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One White Dress Shirt And 4 Ways To Completely Rock It

There is something about a white dress shirt! It works for all types of occasions and situations. Be it a date night or a high-profile meeting with clients, it is that go-to piece of clothing which every man needs and deserves to have in the wardrobe. A timeless staple, wearing a white dress shirt gets half the work done. Though there are no prescribed way of wearing a dress shirt in white, here are still mentioned two ways in which you can wear a piece to two different occasions.

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The Classic

A white dress shirt is primarily designed for formal occasions and the most classic way is to wear it is to keep the attire simple. Team the button down with a black or grey suit trousers. You can skip wearing the jacket if it feels to hot but do replace it with a black or grey tie (that matches the color of the trouser). Also, pick the right pair of shoes like Oxford or Derby to feel formal. Conventional in its appeal, keep the rest of the ensemble simple by wearing minimal accessories. Acceptable are cuff links for it lends a tasteful look ideal for hot months.

The Casual

Not the first thing that comes to our mind, but a dress shirt can be more than just a formal piece. A great option for casual occasions, all you need to accentuate the dress shirt is a quality piece of jeans. Roll up the sleeves, wear a brown leather belt, a pair of white trainers and add a pair of aviator sunglasses to complete the look. If you want to opt for the bad boy appearance that will make the ladies swoon, throw over a black leather jacket on top.


Summer Special

Wearing and maintaining a white dress shirt during the summer can be a difficult feat to achieve. The idea of getting sweat stenches on the shirt is horrifying enough. Also, you need a material that allows air circulation, and a fit that is easy to move in. combining these significant factors for summer dress shirts, personalized dress shirts wholesale manufacturers have crafted such pieces. The design and appeal of the dress shirt remains the same however, it is just the way you wear it varies. Taking on the two regular occasions and imagining these to be during the summer, here are two more ways to wear a dress shirt during summer.

Casual Summer

A well-deserved summer holidays requires well-deserved clothes to wear. a white dress shirt (again might not seem like a great choice) looks smart. It is versatile no doubt, so why not use it accurately? Pick a version that showcases short sleeves and team it with a pair of dark navy shorts. Add a brown belt and flip flops in brown to finish this laid-back vacation look. If you still feel that the look is too white, opt for simple accessories like a wristwatch or a bracelet or a pair of sunglasses. Don’t go for any thing black for this appearance to keep the summery feel intact.

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Smart Summer

The heat may not permit you to wear a suit with a dress shirt. And sometimes even the addition of the tie seems like a bit too much. But then, you cannot really walk to a meeting wearing a pair of jeans and sneakers. It is not going to make the cut! So, what you need is a pair of smart trousers (read, chinos) to nail the smart summer look completely. You can throw in some checks and stripes on the chinos for some added drama (and if you are too bored with the same old solid hues). A pair of loafers will perfectly balance the white dress shirt and chinos.

So now that you have an idea about how to wear a white dress shirt, make sure you make good use of it. Stand out in the crowd with an appeal and panache undeniable. Reputed wholesale dress shirts suppliers have fine versions in white designed and displayed in the inventory that can be purchased in bulk by the retailers.