You Said Travel By The Plane; We Heard Styling Long Sleeve Hoodies of 2 Kinds!

Hoodies in their earliest form were very popular for they were worn by the monks. However, they were not free of the ever changing dynamics of the fashion industry. With time the long oversized religiously symbolic clothing piece became a comfort wear for many all around the world. Though there is no denying the fact that during the 90s, this relaxed piece of clothing went for a downfall. The oversized colourful hoodies did not suit the taste of many people and as a result, their pitfall became inevitable.

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However, the last few years saw a revival and established them again in the fashion circuits. They were whole heartedly accepted by the enthusiasts. Though a bit of modification was necessary to ensure their survival, hoodies scored pretty well with the masses. From layering those with classic and timeless fashion pieces like leather jackets and denims raised a lot of eyebrows, but the hoodies provided a humble backdrop to these sleek garments.

Even if we recognise them as a secondary character, hoodies have a very strong presence, which can be very evident in the outfit coupling you make. We have already highlighted the fact that hoodies are comfortable to wear and are practical for all seasons. But very few of us know the real trick to carry off a hoodie with the ultimate panache. So to guide you and help you look outstanding, we have taken two types of hoodies, namely the over the top hoodie and zip up hoodie and incorporated them with our frequent travel clothes to get something that is definitely more than style and nothing less than comfort.

Vigour it up with the zip up hoodies

This type of hoodie is perfect for people who love fashion and love themselves. Well, we all love ourselves! But getting back to the point, zips up hoodies are fashionable and versatile. So when travelling up in the air, comfort should be your first criteria without having to sacrifice on the style front. You can easily layer them up with a solid tee or a graphic t-shirt. Wear a pair of jeans with the fit you think will be the best for you. So whether you are going for a skinny one or straight fit, choose wisely. A pair of sneakers will keep your feet at ease. You can accessorise using a scarf or a square sunglass, to complement your super cool yet trendy appearance. For this approach, we would however, advice you to not to go for vibrant colours. Subtlety is the key to looking good when wearing zip up hoodies. Prominent long sleeve hooded t shirt manufacturer have designed them keeping this little thing in mind, which makes the investment noteworthy.

Cosy and comfy, over the top hoodies for a win

They are typically spontaneous and defiantly stylish in their outlook. Yes, we are talking about over the top hoodies. They look good with any clothing and every clothing. Perfect for informal setting, and we totally mean a long flight that you have to undertake, these will be your best buds even thousand miles above the ground. You can layer them with a denim shirt to feel cosy and snuggly. Pick a jean in slim fit and complete the outfit with a pair of combat boots or trainers, whichever you feel relaxed in. cut down the accessories for you are not going for a fashion parade. A wristwatch can and will suffice while giving you a naturally smart and classy approach. Again, a word of advice. Please do not overdo by wearing flashy colours for that will only make you look ostentatious. Simple textures and logos will help you fly high!

So from now onwards, whenever you travel, pick that comfortable garment and style it accordingly. Long sleeve hooded t shirt manufacturer have gathered together the best and latest designs that will only up the style quotient. For the retailers who are looking to make a bulk purchase can place their orders online to secure attractive discounts.