Let’s Help Men Spice Up their Wardrobe This Season…

Fashion fades; style is eternal… yes, it is true that there are certain timeless pieces that never goes out style and has this undying fashion appeal such as a well-tailored navy blue suit or a trench coat but then, it doesn’t hurt to stay on-trend, does it? We are here to help the dapper men shakes things up a bit and make some eccentric wardrobe choices that will certainly help to win brownie points from the ladies and the boss. Retailers and business owners, stay alert as you will have to stock up to fulfill the needs of the fashion-hungry generation!

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Can Never Have Enough of Dress Shirts!

Men’s designer dress shirts wholesale exhibit such quintessential, majestic charm that is simply irresistible and perfect for making a smashing statement at work or when on a date. It is good to have a couple of those basic colored dress shirts for those dreaded, pressure-filled four days of the week but come Friday, it is time for jazzing things up a bit…even at office! And fortunately enough, dress shirts are today available in such lovely neutral to vivid colors with contrasting collars and cuffs and with fine patterns worked into it that hitting the party scene right after work hours seem like a breeze!

Put Some Color In Those Pants, Yo!

No, we don’t mean run around the town in neon colored pants. That would be too much! But a slight deviation from the regular blue, black, brown and gray shouldn’t hurt. A little color is enough to wake up a boring ensemble. Pastels look great but for first-timers, a maroon or green pant should be good to be comfortable with the whole idea.

Fitted T-shirts….Not SKINTIGHT!

It’s like the world no longer understands balance, it is either too less or too extreme! Skintight tees look good on no one…not even guys having really attractive physique with drool-worthy abs and all that. It is high time that the baggy t-shirts are replaced and guys opt for fitted tees. The t-shirts could be plain, solid colored ones or graphic printed ones that put one’s personality on full display.

Shirts But Not Really…Without Collars

For working professionals, it is shirts for everyday of the week! And on weekends, its either polos or V-neck tees. Same old…blah blah blah! Switch it up with collarless shirts that look like a tee but isn’t a tee. It is extremely light and breezy and perfect for those days when one just wants to put something on and have a relaxing day. Wholesale designer t shirts suppliers have more options for you…check it out.


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