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Ways to Wear a Denim Shirt in Style

Denim shirts have always been the favorite of fashion fanatics. Worn by both men and women, these shirts have been in people’s wardrobes for decades. The best thing about these shirts is that they never go out of style. This is a classic, yet versatile wardrobe staple that goes perfectly well with a variety of clothing items. Whether you are going for a casual gathering or a formal occasion, denim shirts are the way to go. There are many ways to wear a denim shirt. Here are a few ideas that you can try out:

Formal Denim Shirts

Denim shirt with Jeans:

When dressing in casuals, you can opt for jeans with denims. However, make sure you choose different washes for both the clothing items. Don’t make the mistake of wearing the same wash of denim shirt with jeans. It would make your attire look boring. Instead, you should create a stronger contrast to make the look stand out. For example, if you are wearing a white washed denim shirt, you can wear dark wash jeans with it. Both skinny and boot cut jeans are in these days. You can go for any of the two.

Denim shirt as a jacket:

A lot of people wear denim shirts over tee, and that looks extremely trendy. If you are wearing casuals like jeans and tee shirt, you can jazz up your look wearing a denim shirt over the t-shirt. Keep the shirt unbuttoned and the denim shirt will act as a jacket. Denim is considered to be a neutral color in the fashion world. That is why you can mix and match with a lot of different colors of t-shirt.

Denim shirt underneath blazer:

If you are going on a function and you need something semi-formal to wear, formal denim shirts will be your saving grace. You can wear the formal denim shirt underneath your blazer to sport a rather semi-casual and sexy look. Some men also prefer wearing a slim and casual tie to complete this look. This essentially gives you a serious yet trendy appearance that is appropriate for after-work parties or semi-casual dinners.

These are top ways of wearing a denim shirt. If you are a big admirer of the denim shirt look, you can collect a few different shades of denim shirts to fill your wardrobe with options!

5 Tips For Styling Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are those timeless classics that you may wear for ages without being a faux pas. And, the best part of these shirts is that you may wear one shirt in myriad ways, and you will always end up looking new and great! Wondering how to go about it? Well, it’s easy; simply follow these guidelines below and start looking great every time you wear your good ol’ flannel shirt—

Stylish Flannel Shirts

1. Wear your regular jeans and a tank top, and seal this look by sporting an open-buttoned flannel shirt in great color combinations like blue, red, etc. This is one versatile look that you can carry around every casual place alike. And, if you want a playful change, then swap your basic tank top with a graphic tee. It works wonders to your whole look! Try it now!

2. You may also team your flannel shirts underneath your hoodies. They look cool and casual. However, if you want to look different from the rest, wear your flannel shirts over your hoodies. Yea; you’ve heard us right. Fold your sleeves up, wear your worn-out jeans and your favorite canvas shoes, and you’re simply done. Would you say anymore that you always need to put in extra effort always to look your casual best?

3. Simply throw it above your favorite pair of jeans un-tucked, and fold the sleeves up in a carefree fashion, and you’re done. Easy, casual but timeless!

4. be classic and effortless by tucking in your flannel shirt neatly in your proper denim pants. You may team the entire look with a proper satchel and a pair of stilettos or even a backpack and a pair of canvas shoes. And, if you have an oversized shirt, then it just gets better! Loosely tuck the ends of the shirts, and roll up your sleeves. You may team this look with a pair of full length or cropped pants. But, we’d ask you to go a step further and team this up with your hot shorts, torn and tattered! Looks great and stylish without having to put in any effort at all!

5. You may also team your flannel shirt with your leather jacket. Make sure the flannel shirt is of some pop or bold color as it breaks the monochromatic winter attire of yours and instill a lot of charm and good-feeling aura about you.

4 Ways To Wear Your Denim Shirt

Shirts and denims have been among those few wearable that has been around for quite long now. In fact, their absence in the runaway circuit is simply as deniable as going to Hawaii in fully-clad apparels. But what happens when these two fashion necessities decide to “get together”? No; no prize for the answer for everyone, whether a fashion addict or not, is well aware of the mammoth craze that denim shirts have garnered in a year or so.

Wholesale Denim Shirts

We love our denim shirts too, but not because it’s in fashion or it looks good. We love it for the sheer reason that it is one of the most versatile wears ever. Don’t believe us? Well, read on to know a few ways you can style your denim shirt—

1. Go Denim on Denim

One of the “craze” this season, simply wear your dark colored denim shirt over your denim pants. Whether you want to tuck in or not absolutely rest on you. The fact that you’re bold enough to pair denim over another makes you a style diva indeed!

2. Denim Shirts over Dresses

For that corporate meeting, team a structured denim shirt over your office dress, or for that black tie event, team it over your little black body-con, and you shall emerge as the diva everywhere! In fact, the versatility of this dress prompts that it can be worn even over your lovely sun dress. Just throw a casual open-buttoned shirt over your pretty, flowy sun dress, and be the charmer!

3. Denim Shirts over Skirts

Flowy or fitted, maxi or mini, you may team your denim shirt literally with skirts of all kinds. Such is the charm of this simply shirt. If you want to go bohemian, pair those studded denim shirts with those flowy, solid maxi skirts and team this ensemble up with chunks of accessories! For this purpose, you may also gift yourself wholesale denim shirts in order to have one piece for every wear!

4. The 9 to 9 Look

A pair of great legging, a structured jacket and a denim shirt is all you need to pull off a brilliant office look. And, for the after-party? Well, simply throw off the jacket, roll up your sleeves and add a chunky neck piece or two, and be the star there too!

It’s Time to Pick Winter Special Flannel Shirts from a Top Manufacturer

With the winter setting in once again, you must be stocking up your wardrobe with sweaters, coats, jackets and sweatshirts in myriad hues and fits. However, if you think that you’re well equipped with all kinds of apparels to help you cope with winters, then you’re mistaking for your winter wardrobe will remain forever empty without a few flannel shirts!

You may be a man or a woman, a boy or a girl, if you want to be full proof against the harsh winters, get yourself a flannel shirt. Here’s a know how on how to pick the perfect flannel shirt—

Flannel Shirts For Unisex
1. Soft but Heavy

If you are looking for the perfect flannel shirt for yourself or your loved ones, then the first things that you should do is touch and feel the fabric. The best quality flannel shirt or dress would be smooth and soft. However, they would, at the same time, be weightier than shirts of other fabrics. Well, you may get good flannel ‘lightweight’ shirts, but the heavy ones ensure you a sweater or jacket-less sojourn during autumn and early winters.

2. Patterns TALK

Flannel shirts are timeless. You have earlier seen great Hollywood hunks and divas adorning it, and you’ve seen the divas and hunks of today wearing it too. So, as far as the pattern is concerned, always go for the “cliched” ones. But, don’t be scared! We are just asking you to go for the cliched patterns; you can always experiment with the style and colors! To get the best deal and the best colors of the season, you can check for the winter special flannel shirts for unisex at the top manufacturer and wholesaler nearest to you.

3. Fit Matters

If you’re intending to sport a timeless classic flannel shirt, do not wear those body hugging ones. The “traditional”, a bit over sized fit is what makes the flannel shirts all the more special. And, if you still want to get hold of the body hugging ones, your friend in need would be the flannel shirts wholesaler.

4. Price

Yes; like everything, you get flannel shirts too in different ranges. But when it comes to flannel shirts, choose quality over price. Always go by the above measures to choose your shirt. The costly ones are not always the best, at least with these flannel shirts. So, choose yours accordingly. Buy in bulk from a top manufacturer and you will be a happy heart at the end of the shopping spree!

Ideas to Style Up Yourself With Black and Red Checked Shirt!

Checked shirts have not yet lost its popularity, rather as the fashion trends are changing, more designs and styles are emerging in this category. Though started with men wearing it as a clan identity in the Scottish uplands, now it has become a trendy casual wear for fashionable ladies. Through its dramatic evolution it has made its way into the mainstream fashion clothing.

Black and Red Shecked Shirt

The hipster look of these checked shirts attracts customers irrespective of their age and genders. If you are also fond of plaid shirts, then here are some styling tips for you.

Black and Red Checked Shirt With Denim:

This is probably the most favoured choice of the modern fashion conscious women. The striking combination of jet black and bright red will lend you a cool yet stylish appearance. Denim itself is another chic option and you can probably imagine how these two will go together. Just add a flashy belt around your waste and you are ready for the hangout with your friends or the romantic date you were looking forward to.

Plaid shirts With Shorts:

Take that same Black and Red Checked Shirt and wear it with your sexy pair of shorts. It will reveal your sleek and toned legs and make you the head turner without any over-the-top embellishment. You can tuck it in or let it loose, choose whatever makes you fall for the image in the mirror. Just check out the online stores of the leading manufacturers where you will find a wide variety of plaid shirts in different and exciting amalgamation of colors.

Checked shirt on Tank Tops:

Another option to carry your plaid shirt stylishly is wearing it on the cool tank tops. Wear a white tank top underneath your Black and Red Checked Shirt and accessorize it with elegant long necklaces. You will surely be the center of attention among your peers.

So, it is time to rummage the inventories of the online clothing stores and choose the plaid shirt that suits your taste.

7 Ways to Style Your Classic Crisp White Shirt

What, according to you, is the most versatile wear of all? If you ask us, we’d undoubtedly go for shirts. No matter whether it is a lazy Sunday afternoon brunch with your friends or a Saturday night party with your colleagues or a meeting at your office, a proper shirt can make you look a million dollars everywhere. And, if you find it difficult to agree with us, here’s furnishing you with a few tips on how to wear your basic white shirt, and change them into eye-catchers everywhere—

Crisp White Shirt
1. For that special meeting at your office, you may simply wear a full sleeved crisp white shirt and team it with a well tailored skirt or a pair of pants. A pair of tights over a crisp white tucked in shirt topped with an open buttoned leather tailor jacket is also a great option if you’re comfortable in pulling yourself stylishly at your office.

2. A loose white classic shirt over a pair of tights and suede boots or stilettos are great for that shopping spree with your girl friends.

3. If it’s a proper evening event, you may wear your ¾ sleeved classic black sweater dress over a crisp white shirt and wrap up the ensemble with a sleek but catchy neck piece in silver or gold. Ah! no one can stop the diva in you to play a sneak-peak!

4. So, you’re wearing a flowy skirt or a grand palazzo for the day out, and are simply clueless about how and what to accentuate it with? Simple; wear a classic white shirt, roll up the sleeves and keep the collar buttons open. And, you’re done.

5. For those boring college lectures, simply wear a colorful tank top and top it off with an open buttoned, rolled-up sleeved classic white shirt. Wear this with your ripped jeans, and you’re simply great to go!

6. Team your denim hot shorts with a stylish classic white shirt, and throw it on just casually. Accentuate the look with an aviator and a pair of casual slippers. You, my lady, have just hit a master stroke!

7. If you’ve got a knee length loose fitted classic white shirt, pair it with tan slippers and let a thin tan belt wrap it up over your waist line, and you’re good to go! Take a giant tote and a wear mirrored aviators to finish the look!

Do you have the fabulous flannel shirts collection ready for fall?

The wonderful autumn days are back with so many reasons to enjoy. From Halloween to Thanksgiving, there will be so many reasons to create new stories of life. But the best of every season for avid fashion conscious would be the new arrivals, to bring some fresh changes in their wardrobe. So the soft and lightweight, mostly wool woven flannel shirts, has arrived the fashion courtyards. With excellent warm coating, flannel shirts are ideal to keep you outdoors for long, yet not compromising on the style factor anyway. Designed from the early 17th century, flannel fabrics were most popular in the Wales and used to make sleepwear.

Grey flannel shirt

The fine fabric flannel shirts are blended with best of wool, cotton or synthetic fibers. But the old unfashionable flannel shirts are indeed very popular now. However, it exploded the fashion market in the 1990s, thanks to the pop culture and grunge music. So you will definitely get a wide variety of flannel shirts around the city and online, but you need to be very picky unless you want to look like a dull and boring. Complex colors, basics patterns or vice versa would be some fashion upgrade.

Flannel shirts are designed very indicatively, offering men, an assorted range from casual, to spunk till formal collection. In fact one flannel shirt can be worn in many different ways so there chance for monotony. Grey hues on plaid flannel shirts often give a charming, macho appeal to men’ look and can be played very skillfully. So you could pick some plaid grey flannel shirts because it could be a cool and casual way to rock your casual looks. If you want a slight messy and undone look, then keep the flannel shirt partially tucked, leave some front buttons, unbuttoned. Significantly, if it is a light grey flannel shirt, try pairing it up with dark and heavy washed denims.

Since, winter will soon be approaching and sweaters would be more common, you could get more creative with flannel shirts, layering it! Choose some bright dramatic color flannel shirts and team it with basic contrast, mono hued sweaters or pull over. Tuning down the colored flannel shirts in layers, will ooze out class and sophistication, enhancing your character all the better. So, pick the pick the different kinds of flannel fabric shirts, whether a multivalued, basic or grey flannel shirt, to match your mood all through the season ideally.