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5 Fresh Takes on a Denim Shirt This Winter You Ought To Try Out

Denim shirts have been under the spotlight long enough to gain popularity in the mainstream fashion world. Though there are millions of ways to dawn a denim shirt, here are five fresh takes on the same. Keep scrolling down to upgrade your personal style statement.

Team it with a scarf

Winters are known for being harsh. And to combat that, team your denim shirt with a nice woolen scarf. While the accessory is a necessity to keep yourself warm, it acts as a great addition to your sartorial ensemble. Couple your dark washed denim shirt with a pair of black jeans and knee-length booties and wrap the scarf around your neck (you can use innovative ways as well). Keep the rest of the look simple for a more effective appearance. Womens denim shirts manufacturers have the best denim shirts displayed in their inventory that are thick and keeps you warm.


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Wear it under a sweater

Denim shirts are great when it comes to layering them with other outerwear. Thus, when you layer it under a sweater, the result is one of snug and style. For a polished look, wear your denim shirt under a white knitted sweater. Let the collar, sleeves, and hem of the shirt stick out from under the sweater to give it a carefree touch. Use a pair of black jeans and knee-length tan boots to give it that touch of preppy. Added bonus, you will be warm even if the world freezes over.

Throw the denim shirt over a hoodie

A hoodie and a denim shirt is the most formidable ensemble on this list, but if you can get it right, the result will be stunning. Pick a hoodie in grey (for that shade works well with everything else) and team it with a nice pair of black leggings and white trainers. Very athleisure in its approach (and warm as well), throw over the denim shirt on top in the most spontaneous way possible to look natural. A beanie and shades will further complete your appearance. Denim wholesalers have the best shirts available to you that can be used as a top jacket too.

Wear it with a structured blazer

If you want to look conventional in your denim shirt, you should team it with a nice structured blazer. The ensemble is simple but highly effective when you can put it right. Tuck your denim shirt inside a pair of white trousers and use a nice belt to hold the look together. When picking the blazer, make sure the size fits you perfectly and enhances your silhouette well. A black textured blazer can help you create a slimming illusion as well (and also it absorbs more heat, keeping your body warm). For accessories, wear a chunky pearl necklace and for footwear, a pair of pumps will add to your stature.

Team it with a summer dress

Though winter is here, you still long to wear your white lace summer dress (and honestly, the wait till next summer is too damn long). So slip into that adorable dress, wear a pair of fishnet leggings in black underneath and throw over the denim shirt very casually to complete the look. A pair of pumps for footwear will enhance your sex appeal. For a sexier approach, tie your hair in a neat ponytail and use aviators for an accessory.

Thus, make good use of your denim shirt this winter. Stylish and comfortable, sexy and snug, the above-mentioned looks will definitely get your denim game going, making heads turn and helping you earn compliments from the onlookers. The top denim manufacturer has an assortment of the best denim shirts in the industry that are displayed in the inventory. if you are a retailer who wants to make a purchase of the same in bulk, then register with the manufacturer online. Special discounts are also available for bulk buyers.


5 Fresh Takes on a Denim Shirt This Winter You Ought To Try Out


5 Ways to Dress up Your Flannel Shirt for the Season

Tie them or tuck them in. fitted one or an oversized version, flannel shirts can be worn in hundreds of thousands of way. Each one has its own appeal and to be honest, they are enough to turn heads. So wondering how to wear that flannel shirt you love this season so as to it looks dressy, but not over the top? Keep scrolling down for five ways to wear them has been summarized in the article.


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The skirt combo

For the first look, pick any flannel womens shirts from the massive collection of the manufacturers and team it with a nice knee length A-line skirt. Opt for a greenish-blue hue for the shirt, whereas a black textured version of the skirt will add much to the look. Further, throw over a trench coat on top for that extra bit of warmth and style. A pair of embellished boots will do justice to your elegantly classy appearance.

Say hello to the simple yet stylish you!

If you are a fan of simplicity, then this second flannel expedition is a must for you. Tuck in a knitted white sweater inside a pair of jean shorts completed with fishnet stockings. A pair of black booties will serve you well as the chosen footwear. You can tie a classic red flannel shirt around your waist. This will work well during the day. As the sun drops down and the temperature starts to fall, slip into the shirt for a snug feeling.

Do the trick with an oversized flannel shirt

To whoever said that flannel shirts are not versatile, this third ensemble will prove otherwise. Pick an oversized flannel shirt and wear it with a nice vinyl skirt. Slip into a grey sweater over the flannel shirt to look unique and elegant. A pair of ballerinas, a structured coat on top and shades will sum up this innovative dressy ensemble.


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Meet the graceful you!

For a seemingly difficult yet sophisticated appearance in a flannel shirt, the fourth look is a must try. Pick a blue flannel shirt and tuck it in a pair of wide-leg boardroom pants. A pair of pumps and statement earrings will conclude the footwear and accessories part. You can also use a belt to hold your ensemble together. A trench coat thrown over the attire will give it the required conventional approach, while also adding to its grace.

Play it up with colors

The fifth look tries your fashion sense hard. All you need is to pick your flannel shirt and team it with a silky long skirt. The key to rocking this look lies in your ability to combine colors. Opt for a lighter version of the shirt, whereas using bold colors like green for the skirt. A statement earring to complement the ensemble and a pair of stilettoes for footwear will have heads turn the right way. You can also use a trench coat for some extra warmth.

Thus, this season make good use of flannel shirts by coupling them in the right sartorial combinations. The above-mentioned styling techniques are approved by the fashion police, so you know that you are in the clear. A bunch of womens flannel shirts is available with the best shirts manufacturers of the same. Interested retailers can register with them online and get unlimited access to the massive inventory. Special offers and discounts are levied on the bulk purchase of the same.


5 Ways to Dress up Your Flannel Shirt for the Season


The Party Perfect Shirts Brought In By the Leading Shirt Suppliers Wholesale

No matter how versatile your closet collection is, you always need to rely on the shirts. No, we always don’t mean the formal shirts, there is always something known as the party shirt that can be categorized for different social occasions, from clubbing, to office parties, the marriage functions and much more.  You might think that they are boring, but it is time to note some of the most gorgeous looks of the celebs in the party shirts be it on screen or even at the off-screen red carpet ensembles. The rich special occasions deserve something posh, shiny and rich to be worn, and what about adding a twist to your style statement with the party shirts?   The leading wholesalers and manufacturing hubs are bringing in the party shirts that break the stereotypical limits that denote that shirts are only office appropriate.


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We are often exposed to the trending fashion quotients that surface the international fashion scenario, and end up trying to pull them off with perfection. But have you even thought how important it is to have your personal choices, too? We got you narrowed down with some of the most quintessential party shirts introduced by the leading shirt suppliers wholesale.

The designer party shirts for men

Go for the dual toned designer party shirts for men that come in two contrasting colors, one lighter and one darker. The collars and sleeves end come in a different shade, whereas the body comes in some other tone.  They are perfect for night outs or dates, and the detailed pockets spruce up the novelty and freshness of these shirts.

The men’s silk party shirts

From any kind of night parties to weddings or other ceremonies, men can always count on the shiny textured and soft silk shirts.  They come in single colors and dual tones, and have fine lines that make them dapper on the handsome men for the best formal attires at parties.  You can also wear them with vests, tuxedos or the blazers.

Comfort party shirts for the women

Look absolutely cool and feel comfortable in the chic party shirts for women that come in single vibrant color schemes, and look casual though can be worn with skirts, shorts or denims.  They have different collar styles and also can be worn as the beach cover-ups for bikinis.

The georgette party shirts for women

The georgette cheap shirts bulk for women with different collar types and sometimes without collars look classy and smart and come in pastel shades or the dark neutrals.   They generally come with sequin work, or the shiny embellishments and look highly elegant.  They can be worn with the slim fit pants, with the skimpy skirts and much more to get offbeat silhouettes.

Deep v or plunging neckline party shirts for women

For the dance scenes at clubs and pubs on weekends with friends, the party women can wear the satin shirts with deep V or plunging neckline that look dapper and sexy, half tucked in skirts, shorts or pants.  They are very fashion forward and can add to your oomph factor with high- end sexiness.

The sheer party shirts for women

The women often want to look effortlessly sexy in something casual and simple, and for them the printed, striped or monochromatic sheer shirts are perfect.  They are transparent and look hot, worn with any clothing counterpart and a contrasting or matching inner.

Thus, men and women should have the best selection of party shirts bulk wholesale pieces.


The Party Perfect Shirts Brought In By the Leading Shirt Suppliers Wholesale


A Comprehensive Style Guide for Men’s Checkered Flannel Shirts of the 90’s

Trying the old fashion styles always makes us feel nostalgic, taking us back to the bygone days. Today, the world of fashion has become quite open to the old and classic style statements that once created a lot of stir. These are coming back with a bang, and the mainstream fashion industry is widely accepting them.  Talking about the classic style stances, we cannot proceed without mentioning about the plaid flannel shirts that embody the 90’s grunge style and are still relevant today. We have been wondering on how to clad in the flannel shirts, and men often find themselves lost in this regard. Will casual work, or strictly formal or the funky party wear? This state of conundrum makes way for complicated affairs, and hence we got you narrowed down with few tips to understand the crux of styling these vintage checkered flannel shirts.


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Always fit in them

The flannel shirts that you buy must fit in your body, no matter what kind of look you opt to sport. Try them out so that they don’t end up being too body hugging or much oversized, For this, you can check if the shirt fits on the tip of the shoulder, then the shirt works well for you .

Choose the basic material

There are basically two to three types of flannel materials that you can go for: from the pure wool flannel shirts that keep you warm in winters, to the cotton flannels that are perfect for the summers. Also, you can get the flannel plaid shirts crafted with a mixture of cotton with polyester. These are convenient to wear as cotton absorbs sweat and polyester material will make your shirt easy to iron without getting too crumpled.

Color palette selection

There are two basic types of color palettes available for the flannel shirts, one being the dark one or the bright and light shaded one. Mostly, the dark color is used for official events, while bright colors are generally used for semi- formal events and casual. Now, you can definitely wear the light colored ones to office but with dark colored clothing counterparts like jackets, blazers or the trousers.

The sleeves matter

The flannel plaid shirts are available in different sleeve styles and there is short-sleeve model as well long sleeve ones. Though the long sleeves mainly go good with the formal occasions, still you can wear them with rolled up look at casual occasions.

Here are few styles to dictate you the right ways to wear the stylish and cheap men’s flannel shirts.

Denims can be rocked with flannels

To give yourself a super laid back, earthy look, you can go for the traditional ensemble of blending the flannel plaid shirt with a denim trouser, and a denim jacket, with boots or sneakers for casual occasions.

The power of suit for formal events

You can easily ditch the single colored or striped strictly formal shirt with the plaid flannel shirts to attend the office parties or meetings. You can try out a stylish take on the formal look by pairing a plaid shirt with a plain suit. Try the slim fit navy or grey suit with any dark or bright colored plaid shirt with formal shoes.

Back to the retro grunge

Go back to the 90’s with a grunge inspired look and try layering a red plaid shirt over a graphic printed t-shirt, adding a light washed distorted jeans to mix and match properly.

Thus, be confident about the wholesale shirt style and go ahead to look your best.


A Comprehensive Style Guide for Men’s Checkered Flannel Shirts of the 90’s


Watch Out for the Right Ways to Wear Men’s Wholesale Plaid Shirts This Season

Looking for one of the most versatile clothing designs for both casual and formal occasions? Well, you cannot overlook the importance of the classic checked shirts that are quintessential for men’s closets. For the cooler autumnal days especially, you need to have the best plaid shirts in cotton or in flannel to fulfil a number of your style statements, effortlessly. And with so many checked options out there, you can pull off smart, smart casual or casual, essentially everything that you wish to carry off with confidence.

The checked shirts are timeless outfits that can add spin to your closet if you can get the best collection from the reputed and reliable stores.  From a number of check patterns like tartans, madras, ginghams, to the wide array of color combinations, you get a variety and medley of types in the wholesale plaid shirts.

If men are wondering how to pull them off with ease, here are some style hacks to do so.


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Always consider the fabric

There is no rule that the plaid shirts only come in lumberjack flannels, as they are also available in the lightweight and thick brushed cotton materials. Both of them can be worn according to your preferences and also by keeping the weather conditions in mind.  The cotton ones can be layered with jackets and hoodies, whereas the thick flannel ones are used as layering options for the muscle tees or the graphic t-shirts.

Keep experimenting with colors

To instantly make your wardrobe more interesting would be by injecting more colors, and the plaid shirts come in varied color blends and combinations to spice up the style statements for you.  From the muted black and grey or white one to the bright and vivacious purple and orange or yellow and red, you have to be full of options in terms of colors while keeping an eye on the checked shirts.  Team them easily with the jackets, or wear casual with chinos or denims with plimsolls and sneakers.

Have a note of your style

The plaid shirts come in two types of designs that can offer you different fashion quotients. One is the complicated and busier pattern with more lines and edges towards the lumberjack style and other one is the cleaner pattern with a mix of small checks and distinct squares. Thus, now you have to decide whether you want the neat and clean look or the grunge lumberjack one from the 90’s.

Always don’t revolve around casuals

You can add a lot of versatility and vibrancy to your closet with the checked shirts and hence don’t just stick to wearing causals. You can simply get through a plaid shirt with edgier patterns. You can team this up with formal suit jacket and trouser and tie for the formal occasions.  Also, for the semi-formal occasions, these plaid shirts can be tucked into chinos with good footwear and a belt for a very elegant and smart look.

Sleeve length matters

The short sleeve plaid shirts are great options for the summer, and for the winters or Fall, the long sleeved ones are perfect. Long sleeve shirts work in two ways as you can roll the sleeves up when you need to if wearing an oversized version in the place of a jacket or thrown over a plain t-shirt. Thus, be sure about the sleeve pattern you are banking on.

Retailers can stock the latest variety from a reputed shirts manufacturer and woo customers like never before!



Watch Out for the Right Ways to Wear Men’s Wholesale Plaid Shirts This Season