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Five Things You Should Pair Up With Flannel Shirts And Get The Killer Look!

Plaid shirts are never out of fashion. Whether it is the warmth of the fabric or the mixture of contrasting colours, flannel shirts are always in. But when putting on a flannel shirt, you must know what to wear with them. Or else, you might end up looking like a fashion disaster. Apart from the celebrities, plaid shirts have become a top choice for the college-goers.

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Here are few things that you can pair up with the flannel shirts to look chic and sexy. Be a head-turner in your college with these cool fashion tips. On the other hand, if you are in retail business, then you can rev up your store with a fresh set of flannel shirts in bulk.

Leather Leggings Can Go Great With Plaid Shirts:

Plaid shirts are quite plain, to be honest. But if you want to bring that sheen to your look, you can pair it up with the bright black or brown leather leggings. Tuck the shirt in and you will look no less than a diva. Don’t forget to wear high heels and enhance your booties. If you don’t shy away from being a centre of attraction, then this look is just perfect for you on regular college days.

Plaid Shirts over Plain White Tee:

Plaid shirts can add colours to a plain and placid look. So if you have a plain white tee and a black mini skirt, then just throw a flannel shirt over it and you are ready to attend that party where your crush will also be present.  Thanks to the flannel shirts manufacturer who are using their creative ideas to take plaid shirts one step ahead. You can find a variety of colour combinations starting from red and black to white and blue. Choose whatever caters to your demands and style ’em up.

Vintage Pants With Plaid Shirt – A Cool Pair:

So, you think you are stylish enough to carry a plaid shirt with sheer panache! Try it out with the vintage bell bottoms and you are ready to hit the theatre hall with your partner. It is not always necessary to own pricey outfits to look fabulous. You can just use a little bit of creativity to stand out in the crowd.

Keep It Simple, Girl!

The best way to flaunt your flannel look is to stick to minimalism. Yes, keeping it simple can just give the look you desire. But how! Well, pair it up with your favourite tattered jeans and you will get the look!

Tie It Around Your Waist:

If nothing else suits your taste and you want to try out a different look, then tie your plaid shirt around your waist and put on a jacket over it. You are ready to go and chill out with your buddies.