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No Other Shirt Makes Quite a Statement as Plaid Shirts…

Fall is arriving!!! And do you know what that means? It is the time for flannels and tartans on everything – shirts to dresses and even distressed pants and ball gowns! Flannels come with a rebellious history that makes it an absolutely favorite among lovers of punk rock, hippie style and boho-chic trend followers. But wait, hold on…it is not just a staple for clans and anarchists, for many years now, plaids have been taking over the runways and is one of the hottest trends followed by celebrities and fashionistas.

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Amazing as an Everyday Wear

Wholesale plaid shirts can be worn day and night on a regular basis. The fabric is such that is feels soft and smooth against the skin and provides the required warmth while also wicking off moisture and sweat. Women are fascinated with the oversized flannel trend that can be easily paired up with shorts, denims, trousers and even leggings. Being oversized, the shirts are super breezy and keep one comfortable throughout the day and through various activities. Men too can try out the oversized flannel trend that is actually making headlines everywhere. For those men who are a bit put off with the whole ‘lumberjack’ association can do away with the reds in the plaid shirt and look for more neutral or brighter colors.

Goes Great with Those Scintillating LBDs

Every now and then women like to dress up to look a little tough. The LBD is the classic party-wear that is anything but sexy…with the addition of an unbuttoned plaid shirt, the entire ensemble instantly grabs eyeballs for being on the edge. It can also be worn with frilly dresses to add a bit of roughness to the attire!

Women Swoon Over Men in Plaid Shirts with Sweaters

The wholesale plaid flannel shirt became popular at a time when punk rock bands were rocking it out. It was initially the wardrobe staple of lumberjacks and from there, fashion lovers started picking up on the trend owing to its superior comfort and ability to look fabulous with almost anything. But nobody must have thought that flannels can even be made to look professional! The plaid shirts can be worn, buttoned up to the neck and teamed up with a neutral colored, classy sweater with the collars of the shirt out. Men look super hot in this ensemble and it is enough to not just impress the boss but the ladies too!

There are very few styles of shirts that look great fitted as well as oversized. Flannel is in that category of shirts that works wonderfully with all styles of bottom-wear and adds an instant spice to any attire. To switch up your flannel game, get in touch with a known wholesale supplier.