Dress and Denim Shirts – The Hottest Shirt Trends!

Men and women’s shirts have been around for a really long time. But with the change in times and fashion styles, large fashion houses started experimenting with different materials, collar and cuff styles as well as colors to come up with fresh shirts featuring flattering fits. Just a while back, silk shirts were making heads turn for both men and women and men had even taken up wearing floral printed shirts. One shirt style that fails to ever go away is the dress shirts and one that is making headlines from celebrity appearances to street style is the denim shirts.

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Dress Shirts – Classic and Comfortable!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the dress shirt which is why they’ve always been in demand for both men and women. It is a favorite among working professionals but thanks to dress shirt manufacturers, these shirts are made available today in such wonderful and enticing color combinations, motifs and prints that it is even forayed into casual wear.

A crisp white dress shirt is something that every man and women ought to have in their wardrobe and in addition, there are other colors to look out for that tend to spice up everyday work wear. It can be smartly paired up with blazers and suit jacket for that professional, business-like appearance. A retail store owner specializing in the sale of shirts simply cannot do away with the dress shirt!

Denim Shirts – They’re Back!

Britney Spears and Timberlake had totally made a fool of them trying to pull off the denim-on-denim trend but don’t be scared with just that one incident. The denim shirt trend is back and it is available in lightweight to heavyweight denim materials and a staple all year-round irrespective of weather. Men and women are absolutely lapping it up! These shirts are available in a wide variety of dyes and washes and the trick is to basically choose a contrasting shade of blue when trying on the denim-on-denim.

Women can even try out the embellished denim shirt trend. Embroidery is considered hot and according to the runway successes, it totally is! Frayed and distressed ones are super cool and help to exude that hippie, punk look.

As for men, it is seen that denim shirts are sometimes worn as an alternative to dress shirts and it looks perfectly fine. It works fabulously with the whole professional look when paired up with the right trousers and jackets. Wholesale denim shirts are a trend that is expected to be huge in the coming fall/winter season!

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