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Henley, Formals and Flannel Shirts Are the Wardrobe Must Haves for the Party Lovers

When it comes to the men, shirts are the wardrobe essentials for them, be it for office or the parties.  Just like the little black dress for the men, the white crisp shirts are also the most important thing in a man’s collection. Thus, no matter what kind of style quotient you have, if you are a party lover, you need to stack your closet with the most desirable shirts, which will never fade away from the global fashion scene. The parties and social events are incomplete the stylish and elegant silhouettes which are only possible wrapped in the classy shirts, be it the strictly formal one, the bright colored, the check or the striped one.

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Wear them with tuxedos, with denim jackets, or with leathers, and due to their versatility, you can get a number of silhouette options to splurge on. Divide them according to the occasion you are heading to, and wear them accordingly to get the right dash of panache.

Thus, while shopping the next time, do not forget about owning the wholesale flannel shirts, the formals and Henleys to get the mesmerizing ensembles.

Here are the three style ideas to get in these three different shirts.

Predominantly Formal

Office parties are very common and happening these days, and carrying a very formal, and classy looks become style requisite.  Thus, you need to be very careful about the type of style you are carrying in the formal shirts, be it the single colored, one, the striped or the neutral shaded shirt.  Men can think of different ideas to wear them, be it the suit jackets and trousers for a very posh and manly or traditional approach, to teaming them with the vests, or may be in a tuxedo when it comes to a marriage party to attend.  From ties to bow ties, you can experiment with the accessories, and make sure to keep a contrast in the color schemes while doing the shirts with the other clothing counterparts. Keep things semi formal depending upon the occasion, and just wear them with the tight fitted chinos, without the layering game.

Lumber Sexual

For the pool parties mainly or beach carnivals, you can get the lumber sexual look which is trending nowadays.  For this, you can get hold of the wholesale mens flannel shirts, which comes in the classic plaid patterns, and try out the grunge style stance, with some modish twist.  Make sure to wear them with the distorted denims, maintain your beard, and get the most outstanding look. You can layer them with denim jackets or leathers, and keep the boots ready to accompany you.  These plaid flannel shirts speak of the vintage retro styling , but definitely with a twist which make things cutting edge and voguish.  The leading manufacturers are getting the custom flannel shirts introduced with perfect flair and range of color options.

Casually Stylish

Hitting the pubs on the weekends is the best pass time? Get the classic Henley shirts to befriend you. These shirts come in different color options, from the dark ones, to neutrals, blacks and bright tones too. You can wear them with shorts, denims, chinos and also layered with varsity or bombers to look very peppy and funky.  To channelize your gym ready physique, you can get them in body hugging fit, with perfect line and length, and flaunt the best assets of your body.

The Perfect Skirts To Go With Wholesale Plus Size Shirts And Tops

The combination of shirts and skirts or tops and skirts are very much in craze now, and has been a fashion statement since many years. The curve women think that they might look odd in skirts, but fashion is not limited to the size, complexion or body type. Hence, no matter, how your curves are, you should never say no to the skirt top or the skirt shirt combination, reflecting versatility and elegance for women.  The skirts are great to help you flaunt the curves with refined edge and finishing, and you need to team them up with confidence and perfection for the best silhouette.  The right cut and design of the skirts are to be chosen, so that you can be sure about the streamlined and slimming effect, without accentuating your problem areas.  The leading wholesale plus size clothing distributors are introducing a number of shirts and tops which go in tune with the different types of skirts effortlessly.

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A-line skirts

The fitted tops clings on to the upper hip, and getting slightly flattering and wider at the hem makes them look like the alphabet ‘A’. Best for the curvy women as they hide the problem areas, like hips and thighs, rendering a toned silhouette, complementing any shirt or top.

Flared skirt

The flared skirts are flatter more than the A-lined ones, and are nothing but the exaggerated versions of them. Though they hug at the hips, but flare a lot at the near the hem. The hemline right below the knee cinching at the waist works best for the curvy women, and can be worn with fancy tops for casual day outs.

Pleated skirt

There is a misconception that the bulky women should refrain from the pleated skirts, and this is completely proved wrong by the fashion experts and bloggers. Highlight your waist, and wear the pleated skirts with confidence.  Be it the A-line or the flare skirt, pleats look gorgeous, and classy , and let the pleat detailing be near the hemline for a better silhouette.  The box pleated skirts are great with the lace tops and transparent shirts or blouses.

Pencil skirt

When combined with the belts, the pencil skirts are great, as they cause a slimming effect with streamlined demeanor.  Instead of large prints and motifs, go for the ones in single solid colors to wear with plain and striped shirts at the office for formal occasions. If you are in a retail business, contact the leading wholesale plus size clothing distributors and you will find a wide range of chic pencil skirts.

Trumpet skirt

The fitted at the top with a dramatic flare at the bottom make the trumpet skirts apt for the curvy women.  Get them in knee length, or above the knee , and team them with stilettos to get a very  edge finishing and crisp finesse.

Tulip skirt

Best for the women with large busts and slim hips as they cause the waist line to appear slimmer.  Settle down for them in chiffon fabric, and team them up with wide belts for a very posh and uber feminine stance.

Wrap skirt

The rectangular looking wrap skirts are self adjustable and flexible enough to suit the curves.  Wear them with sandals, heels or wedges for the elongated body type illusion, and the V-neck shirts or tops are bets suited with these skirts for curvy women.

Maxi skirt

Reaching down the ankle, they cover the hips and thighs and are the most suitable skirt designs for the curvy women.  They render the boho chic vive with an easy breezy silhouette when paired with tops or skirts tucked in.

Notch Up Your Plain Dress Shirt For Different Occasions Fashionably

We all have the one or two formal shirts in our closets which is rarely used other than strict formal occasions and events. But what about adding some twist to the plain outfit to reflect something very fresh and unique about it? Bloggers and experts have always been asking the fashionable women to experiment, and hence, you should think about the off beat ways to add flavor and brightness to the plain and simple dress shirt which will help you be the ultimate trendsetter for any casual outing, or party. Be it through some other clothing counterparts, or the accessories, a formal button down shirt can be transformed to something very interesting and vibrant with a little effort.

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Though the dress shirts are basically for the men, but as they are being worn by women too today, to not make it look extremely manly, you need to experiment with it and flaunt the feminine side too. It is a wardrobe essential we lean on to, and the tailored shape brings elegance to any body type effortlessly.

Here are some style tips to spruce it up.

With Overalls Or Jumpsuits

You can wear a crisp button down formal shirt with an overall, or the printed jumpsuit for a very different ensemble option. A complete fusion of the casual and formal dresses, this one can be your store for the parties, or even for the weekends movie date. The smartness of the shirt, combined with the prep pf the jumpsuit or denim overall will add balance to the persona, and also turn you into a trendsetter for wearing comes so off-beat.

Tie It Over A Dress

Take an oversized plain single colored formal shirt, and wear it over a dress like a layer to bring some poise, you need to tie at the bottom as a casual knot for any occasion. Thus, not only the formal shirt, but also your dress gets a different appeal, and this can be worn for some airport styling while traveling.

Add To A Crop Top

Are you in no mood to show off your midriff? Then very wisely, you need to wear the button down formal shirt under the crop top, and look no less than a diva. This can be an option with a shorts, denim pant or skirt, and result in a very different attire for any occasion.

Layer It As You Like

You can layer the formal shirt with anything you would like, from the leather jacket, to vest, cardigan, or the three quarter printed casual and oversized dress. By doing this, you can toss up the plain shirt with something charming and very exciting, changing its look completely.

Chunky Neckpieces

You need to accessorize a plain formal shirt with neckpieces, so that it gets all dolled up. From the chokers, to long pendants, and the chunky necklaces, anything can be tried depending upon the bottom wear, and the occasion you are heading to. This will instantly make you look gorgeous!

Scarves and Belts

To add something preppy and funky, the printed scarves, stoles, and the belts act great in fashion. Hence, you can wear one of the oversized formal wholesale mens shirts with a belt cinched at the waist, and make it a shirt dress, whereas the printed scarves add depth to the simplicity of the formal shirt.

Four Ways To Look Stylish In A Polo T-Shirt When The Mercury Is High!

Weather all over the world has become quite unpredictable. So, being prepared for a hot day is essential. But you can’t even let your style go, can you? So, here are some tips for you to look stylish in a polo t-shirts when the air is hot.

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Go All White:

White is comfy and cool, especially when it is scorching outside. So, choose a white polo t-shirt and pair it up with beige trousers. You can also tuck the t-shirt into your white pants and adorn it with a black or brown belt. When you need to dress formal in the hot weather, it will be a perfect combo. On the other hand, you can simply put it on when going out with your friends or partner. Always choose narrow ends or chinos to wear with the white polo t-shirts.

Look Sporty With Shorts:

If sporty is your style, then a polo shirt can define you best? Team up a monochrome polo shirt with a pair of cool shorts and you are ready to hit the streets. Now that the wholesale polo shirts manufacturers are crafting a wide variety of cool polo t-shirts, you have many more options to choose from. So, visit the online stores and pick the colour, pattern and size that suit you best.

Replace Your Shirt With A Polo:

Whether you want to wear it under your suit or with a tie, you can simply replace your formal shirts with stylish polo t-shirts. They are much easier to carry around and you will admired for your stunning look. The best thing about a polo t-shirt is that you can also wear them casually whenever you want.

Dress It Up For Party:

When it is too hot to wear a blazer or coat, then a polo shirt can simply save the grace when you are going to attend a party. You can dress it up with nice denim or a pair of trousers can go well with it. Don’t stick to plain colours; explore different prints and patterns that will add some more panache to your persona. Button it up to the top and your casual look will get a little formal touch.

So, when you are dressing up for summer with polo t-shirts, these are the best ways you can look stylish. If you have a retail clothing store, then bring polo shirts wholesale to your collection and there will be more customers coming to your store.

5 Custom Design Ideas For Sports Shirts That You Can Boast About!

Custom design tees have now become popular because of the appeal and the personal touch you can add to them. A lot of companies are offering customization services that will help you design your own sports shirts just the way you want.  Whether it is for your sports team or for your own retail store, if you need custom design t-shirts to grab the attention of others, then your design ideas have to be unique.

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So, do you need sports shirts wholesale? Then here are some unique design ideas. Check these out and add an individual touch to your set of wholesale sports shirts.

Adorn Your T-Shirt With Finger Print Pattern:

If you have chosen black t-shirts for customization, you can simply choose the finger print pattern to embellish your sports t-shirts wholesale. Finger prints signifies individuality and uniqueness and the design is one of a kind. What more is that you can now place your order online with the top sports shirts manufacturers? They will craft your custom design t-shirts and deliver them to your address.

Use Sublimation Prints:

Sublimation makes the hues brighter and as this method incorporates heat to print the fabric, the colours become more durable. That means, the colours will remain intact even after multiple washes. The best thing about this printing method is that sublimation makes it possible for you to put any design on your t-shirts. All you need to do is upload the design on the website of the sports shirts manufacturers and they will turn your ideas into reality.

Self-Assured Quotes And Numbers:

Sports teams need a lot of self assurance. Hence, a line describing their strength will give them a lot of faith in themselves. If you have any favourite lines or quotes, then you can also ask your sports clothing manufacturer to put that in your team jersey. When it comes to numbers, it is quite common in the sports t-shirts but it is never out of vogue.

Choose Stylish Fonts To Write Team Names:

When you are printing t-shirts for your sports team, you have to print the team name on it, right? But change the same boring font and use something absolutely new that will make your team jerseys more attractive and vibrant. With the top sports shirts manufacturers, you can choose collar styles and sleeves from their catalogue.

Well, you got ideas to custom design your sports tees just the way you want. Now go for it!

Prep Up Basic Shirts With The Latest Trendsetter – Striped Shirts

Are you ready to hype up your shirts game this season? If yes, then we have news for you. The horizontal, vertical and a mix of both styled shirts are back…though we don’t know when they actually disappeared but the nautical stripes are even better this season. From the classic black and white striped shirts, designers and manufacturers are branching out to new avenues and making use of the color palette to come up with smashing combinations that can be worn with all kinds of bottom-wear. Both men and women look awesome in this trend and it is also a huge runway hit!

Striped Shirt Wholesale

Striped Shirts – Mega Trend of this Season

Wholesale striped shirts bring images of cool summer days and springtime shenanigans but it is also a fall season wardrobe favorite apart from plaid shirts, of course. The very classy black and white combination has been around for ages and it has been a part of the casual as well as professional ensemble for fashion lovers. But this season, the designers have something more…super-sized stripes and graphic stripes! These two additions to the nautical shirts family is just as subtle and elegant and works wonderfully with different styles of outfits.

Cozy it Up in a Trendy Outerwear

Don’t put the stripes away just because the chilly winds have started blowing! There are fun ways to style it up. You can pair it up with leather or denim jackets or even plaid shirts look great with stripes. Coats and blazers are perfect to attain that professional look for a meeting. The stripes never fail to make an impression, no matter how and with what it is worn. It stands out on its own!

Choose Various Neck and Shoulder Styles for Fun

The basic striped shirt wholesale is still popular but for those hoping to make a bold statement, designers and manufacturers have created variations in neck and shoulder styles. From round and V-neck to scoop and scowl neck styles as well as off-shoulders for women, the stripes are definitely hot this season. Women also have options in opting for cropped striped t shirts and wearing it with long, flowing palazzos for the ultimate head banger statement! Collared shirts featuring stripes are also a favorite among dapper men.

Breathe new life into your shirts collection by contacting a renowned wholesale supplier and satiating bulk needs of striped shirts. These shirts are under the limelight at the moment and especially so because of the Rio Olympics opening ceremony. Adding them in huge quantity would not prove futile!

No Other Shirt Makes Quite a Statement as Plaid Shirts…

Fall is arriving!!! And do you know what that means? It is the time for flannels and tartans on everything – shirts to dresses and even distressed pants and ball gowns! Flannels come with a rebellious history that makes it an absolutely favorite among lovers of punk rock, hippie style and boho-chic trend followers. But wait, hold on…it is not just a staple for clans and anarchists, for many years now, plaids have been taking over the runways and is one of the hottest trends followed by celebrities and fashionistas.

Wholesale Plaid Flannel Shirt Manufacturer

Amazing as an Everyday Wear

Wholesale plaid shirts can be worn day and night on a regular basis. The fabric is such that is feels soft and smooth against the skin and provides the required warmth while also wicking off moisture and sweat. Women are fascinated with the oversized flannel trend that can be easily paired up with shorts, denims, trousers and even leggings. Being oversized, the shirts are super breezy and keep one comfortable throughout the day and through various activities. Men too can try out the oversized flannel trend that is actually making headlines everywhere. For those men who are a bit put off with the whole ‘lumberjack’ association can do away with the reds in the plaid shirt and look for more neutral or brighter colors.

Goes Great with Those Scintillating LBDs

Every now and then women like to dress up to look a little tough. The LBD is the classic party-wear that is anything but sexy…with the addition of an unbuttoned plaid shirt, the entire ensemble instantly grabs eyeballs for being on the edge. It can also be worn with frilly dresses to add a bit of roughness to the attire!

Women Swoon Over Men in Plaid Shirts with Sweaters

The wholesale plaid flannel shirt became popular at a time when punk rock bands were rocking it out. It was initially the wardrobe staple of lumberjacks and from there, fashion lovers started picking up on the trend owing to its superior comfort and ability to look fabulous with almost anything. But nobody must have thought that flannels can even be made to look professional! The plaid shirts can be worn, buttoned up to the neck and teamed up with a neutral colored, classy sweater with the collars of the shirt out. Men look super hot in this ensemble and it is enough to not just impress the boss but the ladies too!

There are very few styles of shirts that look great fitted as well as oversized. Flannel is in that category of shirts that works wonderfully with all styles of bottom-wear and adds an instant spice to any attire. To switch up your flannel game, get in touch with a known wholesale supplier.

Dress and Denim Shirts – The Hottest Shirt Trends!

Men and women’s shirts have been around for a really long time. But with the change in times and fashion styles, large fashion houses started experimenting with different materials, collar and cuff styles as well as colors to come up with fresh shirts featuring flattering fits. Just a while back, silk shirts were making heads turn for both men and women and men had even taken up wearing floral printed shirts. One shirt style that fails to ever go away is the dress shirts and one that is making headlines from celebrity appearances to street style is the denim shirts.

Denim Shirts Manufacturer

Dress Shirts – Classic and Comfortable!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the dress shirt which is why they’ve always been in demand for both men and women. It is a favorite among working professionals but thanks to dress shirt manufacturers, these shirts are made available today in such wonderful and enticing color combinations, motifs and prints that it is even forayed into casual wear.

A crisp white dress shirt is something that every man and women ought to have in their wardrobe and in addition, there are other colors to look out for that tend to spice up everyday work wear. It can be smartly paired up with blazers and suit jacket for that professional, business-like appearance. A retail store owner specializing in the sale of shirts simply cannot do away with the dress shirt!

Denim Shirts – They’re Back!

Britney Spears and Timberlake had totally made a fool of them trying to pull off the denim-on-denim trend but don’t be scared with just that one incident. The denim shirt trend is back and it is available in lightweight to heavyweight denim materials and a staple all year-round irrespective of weather. Men and women are absolutely lapping it up! These shirts are available in a wide variety of dyes and washes and the trick is to basically choose a contrasting shade of blue when trying on the denim-on-denim.

Women can even try out the embellished denim shirt trend. Embroidery is considered hot and according to the runway successes, it totally is! Frayed and distressed ones are super cool and help to exude that hippie, punk look.

As for men, it is seen that denim shirts are sometimes worn as an alternative to dress shirts and it looks perfectly fine. It works fabulously with the whole professional look when paired up with the right trousers and jackets. Wholesale denim shirts are a trend that is expected to be huge in the coming fall/winter season!

Hype up your shirt game by getting in touch with a leading manufacturer and wholesaler!