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5 Fresh Takes on a Denim Shirt This Winter You Ought To Try Out

Denim shirts have been under the spotlight long enough to gain popularity in the mainstream fashion world. Though there are millions of ways to dawn a denim shirt, here are five fresh takes on the same. Keep scrolling down to upgrade your personal style statement.

Team it with a scarf

Winters are known for being harsh. And to combat that, team your denim shirt with a nice woolen scarf. While the accessory is a necessity to keep yourself warm, it acts as a great addition to your sartorial ensemble. Couple your dark washed denim shirt with a pair of black jeans and knee-length booties and wrap the scarf around your neck (you can use innovative ways as well). Keep the rest of the look simple for a more effective appearance. Womens denim shirts manufacturers have the best denim shirts displayed in their inventory that are thick and keeps you warm.


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Wear it under a sweater

Denim shirts are great when it comes to layering them with other outerwear. Thus, when you layer it under a sweater, the result is one of snug and style. For a polished look, wear your denim shirt under a white knitted sweater. Let the collar, sleeves, and hem of the shirt stick out from under the sweater to give it a carefree touch. Use a pair of black jeans and knee-length tan boots to give it that touch of preppy. Added bonus, you will be warm even if the world freezes over.

Throw the denim shirt over a hoodie

A hoodie and a denim shirt is the most formidable ensemble on this list, but if you can get it right, the result will be stunning. Pick a hoodie in grey (for that shade works well with everything else) and team it with a nice pair of black leggings and white trainers. Very athleisure in its approach (and warm as well), throw over the denim shirt on top in the most spontaneous way possible to look natural. A beanie and shades will further complete your appearance. Denim wholesalers have the best shirts available to you that can be used as a top jacket too.

Wear it with a structured blazer

If you want to look conventional in your denim shirt, you should team it with a nice structured blazer. The ensemble is simple but highly effective when you can put it right. Tuck your denim shirt inside a pair of white trousers and use a nice belt to hold the look together. When picking the blazer, make sure the size fits you perfectly and enhances your silhouette well. A black textured blazer can help you create a slimming illusion as well (and also it absorbs more heat, keeping your body warm). For accessories, wear a chunky pearl necklace and for footwear, a pair of pumps will add to your stature.

Team it with a summer dress

Though winter is here, you still long to wear your white lace summer dress (and honestly, the wait till next summer is too damn long). So slip into that adorable dress, wear a pair of fishnet leggings in black underneath and throw over the denim shirt very casually to complete the look. A pair of pumps for footwear will enhance your sex appeal. For a sexier approach, tie your hair in a neat ponytail and use aviators for an accessory.

Thus, make good use of your denim shirt this winter. Stylish and comfortable, sexy and snug, the above-mentioned looks will definitely get your denim game going, making heads turn and helping you earn compliments from the onlookers. The top denim manufacturer has an assortment of the best denim shirts in the industry that are displayed in the inventory. if you are a retailer who wants to make a purchase of the same in bulk, then register with the manufacturer online. Special discounts are also available for bulk buyers.


5 Fresh Takes on a Denim Shirt This Winter You Ought To Try Out