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4 Breathable Summer Fabrics Every Formal Shirt Retailer Should Depend On

Double digit days are not only uncomfortable but also a struggle, especially for those who must show up at work appropriately dressed. When it comes to formal clothing, wearing a suit is a real challenge. To skip the entire portion of wearing a suit, the shirt needs to be right and in point.

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It sounds easy and simple, but there are a few factors to consider when it comes to wearing a shirt in the summer. Being mindful of getting creases, moisture wicking qualities and fabric is of utmost importance. It is also worth noticing that the other two aspects (moisture wicking and less crease) is directly related to the fabric used.

Talking about the fabrics, reputed wholesale shirts distributor uses the finest materials available in the industry to construct the button downs. if you are a retailer looking to add proper pieces to your collection to appeal to your customers, these pieces will be game-changers. But what fabrics should you blindly depend on for utmost summer comfort? Here is a summary of the fabrics to look for, the ones available with the leading shirts distributor.


This natural fiber is ideal for all climates. With qualities such as lending a soft and smooth touch against the skin of the person wearing it and enhanced air circulation, cotton is ideal for constructing shirts that are to be worn for a day’s length. Cotton shirts are widely loved by all for their air-conditioning abilities. No matter how high the temperature gets, cotton shirts are reliable.


Known for exceptional coolness and freshness, linen is the go-to fabric for scorching summer days. For centuries, this natural fiber has been worn for a simple reason- its high breathability qualities. Linen shirts ensure to keep the wearer cool and at ease. An added advantage of linen shirts is that these are wrinkle-free.

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A lot of people argue with the validity of rayon in summer months, however, this fabric is great for promoting breathability. Since it’s a synthetic fiber, rayon might not be as great at wicking moisture, however, it is ideal for a lightweight option. Rayon shirts are being designed at large by shirts wholesale bulk clothing distributors. Using pastel colors to highlight the shirts further gives these a highlighted appeal. Also, lighter shades soak less heat and will offer better comfort.


Chambray is practically cotton but with a higher thread count. This means that the shirts made of chambray have a finer weave, allowing better breathability options. This fabric also dries faster and doesn’t crease. The appeal of a chambray shirt is like that of a denim, but unlike the latter, chambray shirts don’t weigh you down and are more suitable for hotter days.

With such fantastic pieces on display, the manufacturer/ distributor has much to offer. You can register with them and become a distributor of impeccable summer shirts. Bulk purchase will account for massive discounts.