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You Said Travel By The Plane; We Heard Styling Long Sleeve Hoodies of 2 Kinds!

Hoodies in their earliest form were very popular for they were worn by the monks. However, they were not free of the ever changing dynamics of the fashion industry. With time the long oversized religiously symbolic clothing piece became a comfort wear for many all around the world. Though there is no denying the fact that during the 90s, this relaxed piece of clothing went for a downfall. The oversized colourful hoodies did not suit the taste of many people and as a result, their pitfall became inevitable.

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However, the last few years saw a revival and established them again in the fashion circuits. They were whole heartedly accepted by the enthusiasts. Though a bit of modification was necessary to ensure their survival, hoodies scored pretty well with the masses. From layering those with classic and timeless fashion pieces like leather jackets and denims raised a lot of eyebrows, but the hoodies provided a humble backdrop to these sleek garments.

Even if we recognise them as a secondary character, hoodies have a very strong presence, which can be very evident in the outfit coupling you make. We have already highlighted the fact that hoodies are comfortable to wear and are practical for all seasons. But very few of us know the real trick to carry off a hoodie with the ultimate panache. So to guide you and help you look outstanding, we have taken two types of hoodies, namely the over the top hoodie and zip up hoodie and incorporated them with our frequent travel clothes to get something that is definitely more than style and nothing less than comfort.

Vigour it up with the zip up hoodies

This type of hoodie is perfect for people who love fashion and love themselves. Well, we all love ourselves! But getting back to the point, zips up hoodies are fashionable and versatile. So when travelling up in the air, comfort should be your first criteria without having to sacrifice on the style front. You can easily layer them up with a solid tee or a graphic t-shirt. Wear a pair of jeans with the fit you think will be the best for you. So whether you are going for a skinny one or straight fit, choose wisely. A pair of sneakers will keep your feet at ease. You can accessorise using a scarf or a square sunglass, to complement your super cool yet trendy appearance. For this approach, we would however, advice you to not to go for vibrant colours. Subtlety is the key to looking good when wearing zip up hoodies. Prominent long sleeve hooded t shirt manufacturer have designed them keeping this little thing in mind, which makes the investment noteworthy.

Cosy and comfy, over the top hoodies for a win

They are typically spontaneous and defiantly stylish in their outlook. Yes, we are talking about over the top hoodies. They look good with any clothing and every clothing. Perfect for informal setting, and we totally mean a long flight that you have to undertake, these will be your best buds even thousand miles above the ground. You can layer them with a denim shirt to feel cosy and snuggly. Pick a jean in slim fit and complete the outfit with a pair of combat boots or trainers, whichever you feel relaxed in. cut down the accessories for you are not going for a fashion parade. A wristwatch can and will suffice while giving you a naturally smart and classy approach. Again, a word of advice. Please do not overdo by wearing flashy colours for that will only make you look ostentatious. Simple textures and logos will help you fly high!

So from now onwards, whenever you travel, pick that comfortable garment and style it accordingly. Long sleeve hooded t shirt manufacturer have gathered together the best and latest designs that will only up the style quotient. For the retailers who are looking to make a bulk purchase can place their orders online to secure attractive discounts.

3 Maternity Trends to Try Out This Winter That Will Flaunt Your Bump

When we look back in time, being pregnant meant confinement for women, let alone styling them. A house coat was what comprised their wardrobe during those nine months. But this is strictly talking about the early 1900s. Well times have changed. These days it is all about flaunting the bump and styling yourself to raise eyebrows. But you won’t fit into regular non-pregnancy dresses. With big brands and names in the fashion circuit coming up with dresses that are especially designed for these nine months, you will love the idea in all. Styling when pregnant includes not only fashionable but comfortable clothes. So here we sum up a list of clothes that will help you get the best of both worlds.

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Jumpsuits are practical in their wear and look. They provide complete coverage which helps you feel being in place. Further, the loose fit that they come in ensures to keep you comfortable by going easy on the bump. You can opt for denims and cottons for fabrics as they lend a soft touch on your skin. Jumpsuits in solid hues look extremely smart and classy. Whether it be sober black and navy or vivid pink and orange, it will all look good. You can wear a belt around the belly to highlight it. A pair of sneakers will be a convenient option whereas; you can opt for pumps if you feel relaxed in it. a trench coat will not only protect you from chilly winds but will also add volumes to your appearance by enhancing your baby bump.

Shirt dress

An essential piece in the wardrobe of all the moms-to-be, shirt dresses is a relaxed yet stylish piece of clothing. They are versatile in nature and allow you to experiment with your appearance. You can wear them to office by teaming them with a pair of pumps and a statement necklace. An overcoat will keep you protected from the cold winds. For a weekend get together at your friend’s, you can slip into a pair of ankle length boots and leather jacket for a sophisticated yet over the edge appearance. Wholesale maternity shirt dresses are available with manufacturers who intend to give you the best clothing experience.

Textured everything

Break the myth and hell go for textured outfits. From sweaters to skirts, try them out. If you are opting for a textured skirt then pair it with a colour block turtle neck top and strappy heels. Carry a clutch to make a unique fashion statement. When wearing a textured sweater, team it with a pair of casual tee and yoga leggings to allow breathability. The stretch they provide will help you feel relaxed and comfortable while giving you an adorable approach. You can further wear a pair of sneakers or trainers to complete your super elegant look.

So if you were worried about how to dress up during your pregnancy, we hope to have answered your question. Products ranging from wholesale maternity t shirts to jumpsuits, prominent manufacturers have gathered the latest clothes for the retailers who want to make a bulk purchase while securing attractive discounts.

Best Ways To Wear Flannel Shirts For A Grungy Look This Festive Season

Okay so let us be honest with each other. We all are pretty high on the hipster look that surfaced early during this year. If you are still not familiar with the idea of looking like a hipster then let us first delve with that. To begin with, this a sub-culture pop fashion which initiates an individual way to wear clothes that gives a rough and over the edge appearance. Plaid flannel, shorts, scarves, moto jackets are the staple for this look. So now you might recollect catching a few ladies sporting this style here or there. You might not be a big fan of the whole hipster chic fashion, but they are original and innovative. Trying them is a must as this look is here stay for some time. Hence, we have prepared a list of looks that you may want to try this year.

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  • A studded grey sleeveless top with a plaid flannel shirt thrown over like a jacket and a pair of cut out shorts can be the first look to try. A pair of fringed gladiator sandals and retro sunglasses can help you look classy. You can plaid your hair to highlight more of your silhouette. For accessories, pick a clutch and some junk bangles to stand out any casual gathering during the day.
  • The second look is about keeping it simple. A modest and plain white t-shirt tucked in with a black high waist jean can look natural. You can wear the flannel shirt over with the buttons flying open, for it will add volumes to your appearance. Adding a pair of combat boots and vintage satchel will lend you the advantage of making a distinct impression.
  • Looking for something a little bit more formal? Then the third look is perfect for you. A custom flannel shirt teamed with a pair of tailored pants and knitted cardigan will be the best pick for the occasion. A pair of knee length boots will keep your feet comfortable and protected from the snow and frost. An oversized bag and a knitted beanie can be the best pick for accessories.
  • If you want to look feminine, then tuck a plaid shirt with a flared skater skirt in darker tones. A sheer stocking with a pair of pumps at the end can complement the uber sexy outfit. Wear a chunky neckpiece and carry a sling to add bling to this ready to party dress.
  • The next look will give you the perfect hipster appearance. Team a black crop top with a green plain tartan and distressed jeans. Slip into a comfortable pair of trainers to complete your look. Add embellishments like a scarf or a knitted beanie to look spontaneous and unprompted.


Stand out this festive season by opting for any of the aforesaid looks. Wholesale flannel shirts are available with prominent manufacturers which can be purchased in bulk by retailers who are looking to update their store collection.

The Coolest Ways To Wear Polo Shirts This Winter

Polo shirts were first worn during the early 1900s on tennis courts. Since their inception, they became the chic yet sporty casual staple for a lot of people, courtesy the tennis players. Now cut to the early 2000s, when an oversized pink polo on Lindsey Lohan looked like a disaster. With these emerging in all kind of rainbow shades and collars, polo shirts were dying a slow death. But all is not lost! For the past few years, these comfortable clothing pieces have made a spectacular way back to the fashion circuits. Offering a wide range of patterns, textures and fabrics they have become the exact polo shirts we fell in love with many years back. Polo shirt manufacturers have designed them to suit the taste of the millennial while still holding strong to the roots. Now here is a list of innovative ways in which you can inject polo into your outfit for an upbeat appearance.

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A plain white polo cannot be defeated in the parameters of smart and classy. Team it with a pair of black or dark navy jeans and ballerinas to stand out. Pick a cardigan of your choice to protect yourself from the chilly winds. You can further carry an oversized clutch and wear aviators to give off a serious 80s vibe.

Unlike the simple ensemble, the second look is more dressed up. A black polo with a white mid length silk skirt, completed with a pair of flat sandals and retro sunglasses will be the correct approach for any day occasion.

When going for a formal gathering, dressing appropriately is the key to make a mark. So pick polo in white, and combine it with flared trousers. Opt for neutral undertones like off-white or beige for the pants. A trench coat will add layers and keep you warm. A pair of pumps will serve for the right footwear. For accessories, go with a bracelet and diamond stud earrings to stun all your colleagues and superiors.

The fourth style will definitely give you a preppy chick look. Opt for a longer length by picking a polo shirt dress in darker tones. Wear a cardigan over the dress and white trainers on your feet to make heads turn at any and all casual gatherings.

Highly inspired by the 70s animal prints, wear a polo shirt with a mini textured animal print skirt for an edgy appearance. A pair of flip flops and retro shades will render you ready for any in house gathering this festive season.

To get a well-defined look, tuck a white shirt in a mini denim skirt and add those extra details to your look. A chunky block heel and a sling bag will give a touch of bling to your look, which will be perfect for any party.

Casual yet classy is what the next look aspires to be. A polo shirt tucked in with a pair of menswear formal trousers is something you ought to try out. Pick both the apparels in same shades to create an illusion. However, vertical stripes on the trousers will make you look tall. A pair of pumps, an oversized bad and an overcoat can be the best accoutrements to complete this ensemble.

So if you are daring enough to experiment with your appearance, then definitely try on these unique styling tips for a lasting impression. If you are a retailer planning to make a bulk purchase of wholesale polo shirts, then contact prominent manufacturers online for the best deals and discounts.

5 Trendy Ways To Wear Denim Shirts That Will Oomph Your Sex Appeal

Denim shirts have been a staple for decades now. A variety of factors can be held responsible for this piece of clothing become popular. Their enigmatic approach, classy touch and sophisticated finish make them a favourite. But they can be extremely tricky to dress. The fit should be perfect and the choice of other garments should be done carefully. No doubt they are versatile, but if you want to stand out in a room full of people dressed at their best, then read on for here is a list of ways you can incorporate it in your outfit.

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Suit yourself

Denim is designed to persist everything that comes its way. It is actually incorrect to restrict such a multipurpose piece of clothing only to casual attire. So take out your best formal suit and wear it the denim. It creates an eccentric aesthetics altogether giving you an inscrutable look. To create an edge, choose the texture of your suit wisely. Tweeds and suede complements denim well. Further make sure to wear a tailored suit and oxfords can be the best footwear choice.

Half in Half out

Take some inspiration from David Beckham and do a half tuck trend. It looks unique and scrappy with a touch of maturity just like the football star. Combine it with jeans and look relaxed as one half stays tucked in and the other half falls askew. Pick a nice leather belt to flaunt and a knitted beanie to make you look like a king of casual wear. Wholesale denim shirts are available with manufacturers who have designed them following these latest trends.

Let’s play in leather

Classic denims and characteristics leather! Now that is a winning combination. Both are statement pieces that add volumes to a gentleman’s fashion sense. They complement each other harmoniously for their playful contrast catches the eyes. However, for this combination, you would want to tone down the textures of the other garments you wear with the ensemble. Jeans in darker shades and loafers will only enhance this smart and sexy collective clothing.

Shorts up

With the holiday season here, it is time to go on those long awaited vacations with friends. Denim is the perfect casual fabric that can be worn in friendly manner. A pair of knee length shorts in lighter hues teamed with denims can look classy and stylish. Loafers or trainers can be picked according to your comfort and convenience. This outfit collaboration will be perfect to chill out in the sun on a chilly day.

Let it fly

A solid t-shirt worn under a denim shirt can look sexy in a way that can hardly be defined in words. It is one of the most basic ways of incorporating denims but like they say, less is more. The off-duty look works well even during the winters for the layers that it adds. The denim shirt works like a jacket with the buttons carelessly left open. Make sure to find the correct contrast. So if you are picking a tee in darker colours then the pants or trousers should be in lighter shades. You will definitely look effortless when you complete the attire with a pair of military boots and aviators.

Prominent manufacturers have lined denim shirt wholesale for all those retailers who are looking to make a bulk purchase with striking discounts. Just a click and stay updated with the latest clothes designed to revamp the collection of your store.

Time To Rock Your Maternity T-Shirts And Flaunt Your Baby Bump With Style

What can be more comfortable than the tees to rock your baby bump confidently?  Your maternity style game should be the fusion of fashion and convenience, so that you can look great, and also feel good about yourself.  The leading plain maternity t shirts wholesale manufacturing hubs and designers are crafting a medley of tees for them, from the stripes to asymmetrical hemline ones, to wear with trousers skirts and other clothing counterparts.  Looking radiant and stylish in these days only brightens up your mood, and is a great way to be away from the maternity blues. Hence, sneak into the reputed retail stores, online and offline, and get ready to indulge into shopping sprees.wholesale maternity t shirt manufacturer

The online stores come up with exciting benefits and offers to help you shop more,   the easy on the pocket way!

Wondering how to be the diva in these tees? Here are some style ideas.

Pencil Skirts Are Big Yes

The key to feel comfortable in the maternity tees is to try out the clothing counterparts who accentuate your baby bump, and for this the mid length pencil skirts work best with the maternity tees.  They are well fitted, and body hugging in nature, helping you to get the most happening silhouette.

Button Down Shirts

In the maternity tee section, the button down shirts also come in. They are loose, and can be worn with trousers or skirts to get the polished semi formal look, or even the strict formal looks.  Roll up the sleeves to get the casual avatar, and let them add some poise to your belly bump.

Flared Skirt Fun

When around the end of the pregnancy, when belly looks too big, you can try out the classy flared skirts, they help to balance the body proportions with style, and look good with both plain maternity t shirts wholesale and printed tees.  They make the upper body look longer, and are low waist, hence you belly become invisible.

The Asymmetrical Hemline Tees

Be it the tees or the tops, you can try the asymmetrical hemlines for the maternity clothes.  They are higher on the front, so not that tight on the belly, helping you to feel relaxed and dashing with leggings or denims.

Color Blocking Is Cute

Brighten up your mood and day, with the color blocking maternity tops, added with the chunky accessories.   It is a fun way to embrace your belly bump, and can be worn with skirts or trousers or even shorts for different occasions.

Horizontal Striped Tees

It is time to ditch the plain maternity t shirts wholesale , and go for the horizontal striped tees, which help to show off the bump clearly, and with a dash of panache. Wear them with any clothing counterpart for the casual outings. You can add the choker neckpieces to them for a very fashion forward look.

Be A Stylish Mom-To-Be With Trendy 6 Maternity Styles

“What to expect when you are expecting?” is a question that every pregnant woman asks. Well at least in the department of fashion. Maternity clothes should be comfortable and easy to wear. They should blend with the skin for the convenience of the expecting mother. Actress Blake Lively inspired millions of women to shed the boring clothes and try out a more fashionable and chic apparels.

Here is a list of 6 kinds of clothing combination every woman can try on when pregnant.

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A-line dress

One of the myths associated with being pregnant is that the clothes should be loose and hanging. Well, as established, it is a hoax. You can totally wear body hugging A-line dresses in order to flaunt that bump. You can accessorise using sleek jackets or wear a belt over the belly for a defined look that will leave everyone impressed. Your footwear can range from high heels to sneakers depending on your comfort.


Au revoir conventional skirts! From flared skirts to pencil skirts, you should not shy away from showing off your baby bump. Combine them with stretchable tailored tops and a pair of pumps for the maximum impact. Accessorise using chunky neckpiece or slip into a trench coat for a classy and elegant appearance.


Undoubtedly the best and the most comfortable piece of garment, t-shirts will be your BFF when expecting.  You can team it with a pair of slim jeans and knee length boots for a smart casual look. While going for a formal meeting, you can tuck in the tee in a pair of trousers. A sleek jacket will provide an edge to the look which can be further amplified with oversized bags and mirror sunglasses. Featuring a variety of designs and styles, get modish wholesale maternity t shirts online from reputed wholesalers.


Denim clothes are become bigger and popular every day for they are practical yet fashionable. You can now sport a bumpy look with denim apparels and be comfortable in it.  A denim dress can be worn with a pair of sneakers for a cute appearance. Wear your maternity jeans with trendy tops and tees and complete the look with boots, when going for a casual get together with your friends.

Asymmetrical hem

T-shirts, skirts, dresses, tops, everything these days come with asymmetrical hem as they are totally in vogue right now. Liked by fashion buffs, they give a more distinct look to your appearance, especially when you are expecting a baby. Since they have a higher hem in the front, these clothes go easy on your bump, making you feel at ease for long hours. Team the tops with slim fit jeans or wear a dress, remember to choose your accessories wisely. A pair of ankle length boots can be a versatile addition. Over coats and chunky jewellery can be a nice addition to the ensemble.

Yoga pants

The cloth that is designed primarily to provide comfort, a pair of yoga pants can help you flaunt a sporty look. Wear them under a dress shirt and slip into a pair of sneakers to stand out in the crowd. A scarf and a belt can work wonders and help you make a distinct impression.

If you are a retailer looking for an opportunity to upgrade your store collection, then you can purchase wholesale maternity t shirts from renowned dealers and bring a smile on the face of the moms- to-be.

3 Tips to Use the Shirt to Dress Up Like David Beckham

Born on May 2nd 1975 and debuted in the year of 1992 at the age of 17, English football star David Beckham has stolen our attention not only with his excellent football skills but with his devilishly handsome looks. If one looks past his extraordinary achievements in the field of football with 58 caps earned as a captain, he has an impressive list of extracurricular activities that obviously include his extravagant modelling career.

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He has wooed every woman with his charm and made every man envy him. Appearing alongside his wife singer Victoria Beckham, this starry eyed footballer has constantly topped the list of being one of the most influential style icons of this century. His presence in many high profile parties has given men fashion goals and has influenced them to take up the bequest he has so well created. Out of all his glorious looks, these three guises appealed the most. Here is how you can get those using shirts and everything that is already present in your wardrobe.

Suit it up

David Beckham proved it time and again that wearing a suit gives you a personality of your own. While he experiments with his looks very often, he has carried off a well-tailored suit like armour in the battle. From juxtaposing black shirt with steel blue suit to wearing white trainers with his work suit, Beckham has done it all. He often wears a tie to add a dash of conventionalism in his appearance. He usually opts for lighter shades in the palette of shirt while going for darker colours for his pants and trousers. He tucks in the defined shirts to make his sculpted abs more evident.

Shirts can be sexy

Nothing is sexier than a man who dares to dress. No wonder Beckham makes us go weak on our knees! Repeatedly, he has replaced a traditional jacket and worn a shirt over his casual t-shirts and jeans. Ranging from denim to tartan plaid, he has tried it all. While the denims up his style quotient by infinity, the tartans gives him an edge over the rough lumberjack look. Beckham has a prolific trait of picking a variety of chequered shirts, which certainly amplifies his look. Though he sticks to monochromes for the other garment piece, his shirts take it a notch higher by displaying the different types of checks available. To imitate his style, you can pick shirts that range from dress shirts to button downs.

Bend it the casual way

When it comes to being sporty and spontaneous, nobody can defeat the Golden balls. Choosing to combine his shirts with slim fit jeans and leather jackets makes him the winner in this category. You can get enthused and try out his casual style with shirts for men wholesale. If you want to add a touch of sophistication to your casual appearance then wear a knitted sweater over the casual shirt and opt for a pair of sneakers underneath for it will surely turn heads wherever you go.

Taking inspiration from Beckham’s ever stylish persona and clothing choices, renowned suppliers have gathered wholesale mens shirt that are available with attractive discounts for all the retailers who are planning to update their store collection.