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How To Look Smoking Hot In A Black Shirt: A Man’s Guide

Black is a color that’s daring, bold, and fearless and when you combine it with a shirt, you get a look that’s simply irresistible for any woman. A black shirt outfit always successfully raises the temperature, starting with holding the female gaze longer than just a few seconds on you.

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7 attractive men’s black shirt outfits to drool on

If you want to get everybody’s attention around you the moment you reach your destinationthen make sure you memorize this list till the end.

  1. Okay, first, you don’t need any excuse to wear a black shirt, you can wear it in any season for any reason you like. You can try a plain solid black shirt, a textured black shirt, a check black shirt, or a striped black shirt when partnering with grey pants. Just make sure that your pants aren’t a charcoal grey color and they aren’t patterned.
  2. An extrovert? Love to do pool parties with friends often? Consider pairing a printed black shirt with shorts. It’s also a great combination if your woman likes to see some skin show whenever possible. If it’s a date with the girl then pair your outfit with loafers, whereas flip-flops will work well for pool parties. Remember, this is happening when it’s night-time, not during the day (when you are at risk of going black yourself).
  3. Another common and hot black shirt outfit is when you partner such a shirt with denim jeans. Maroon, olive green, brown, grey, blue, white, any color can look good, and even black-on-black is a hit combination. And when it’s about a black shirt, you can try any denim jeans style to make things a little spicier— rough-based, ripped, or casual.
  4. A black shirt with beige-brown pants is one of the best outfits that you can ever throw on. However, if you need to attend an evening party then pair a quality nice textured black shirt with plain solid brown pants that are a tad lighter than your shirt.
  5. Thinking about how to wear a black shirt tothe office? Combine it with blue trousers. It will give you a macho appearance. Folding the sleeves while working will definitely attract some lingering looks your way. Complete the outfit with deep brown boat shoes.
  6. An unusual pair that can brighten up any setting is a black shirt and green pants combination. While green formal pants will earn you some appreciation from your seniors or colleagues, green jeans will create magic in a casual setting, making your name appear on the lips of every lady.
  7. As mentioned before, the black-on-black combination is something that never fails to make you get noticed. Be it office meets, weddings, or formal gatherings, you do attract people the moment you slip into such an outfit.

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