Confidence