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The Essential Style Tips Needed To Accompany With Maternity T-Shirts, Shirts and Dresses

Maternity fashion has been gaining a lot of attention in the global fashion scene, and with celebs inspiring the women, there is new upsurge of style quotients seen these days.    The expectant mothers are seen flaunting their baby bumps in the most stylish and coolest ways, be it through the feminine gowns or the wholesale maternity shirts. Thus, doesn’t matter if you are getting those saggy breasts, putting on weight, having skin issues, remember to present yourself confidently and this comes from the outfits you would be wearing.

Thus, we have jotted down some style tips exclusively for the pregnant women.

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Try a lot of florals

While doing the maternity fashion, make sure you wear a lot of floral prints and patterns. These prints and colorful motifs help to accentuate the bump with an illusion of a 3D image, and also help you looking charming and glow with radiance.

Textured fabric

The tops or tees you would be wearing should have textures on them so that you can flaunt your curved belly well, and also feel very confident and comfortable in it.  The patterned surface of the material adds a lot of bounce to your persona, and also helps you to look offbeat and unique.

The belts add poise

For the long tops, the shirt dresses and oversized tees, if you are in a mood to spruce them up , you can add the belt to cinch at the waist. Make sure to have the belt in some contrasting shade, and they help you to get a better ad poised shape of the body.

Something loose and flowy

The flowy tops and dresses look great on the baby bump and help the pregnant women to look no less than a celeb! Yes, also the celebs are seen walking the red carpet showing if their belies in these flowy dresses, and being the utmost trendsetters. You can pair the flowy tops with running leggings in pop colors which are peeping into the fashion scene and mom-to-be lovely ladies can strut in style!

Black is the happy color

f you are paranoid of looking big at the mirror, then black can come to your rescue.  The black knit tops, leggings or boots add a badass appeal to your soft demeanor, and for a change add class and elegance to your silhouette.

The scarves as accessories

For the simple tees and long single colored tops you would be slipping in get hold of the round scarves and stoles which help you to spruce up a simple outfit, and also add the ultra glam factor y to your ensemble.  Be it in florals, animal’s prints or something else, these scarves work great to tour style statement.

The athleisure trend

No matter you are wearing the t-shirt or shirt dress, or the girly top; you can add the sneakers to them to carry the popular athleisure trend. These shoes are not only funky and classy, but also sporty enough to lend you the desired style element. Not forget, they are very comfortable and convenient.

Chunky and statement jewelry

Add a polished vibe and sophisticated edge to your persona and move the attention of the onlookers from the bump to your face through the chunky and statement accessories.  They make you look more put together.   Be it with the smart looking wholesale maternity t-shirts or the gowns, and other dresses, these jewelries add grace and lavish touch to your persona.

Five Things You Should Pair Up With Flannel Shirts And Get The Killer Look!

Plaid shirts are never out of fashion. Whether it is the warmth of the fabric or the mixture of contrasting colours, flannel shirts are always in. But when putting on a flannel shirt, you must know what to wear with them. Or else, you might end up looking like a fashion disaster. Apart from the celebrities, plaid shirts have become a top choice for the college-goers.

Flannel Shirt Wholesale

Here are few things that you can pair up with the flannel shirts to look chic and sexy. Be a head-turner in your college with these cool fashion tips. On the other hand, if you are in retail business, then you can rev up your store with a fresh set of flannel shirts in bulk.

Leather Leggings Can Go Great With Plaid Shirts:

Plaid shirts are quite plain, to be honest. But if you want to bring that sheen to your look, you can pair it up with the bright black or brown leather leggings. Tuck the shirt in and you will look no less than a diva. Don’t forget to wear high heels and enhance your booties. If you don’t shy away from being a centre of attraction, then this look is just perfect for you on regular college days.

Plaid Shirts over Plain White Tee:

Plaid shirts can add colours to a plain and placid look. So if you have a plain white tee and a black mini skirt, then just throw a flannel shirt over it and you are ready to attend that party where your crush will also be present.  Thanks to the flannel shirts manufacturer who are using their creative ideas to take plaid shirts one step ahead. You can find a variety of colour combinations starting from red and black to white and blue. Choose whatever caters to your demands and style ’em up.

Vintage Pants With Plaid Shirt – A Cool Pair:

So, you think you are stylish enough to carry a plaid shirt with sheer panache! Try it out with the vintage bell bottoms and you are ready to hit the theatre hall with your partner. It is not always necessary to own pricey outfits to look fabulous. You can just use a little bit of creativity to stand out in the crowd.

Keep It Simple, Girl!

The best way to flaunt your flannel look is to stick to minimalism. Yes, keeping it simple can just give the look you desire. But how! Well, pair it up with your favourite tattered jeans and you will get the look!

Tie It Around Your Waist:

If nothing else suits your taste and you want to try out a different look, then tie your plaid shirt around your waist and put on a jacket over it. You are ready to go and chill out with your buddies.

5 Ways You Can Wear A Denim Shirt To Make A Style Statement!

Denim shirts are quite a popular choice among the fashion conscious people and if you are one of them, you definitely love to wear them. The best thing about the denim shirts is that you can wear them in different ways and they are perfect for both formal and casual occasions. So check out the 5 most stylish ways to don a denim shirt and just rock it.

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The Beckham Style Half Tucked Denim Shirt:

The denim shirts suppliers must be thankful to David Beckham for bringing these denim shirts back into the world of fashion. His uncaring way of wearing the denim shirts half tucked into the jeans and half hanging in the air has become a rage. Nowadays, people love to wear denim shirts in this new way to remain ahead in terms of style.

Holiday Style:

Shirts made of denim are simply preferred as a casual option. The retailers buy chic wholesale denim shirts to cater to the demands of people. Another stylish way of wearing these sturdy shirts is to pair them with cool half pants. Yes, colourful half pants with a denim shirt look superb when you are on your holiday trip or cruising around.

Wear It Open:

Denim shirts manufacturers are coming up with pieces which can be worn open to enhance your appearance. Right! You can wear these denim shirts with cool t-shirts underneath and you are ready for that ever-imagined date with your dream girl. Not only that, you can also style up these shirts when chilling out with your buddies.

Team Up With Suits:

Denim is created specifically for work and can endure whatever thrown upon it. All you need is a suit to deck up your look. And you are ready for work. Denim shirts are best worn with colourful suits. Roll your sleeves up and you can bring that casual feel too. It goes best with light colours and brings the perfect formal appearance.

Leather Complements Denim:

Leather jackets are another staple of fashion and if paired with denim shirts, it can bring the perfect suave appearance in a man. Whether it is a party or an outing, leather jackets can be complementary to the sturdiness of the denim, signifying your masculinity.

If you are in retail business, refresh your stock with a whole new bulk of wholesale denim shirts that will attract more customers to your store. Get ready to make it big!

Preppy and Funky Hooded T-Shirts Paved the Way to an Ultra Glam Style Quotient

A bit boyish, but a lot trendy, the hooded t-shirts have been a major closet addition for the fashionable women today.  Very unique and highly classy ,  when it comes to trying something very offbeat and smart , nothing can replace the aura they reflect , and are versatile enough to lend you a number of silhouettes. It is definitely important today to add them to your closets, as they promise funk and prep to your persona, which the simple tees fail to deliver. The hooded t-shirts designers or the long sleeve hooded t shirt wholesale companies are pampering the fashion forward women with an array of hooded tee ,  in a medley of cuts , shapes, designs , styles and colors, and hence giving them the opportunity to splurge on any of them , for the effortless wardrobe makeover.

Hooded T-Shirts Manufacturer

We have brought to you some of the coolest style ideas to help you embrace these tees with confidence.

Midriff fun

For all the little skin show you want to lay your hands on, you can try out the cropped hooded tee, team it with the high waist skinny pants. Add edge to this look with the ballet pump in silver or bronze for the much required glam touch.

The grunge avatar

What about having some fun in the winter with a grunge vibe reflection from your persona?  Let your cool skinnies get a fashion update as you team it with a graphic printed hooded tee, teamed with a long tee.  Keep your sneakers ready for the much required prep.

The athletic inspired silhouette

Looking forward to slip into the athletic inspired look, for all the athleisure fun? This becomes very easy with the hooded tee.  Pair up the hooded tee with colorful sneakers, the form fitted leggings, and the beanie cap, and look sporty chic enough for running errands on weekends or while traveling.

The girlish vibes

Away from the fiercely tomboyish vibe they carry, you can look very feminine and girlish as you team up the long sleeve hooded tee with a mini skater plaid skirt. Also this is too old school for you to carry, and remind you of your childhood days, when the check skirts used to be so much fun!

Mannish with class

When you are looking forward to dress yourself in mannish silhouette, keep it simple and classy with a black hooded tee, teamed with a pastel hued long trench coat, with the hood peeping out. The Capri legging and the white or grey sneakers will add the finishing touch to your look.

Keep calm and be sexy

It is time to update yourself with a sexy look, and for this too the hooded tee will be your companion.  Add the sleeveless leather jacket to the long sleeve hooded tee, and team this with a tight fitted lace white skirt, for the most charming attire solution for the party nights.

Animals prints

Pick up an animal printed hooded tee, and team this with leather leggings and animal printed toe pumps for a wild and bold look. This can be your dress for the parties, and also make you stand out from the rest.

Thus, with so the endless options being made available to your by the fashion experts, bloggers and the celebs, it is time to ditch the usual tees, and add the hooded one to your collection.

Watch Out For The Unique Ways To Look Dapper In The Ladies Polo Shirts

The major resurgence if the classic polo shirts is something to watch out for the fashionable ladies this season. There was a time when polo tees were only known and worn by the fashion forward men, and was associated with the sport golf. Today, ladies are not leaving themselves behind in trying out the polo tees, and the celebs are constantly offering new style ideas to the ladies to look uber-stylish and dapper in these classic polos. Popping the collar out is so much fun, and you will definitely love the way they add a vintage stance to your ensemble, be it in smart appealing look, or the classy and elegant one.

Ladies Polo Shirts Manufacturer

Adding twist to the polos, the leading polo shirts wholesale companies are definitely introducing them in the most novel and unique silhouettes especially for the ladies.

Here are some of the ideas to flaunt the polos in utmost versatility and gracefulness.

The runway fun

So, are you ready to walk the ramp at the college or at your office? We often encounter the fun runway shows at our vicinity and participating becomes better when you are pulling off something unique and off beat. For this, the mannish polo tee should be teamed with the voluminous skirt for the most appealing silhouette and accessorize with a classy silhouette.

Off beat color coordination

The unique pairing of striped polos go great with skirts and pants, just remember to keep the color coordination correct. If the tee has more colors, make sure to tone down the clothing counterpart, and add something contrasting to it.

Go bold, go wild

Polos used to come in whites at time, and some other neutral hues. Today, with time, they have revived themselves in other bold colors which can be worn in with single colored outfits, to add a color pop.  The color play is a good idea to look vibrant for any occasion effortlessly.

The mannish vibes

For a change, you can definitely try to look mannish for the formal occasions, to be something different. This way, the while polo tee comes to your rescue, and team up the white polo tee with high waist trouser, rendering an effortlessly cool and elegant silhouette.

Offbeat, your way

Are you in a mood to experiment your polo tee with something different and out of the traditional styles? Then you can bank on the striped retro polo tee, and team this cuffed trouser, a jacket and colored socks. Also the bow ties will add the classic vibes to your edgy look. Resonating a personal style, you are all ready for setting a new trend.

Simple, yet stylish

Staying simple and stylish is the new thing in fashion today, and for this effortless stance, you can throw on the simple polo tee half tucked into the skinny denims, with a clutch purse, ballerinas, and the goggles.

Urban poise

For the ultra glamlook, you need to get inclined towards a classy and feminine silhouette. Dress up in a polo tee, as you tuck it into a midi or full skater skirt, and the bow heel, reflecting an elegant and graceful demeanor.

With the high end and amazing wholesale ladies polo shirts introduced in the market today, ladies most add them in their closets for the most ravishing looks and attires.

The Power Of Striped T-Shirts As Showcased By The Renowned Celebs

There are some outfits which will never take a backseat from the global fashion scene, and among them, the striped t-shirts are definitely the most classical ones.  Simple and casual, but they have the dash of panache which none can deny, and also, not to forget the versatility they carry. Thus, if you are looking forward to give yourself a style makeover, make sure to stuff one striped tee into your wardrobe so that you can update yourself as the true fashion aficionado. The striped style quotient has been loved by the celebs, and they are demonstrating their love for these outfit type in a number of ways, be it fiercely formal , or predominantly casual, and elegantly classy.   With the leading striped t shirt wholesale companies introducing them in endless designs, cuts, color and styles, the fashionable women too get the opportunity to flaunt them in the most fashionable ways.

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Here are some of the best looks of the celebs in striped tees.

Diane Kruger

This smart and beautiful lady walked the streets if New York City in form fitting striped tank tee, with a denim jacket thrown over the shoulders. She added a posh and lavish leather skirt with this casual pairing and the pointed toes pumps! The best way to upgrade a simple striped tee to something very rocker chic.

Emma Stone

She was spotted in Beverley Hills this year wearing a loose fitted casual striped tee with blocks of white piping on each shoulder. She coupled this with cropped dark blue jeans and accessorized with dark beige footwear.

Heidi Klum

Her simple look definitely had an impact on the fashion scene. She was seen clad in a white and black cropped striped tee, and classic blue flared jeans. Adding class to this laid back look was the beautiful heeled footwear she has slipped into.

Katie Cassidy

Adding a sexy yet sporty quotient to her look, she chose to wear a sleeveless striped white and black body hugging tee , with high neck pattern ,  tucked into a white distressed jeans. Adding to the athletic flavor was the grey sneakers, which definitely gave her the ‘girl-next-door’ vibe.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is known for the fashion sense she delivers through her public appearances, be it at the movies, ramp or on the streets. She chose to flaunt a very casual look in a simple crew neck black and white striped tee with skinny blue jeans and ballet flats. Her hair tied to a knot added quirk and smartness to the ensemble.

Vanessa Hudgens

This hottie looked completely different and dapper in a striped tee.  Her tied striped cropped top with flowy black pant and bronze colored bag definitely sets a unique style trend. Her chunky earring was the oomph factor!

Olivia Palermo

She nailed the art of mixing feminine and masculine looks. In a blue and white striped tee, she paired her flowing white skirt, and accessorized this with the grey bag.  One can change this with palazzo, or also a suspender and denims.  Once you take cue from the celebs to mix and match the outfits, you become a pro in fashion.

Thus, with the reputed and acknowledged stripped t shirt suppliers adding newly designed striped tee to the retail stores, the fashion scene is finally looking forward to a number of ways to carry the striped tee in various ways.

Bring Home the Rio Olympics 2016 Craze with Nautical-striped and White Polo Shirts

The long wait is finally over – Rio Olympics 2016 are finally here! The athletic competition over the next two weeks is going to be undoubtedly fierce and it is going to be legendary with Michael Phelps taking his 21st gold! Keeping all that cut-throat competition and excitement for the game aside, let us talk about the battle of the best dressed team that clearly shows that fashion has become an integral part of sports. And what really caught our eye was the undying love for polo shirts showcased by Team USA and France. The styles flaunted by the Olympiads give some serious fashion goals to the fashionistas and contemporary gents.

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Team USA Makes Us Nostalgic on Nautical-prep Styling

The USA athletes for the Olympic Games are dressed in full classic, nautical style. They look smart in striped sweaters with navy blue blazer, solid wholesale polo shirt in red, white and blue. Dressed in white jeans, it simple weaves the entire ensemble together and confidence seems to be oozing out of them! The classic and sophisticated look has been balanced out with the casual boat shoes and it looks absolutely smashing.

Team France Sports a Sportier Look, Meaning Business

France has taken the understated road and dressed up its athletes in crisp and smart outfits. The Olympiads are seen in high-hemmed white trousers, polo shirts in white, stylish navy hoodies and a well-tailored navy trench coat. The entire ensemble is straightforward and gives out the message that French athletes are here to fight it out, come what may.

The color white runs through other teams as well, such as Australia, Cuba, Canada and Great Britain. Though they have not opted for polo shirts but white seems to be the color of the season fantastically complimented with red and navy blue.

For those who did not have the opportunity to fly down to Rio de Janeiro to cheer and motivate their teams, can feel like a part of the squad by wearing the uniforms worn by their most-loved athletes. Go for the nautical-striped polo shirts or go for white and pair it up with smart and stylish white trousers to really embrace the Rio Olympics 2016 look. Retailers and business owners can show their passion for sports and games by stocking up on polo t shirts wholesale from reputed manufacturers and wholesalers and contribute to the Olympics fever that swept across nations.

Striped Shirts – Go-to Wardrobe Staple for All Season!

Striped t-shirts were introduced in France in 1858 as a uniform of the French navy. This style spread like wildfire and was promptly adopted by sailors across Northern France and even top fashion houses began designing striped tees for the public to sort of pay homage to the maritime history. Also known as nautical shirts because of its rich connection to sailors and the sea, stripes have always managed to find its place in the wardrobe of the fashion-conscious and this year, it is back in a big way. So, if you’ve packed away your striped tees thinking the trend is gone, it is time to show them light and if you got none, then you are up for some serious shopping spree!

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Want to Feel Nostalgic? Classic Stripes Will Take You Back!

Remember those carefree days when you went for seaside trips with your daddy on cool summer days? Bring those cherished memories back through classic Breton style tee that will surely make you feel closer to the sea! The basic white, blue and black colors are definitely not out of style and paired up with your favorite pair of denims or shorts, it still looks gold. Invest in striped shirts wholesale because its enduring appeal will never fail you!

Not Really a Rule-follower? Irregular Stripes, Maybe?

If you are someone who wishes to stand apart from the crowd and show off your distinct sense of style, then the traditional nautical stripes are not for you. You need something different – irregular stripes in non-traditional colors. Check out block stripes in alternating thick and thin stripes, maybe displaying a blurred water color effect or digitized gradient styles. But avoid going for too gaudy colors because that might end up looking slightly awkward!

If there’s one thing that has kept this trend alive over centuries is because of the ability of the stripes to transcend style genres and lend a certain je ne sais quoi to almost any ensemble that is simply indescribable. Wholesale striped t-shirts look great on men and women both and in fact, plus sized fashion lovers can hope to look a few inches thin as it creates a soothing illusion.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that striped tees are the ultimate wardrobe staple for lovers of fashion around the world. For retailers who have kept their hands away from trying out this trend, 2016 is the year for you to jump on the bandwagon. Call upon reliable manufacturers to provide you with the best bulk deal!

Oasis Shirts an Ultimate Guide of Polo Shirt Manufacturers USA

Whenever you think of Innovative designs and high-quality clothing products, Oasis Shirts name of best wholesale clothing manufacturer house in USA,  Australia and Canada. Without thinking and not wasting your most of the investment on every manufacturer try out the widest range of cheap polo shirts wholesale for mens and womens collection house. Quality and designs of products are the main aims of us so, you can set your own designs with customizing your products at very cheap prices. This fall and winter staple these huge snazzy looks of polo shirts & tees with polo shirt supplier USA.

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Denim Shirts: A Wardrobe Essential Exhibiting Great Style

Denims are such a versatile and comfortable material that is deeply ingrained in the very core of women’s and menswear. Be it jackets, jeans or anything in between, this rugged fabric makes it dynamic presence and appeal feel in every man and woman’s wardrobe season after season, amidst all the fashion changes. There are certain pieces of garments that are classics and will not go out of style come what may and denim shirts stand shoulder to shoulder with polo and flannel shirts and the coveted LBD!

wholesale denim shirt

Denim Shirts: The Subdued Workhorse

Denim jackets and jeans scream ruggedness and promises to work extra hard to last long and enhance appearance adding a certain cool and charismatic charm. But the wholesale denim shirt is like a younger sibling to the family that does all the work but gets no credit for it! It silently manages to uplift outfits, inject life and create a multitasking wardrobe while remaining cool and comfy throughout spring and summer. It is a great layering piece as well and fashion lovers are often seen using it as a jacket during pre-fall season.

Call Us Old-fashioned, But Denim-on-denim Trend Still Rocks!

…well, unless you are inspired by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s big fashion faux pas, this style seriously works and looks awesome. The trick to pull it off is to choose complimentary or contrasting colors for top and bottom wear. A dark blue denim shirt with a matching shade of jeans is a big NO-NO! Keep it light and dark so that one does not overpower the other and stands out in its own right. Both men and women can nail this style trend with a little bit of planning and a whole lot of attitude!

A Great Outerwear for Dresses/Blouses

Replacing the regular jacket with a versatile denim shirt is a great idea. The material is soft, not too heavy and perfectly complements dresses, skirts and shorts. When worn with dresses, a slightly bigger sized shirts are preferred which can be further stylized by adding a belt to cinch at the waist and for tops, no matter how girly it is, the shirt adds a rough and tough touch to it.

Take it to Work…

Dress shirts, crispy white shirts, suits and blazers are the first things that come to mind when one says ‘formal wear’. But a denim shirts that buttons till the top is also perfect for office when paired up with a smart-looking, tailored jacket. Same goes for women…tuck it in trousers and dazzle at the board meeting!

To meet the growing demands of this chic style storm, designers and manufacturers are coming up with their own spin on denim shirts with cropped styles and fringes for women and pockets, buttons and varied sleeve styles with men. Get in touch with a denim shirt supplier to have a look at what’s in store!

Let’s Help Men Spice Up their Wardrobe This Season…

Fashion fades; style is eternal… yes, it is true that there are certain timeless pieces that never goes out style and has this undying fashion appeal such as a well-tailored navy blue suit or a trench coat but then, it doesn’t hurt to stay on-trend, does it? We are here to help the dapper men shakes things up a bit and make some eccentric wardrobe choices that will certainly help to win brownie points from the ladies and the boss. Retailers and business owners, stay alert as you will have to stock up to fulfill the needs of the fashion-hungry generation!

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Can Never Have Enough of Dress Shirts!

Men’s designer dress shirts wholesale exhibit such quintessential, majestic charm that is simply irresistible and perfect for making a smashing statement at work or when on a date. It is good to have a couple of those basic colored dress shirts for those dreaded, pressure-filled four days of the week but come Friday, it is time for jazzing things up a bit…even at office! And fortunately enough, dress shirts are today available in such lovely neutral to vivid colors with contrasting collars and cuffs and with fine patterns worked into it that hitting the party scene right after work hours seem like a breeze!

Put Some Color In Those Pants, Yo!

No, we don’t mean run around the town in neon colored pants. That would be too much! But a slight deviation from the regular blue, black, brown and gray shouldn’t hurt. A little color is enough to wake up a boring ensemble. Pastels look great but for first-timers, a maroon or green pant should be good to be comfortable with the whole idea.

Fitted T-shirts….Not SKINTIGHT!

It’s like the world no longer understands balance, it is either too less or too extreme! Skintight tees look good on no one…not even guys having really attractive physique with drool-worthy abs and all that. It is high time that the baggy t-shirts are replaced and guys opt for fitted tees. The t-shirts could be plain, solid colored ones or graphic printed ones that put one’s personality on full display.

Shirts But Not Really…Without Collars

For working professionals, it is shirts for everyday of the week! And on weekends, its either polos or V-neck tees. Same old…blah blah blah! Switch it up with collarless shirts that look like a tee but isn’t a tee. It is extremely light and breezy and perfect for those days when one just wants to put something on and have a relaxing day. Wholesale designer t shirts suppliers have more options for you…check it out.