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A Comprehensive Style Guide for Men’s Checkered Flannel Shirts of the 90’s

Trying the old fashion styles always makes us feel nostalgic, taking us back to the bygone days. Today, the world of fashion has become quite open to the old and classic style statements that once created a lot of stir. These are coming back with a bang, and the mainstream fashion industry is widely accepting them.  Talking about the classic style stances, we cannot proceed without mentioning about the plaid flannel shirts that embody the 90’s grunge style and are still relevant today. We have been wondering on how to clad in the flannel shirts, and men often find themselves lost in this regard. Will casual work, or strictly formal or the funky party wear? This state of conundrum makes way for complicated affairs, and hence we got you narrowed down with few tips to understand the crux of styling these vintage checkered flannel shirts.


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Always fit in them

The flannel shirts that you buy must fit in your body, no matter what kind of look you opt to sport. Try them out so that they don’t end up being too body hugging or much oversized, For this, you can check if the shirt fits on the tip of the shoulder, then the shirt works well for you .

Choose the basic material

There are basically two to three types of flannel materials that you can go for: from the pure wool flannel shirts that keep you warm in winters, to the cotton flannels that are perfect for the summers. Also, you can get the flannel plaid shirts crafted with a mixture of cotton with polyester. These are convenient to wear as cotton absorbs sweat and polyester material will make your shirt easy to iron without getting too crumpled.

Color palette selection

There are two basic types of color palettes available for the flannel shirts, one being the dark one or the bright and light shaded one. Mostly, the dark color is used for official events, while bright colors are generally used for semi- formal events and casual. Now, you can definitely wear the light colored ones to office but with dark colored clothing counterparts like jackets, blazers or the trousers.

The sleeves matter

The flannel plaid shirts are available in different sleeve styles and there is short-sleeve model as well long sleeve ones. Though the long sleeves mainly go good with the formal occasions, still you can wear them with rolled up look at casual occasions.

Here are few styles to dictate you the right ways to wear the stylish and cheap men’s flannel shirts.

Denims can be rocked with flannels

To give yourself a super laid back, earthy look, you can go for the traditional ensemble of blending the flannel plaid shirt with a denim trouser, and a denim jacket, with boots or sneakers for casual occasions.

The power of suit for formal events

You can easily ditch the single colored or striped strictly formal shirt with the plaid flannel shirts to attend the office parties or meetings. You can try out a stylish take on the formal look by pairing a plaid shirt with a plain suit. Try the slim fit navy or grey suit with any dark or bright colored plaid shirt with formal shoes.

Back to the retro grunge

Go back to the 90’s with a grunge inspired look and try layering a red plaid shirt over a graphic printed t-shirt, adding a light washed distorted jeans to mix and match properly.

Thus, be confident about the wholesale shirt style and go ahead to look your best.


A Comprehensive Style Guide for Men’s Checkered Flannel Shirts of the 90’s