5 Trendy Ways To Wear Denim Shirts That Will Oomph Your Sex Appeal

Denim shirts have been a staple for decades now. A variety of factors can be held responsible for this piece of clothing become popular. Their enigmatic approach, classy touch and sophisticated finish make them a favourite. But they can be extremely tricky to dress. The fit should be perfect and the choice of other garments should be done carefully. No doubt they are versatile, but if you want to stand out in a room full of people dressed at their best, then read on for here is a list of ways you can incorporate it in your outfit.

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Suit yourself

Denim is designed to persist everything that comes its way. It is actually incorrect to restrict such a multipurpose piece of clothing only to casual attire. So take out your best formal suit and wear it the denim. It creates an eccentric aesthetics altogether giving you an inscrutable look. To create an edge, choose the texture of your suit wisely. Tweeds and suede complements denim well. Further make sure to wear a tailored suit and oxfords can be the best footwear choice.

Half in Half out

Take some inspiration from David Beckham and do a half tuck trend. It looks unique and scrappy with a touch of maturity just like the football star. Combine it with jeans and look relaxed as one half stays tucked in and the other half falls askew. Pick a nice leather belt to flaunt and a knitted beanie to make you look like a king of casual wear. Wholesale denim shirts are available with manufacturers who have designed them following these latest trends.

Let’s play in leather

Classic denims and characteristics leather! Now that is a winning combination. Both are statement pieces that add volumes to a gentleman’s fashion sense. They complement each other harmoniously for their playful contrast catches the eyes. However, for this combination, you would want to tone down the textures of the other garments you wear with the ensemble. Jeans in darker shades and loafers will only enhance this smart and sexy collective clothing.

Shorts up

With the holiday season here, it is time to go on those long awaited vacations with friends. Denim is the perfect casual fabric that can be worn in friendly manner. A pair of knee length shorts in lighter hues teamed with denims can look classy and stylish. Loafers or trainers can be picked according to your comfort and convenience. This outfit collaboration will be perfect to chill out in the sun on a chilly day.

Let it fly

A solid t-shirt worn under a denim shirt can look sexy in a way that can hardly be defined in words. It is one of the most basic ways of incorporating denims but like they say, less is more. The off-duty look works well even during the winters for the layers that it adds. The denim shirt works like a jacket with the buttons carelessly left open. Make sure to find the correct contrast. So if you are picking a tee in darker colours then the pants or trousers should be in lighter shades. You will definitely look effortless when you complete the attire with a pair of military boots and aviators.

Prominent manufacturers have lined denim shirt wholesale for all those retailers who are looking to make a bulk purchase with striking discounts. Just a click and stay updated with the latest clothes designed to revamp the collection of your store.


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