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Denim Shirts: A Wardrobe Essential Exhibiting Great Style

Denims are such a versatile and comfortable material that is deeply ingrained in the very core of women’s and menswear. Be it jackets, jeans or anything in between, this rugged fabric makes it dynamic presence and appeal feel in every man and woman’s wardrobe season after season, amidst all the fashion changes. There are certain pieces of garments that are classics and will not go out of style come what may and denim shirts stand shoulder to shoulder with polo and flannel shirts and the coveted LBD!

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Denim Shirts: The Subdued Workhorse

Denim jackets and jeans scream ruggedness and promises to work extra hard to last long and enhance appearance adding a certain cool and charismatic charm. But the wholesale denim shirt is like a younger sibling to the family that does all the work but gets no credit for it! It silently manages to uplift outfits, inject life and create a multitasking wardrobe while remaining cool and comfy throughout spring and summer. It is a great layering piece as well and fashion lovers are often seen using it as a jacket during pre-fall season.

Call Us Old-fashioned, But Denim-on-denim Trend Still Rocks!

…well, unless you are inspired by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s big fashion faux pas, this style seriously works and looks awesome. The trick to pull it off is to choose complimentary or contrasting colors for top and bottom wear. A dark blue denim shirt with a matching shade of jeans is a big NO-NO! Keep it light and dark so that one does not overpower the other and stands out in its own right. Both men and women can nail this style trend with a little bit of planning and a whole lot of attitude!

A Great Outerwear for Dresses/Blouses

Replacing the regular jacket with a versatile denim shirt is a great idea. The material is soft, not too heavy and perfectly complements dresses, skirts and shorts. When worn with dresses, a slightly bigger sized shirts are preferred which can be further stylized by adding a belt to cinch at the waist and for tops, no matter how girly it is, the shirt adds a rough and tough touch to it.

Take it to Work…

Dress shirts, crispy white shirts, suits and blazers are the first things that come to mind when one says ‘formal wear’. But a denim shirts that buttons till the top is also perfect for office when paired up with a smart-looking, tailored jacket. Same goes for women…tuck it in trousers and dazzle at the board meeting!

To meet the growing demands of this chic style storm, designers and manufacturers are coming up with their own spin on denim shirts with cropped styles and fringes for women and pockets, buttons and varied sleeve styles with men. Get in touch with a denim shirt supplier to have a look at what’s in store!