5 Ways to Dress up Your Flannel Shirt for the Season

Tie them or tuck them in. fitted one or an oversized version, flannel shirts can be worn in hundreds of thousands of way. Each one has its own appeal and to be honest, they are enough to turn heads. So wondering how to wear that flannel shirt you love this season so as to it looks dressy, but not over the top? Keep scrolling down for five ways to wear them has been summarized in the article.


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The skirt combo

For the first look, pick any flannel womens shirts from the massive collection of the manufacturers and team it with a nice knee length A-line skirt. Opt for a greenish-blue hue for the shirt, whereas a black textured version of the skirt will add much to the look. Further, throw over a trench coat on top for that extra bit of warmth and style. A pair of embellished boots will do justice to your elegantly classy appearance.

Say hello to the simple yet stylish you!

If you are a fan of simplicity, then this second flannel expedition is a must for you. Tuck in a knitted white sweater inside a pair of jean shorts completed with fishnet stockings. A pair of black booties will serve you well as the chosen footwear. You can tie a classic red flannel shirt around your waist. This will work well during the day. As the sun drops down and the temperature starts to fall, slip into the shirt for a snug feeling.

Do the trick with an oversized flannel shirt

To whoever said that flannel shirts are not versatile, this third ensemble will prove otherwise. Pick an oversized flannel shirt and wear it with a nice vinyl skirt. Slip into a grey sweater over the flannel shirt to look unique and elegant. A pair of ballerinas, a structured coat on top and shades will sum up this innovative dressy ensemble.


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Meet the graceful you!

For a seemingly difficult yet sophisticated appearance in a flannel shirt, the fourth look is a must try. Pick a blue flannel shirt and tuck it in a pair of wide-leg boardroom pants. A pair of pumps and statement earrings will conclude the footwear and accessories part. You can also use a belt to hold your ensemble together. A trench coat thrown over the attire will give it the required conventional approach, while also adding to its grace.

Play it up with colors

The fifth look tries your fashion sense hard. All you need is to pick your flannel shirt and team it with a silky long skirt. The key to rocking this look lies in your ability to combine colors. Opt for a lighter version of the shirt, whereas using bold colors like green for the skirt. A statement earring to complement the ensemble and a pair of stilettoes for footwear will have heads turn the right way. You can also use a trench coat for some extra warmth.

Thus, this season make good use of flannel shirts by coupling them in the right sartorial combinations. The above-mentioned styling techniques are approved by the fashion police, so you know that you are in the clear. A bunch of womens flannel shirts is available with the best shirts manufacturers of the same. Interested retailers can register with them online and get unlimited access to the massive inventory. Special offers and discounts are levied on the bulk purchase of the same.


5 Ways to Dress up Your Flannel Shirt for the Season



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