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Henley, Formals and Flannel Shirts Are the Wardrobe Must Haves for the Party Lovers

When it comes to the men, shirts are the wardrobe essentials for them, be it for office or the parties.  Just like the little black dress for the men, the white crisp shirts are also the most important thing in a man’s collection. Thus, no matter what kind of style quotient you have, if you are a party lover, you need to stack your closet with the most desirable shirts, which will never fade away from the global fashion scene. The parties and social events are incomplete the stylish and elegant silhouettes which are only possible wrapped in the classy shirts, be it the strictly formal one, the bright colored, the check or the striped one.

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Wear them with tuxedos, with denim jackets, or with leathers, and due to their versatility, you can get a number of silhouette options to splurge on. Divide them according to the occasion you are heading to, and wear them accordingly to get the right dash of panache.

Thus, while shopping the next time, do not forget about owning the wholesale flannel shirts, the formals and Henleys to get the mesmerizing ensembles.

Here are the three style ideas to get in these three different shirts.

Predominantly Formal

Office parties are very common and happening these days, and carrying a very formal, and classy looks become style requisite.  Thus, you need to be very careful about the type of style you are carrying in the formal shirts, be it the single colored, one, the striped or the neutral shaded shirt.  Men can think of different ideas to wear them, be it the suit jackets and trousers for a very posh and manly or traditional approach, to teaming them with the vests, or may be in a tuxedo when it comes to a marriage party to attend.  From ties to bow ties, you can experiment with the accessories, and make sure to keep a contrast in the color schemes while doing the shirts with the other clothing counterparts. Keep things semi formal depending upon the occasion, and just wear them with the tight fitted chinos, without the layering game.

Lumber Sexual

For the pool parties mainly or beach carnivals, you can get the lumber sexual look which is trending nowadays.  For this, you can get hold of the wholesale mens flannel shirts, which comes in the classic plaid patterns, and try out the grunge style stance, with some modish twist.  Make sure to wear them with the distorted denims, maintain your beard, and get the most outstanding look. You can layer them with denim jackets or leathers, and keep the boots ready to accompany you.  These plaid flannel shirts speak of the vintage retro styling , but definitely with a twist which make things cutting edge and voguish.  The leading manufacturers are getting the custom flannel shirts introduced with perfect flair and range of color options.

Casually Stylish

Hitting the pubs on the weekends is the best pass time? Get the classic Henley shirts to befriend you. These shirts come in different color options, from the dark ones, to neutrals, blacks and bright tones too. You can wear them with shorts, denims, chinos and also layered with varsity or bombers to look very peppy and funky.  To channelize your gym ready physique, you can get them in body hugging fit, with perfect line and length, and flaunt the best assets of your body.