Best Ways To Wear Flannel Shirts For A Grungy Look This Festive Season

Okay so let us be honest with each other. We all are pretty high on the hipster look that surfaced early during this year. If you are still not familiar with the idea of looking like a hipster then let us first delve with that. To begin with, this a sub-culture pop fashion which initiates an individual way to wear clothes that gives a rough and over the edge appearance. Plaid flannel, shorts, scarves, moto jackets are the staple for this look. So now you might recollect catching a few ladies sporting this style here or there. You might not be a big fan of the whole hipster chic fashion, but they are original and innovative. Trying them is a must as this look is here stay for some time. Hence, we have prepared a list of looks that you may want to try this year.

custom flannel shirts

  • A studded grey sleeveless top with a plaid flannel shirt thrown over like a jacket and a pair of cut out shorts can be the first look to try. A pair of fringed gladiator sandals and retro sunglasses can help you look classy. You can plaid your hair to highlight more of your silhouette. For accessories, pick a clutch and some junk bangles to stand out any casual gathering during the day.
  • The second look is about keeping it simple. A modest and plain white t-shirt tucked in with a black high waist jean can look natural. You can wear the flannel shirt over with the buttons flying open, for it will add volumes to your appearance. Adding a pair of combat boots and vintage satchel will lend you the advantage of making a distinct impression.
  • Looking for something a little bit more formal? Then the third look is perfect for you. A custom flannel shirt teamed with a pair of tailored pants and knitted cardigan will be the best pick for the occasion. A pair of knee length boots will keep your feet comfortable and protected from the snow and frost. An oversized bag and a knitted beanie can be the best pick for accessories.
  • If you want to look feminine, then tuck a plaid shirt with a flared skater skirt in darker tones. A sheer stocking with a pair of pumps at the end can complement the uber sexy outfit. Wear a chunky neckpiece and carry a sling to add bling to this ready to party dress.
  • The next look will give you the perfect hipster appearance. Team a black crop top with a green plain tartan and distressed jeans. Slip into a comfortable pair of trainers to complete your look. Add embellishments like a scarf or a knitted beanie to look spontaneous and unprompted.


Stand out this festive season by opting for any of the aforesaid looks. Wholesale flannel shirts are available with prominent manufacturers which can be purchased in bulk by retailers who are looking to update their store collection.


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