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3 Tips to Use the Shirt to Dress Up Like David Beckham

Born on May 2nd 1975 and debuted in the year of 1992 at the age of 17, English football star David Beckham has stolen our attention not only with his excellent football skills but with his devilishly handsome looks. If one looks past his extraordinary achievements in the field of football with 58 caps earned as a captain, he has an impressive list of extracurricular activities that obviously include his extravagant modelling career.

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He has wooed every woman with his charm and made every man envy him. Appearing alongside his wife singer Victoria Beckham, this starry eyed footballer has constantly topped the list of being one of the most influential style icons of this century. His presence in many high profile parties has given men fashion goals and has influenced them to take up the bequest he has so well created. Out of all his glorious looks, these three guises appealed the most. Here is how you can get those using shirts and everything that is already present in your wardrobe.

Suit it up

David Beckham proved it time and again that wearing a suit gives you a personality of your own. While he experiments with his looks very often, he has carried off a well-tailored suit like armour in the battle. From juxtaposing black shirt with steel blue suit to wearing white trainers with his work suit, Beckham has done it all. He often wears a tie to add a dash of conventionalism in his appearance. He usually opts for lighter shades in the palette of shirt while going for darker colours for his pants and trousers. He tucks in the defined shirts to make his sculpted abs more evident.

Shirts can be sexy

Nothing is sexier than a man who dares to dress. No wonder Beckham makes us go weak on our knees! Repeatedly, he has replaced a traditional jacket and worn a shirt over his casual t-shirts and jeans. Ranging from denim to tartan plaid, he has tried it all. While the denims up his style quotient by infinity, the tartans gives him an edge over the rough lumberjack look. Beckham has a prolific trait of picking a variety of chequered shirts, which certainly amplifies his look. Though he sticks to monochromes for the other garment piece, his shirts take it a notch higher by displaying the different types of checks available. To imitate his style, you can pick shirts that range from dress shirts to button downs.

Bend it the casual way

When it comes to being sporty and spontaneous, nobody can defeat the Golden balls. Choosing to combine his shirts with slim fit jeans and leather jackets makes him the winner in this category. You can get enthused and try out his casual style with shirts for men wholesale. If you want to add a touch of sophistication to your casual appearance then wear a knitted sweater over the casual shirt and opt for a pair of sneakers underneath for it will surely turn heads wherever you go.

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