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3 Winter Maternity Staples That You Ought To Try Out

When pregnant, you are dressing for two. And as the temperature keeps falling, every fashion choice you make has significant results. If you catch a cold, the baby is going to suffer too. Come on, you don’t want that. As days past, your thick winter sweater will start creeping up your belly. Jeans can become extremely uncomfortable to wear. So what do you do? Here is a suggestion, three pieces that are maternity wonders and beat the cold like a boss. Keep reading to know more.


wholesale maternity clothing

A nice pair of colorful leggings

Pregnant or not, a pair of leggings is always a comfortable choice to make. But when you are expecting, a pair of leggings will become your best friend. But which one do you need to invest in? Something that comes in bright colors, quirky prints and thick fabric (to keep you warm). Leggings are stretchy, which means that they can accommodate your growing belly and can be worn throughout those nine months and even after that. If you like to keep things simple, then a solid version of the same can do wonders as well. Just remember, pick a long top over the leggings which take us to the next piece.

Oversized button downs

If you notice carefully, all maternity tee shirts have a considerable good length which covers the torso well. This is because it is comfortable and less awkward. All pregnant women get conscious of their body and covering the torso takes away attention from the tummy. Maternity shirts and tees are relaxing and keep both the mum and the bump at ease. You can opt for a wide range of colors like white, black, red, burgundy, blue and dark green. Why? Because it makes you look thin. Denim shirts and flannel shirts are also great picks for they are trendy and classic. You can borrow your partner’s oversized shirts and t-shirts for they feel snug and warm.


wholesale maternity t shirts

Outerwear and accessories

It is really important for the mommies to keep themselves warm because it keeps the babies warm. Sweaters, vests, blazers, cardigans, and coats are presumably all options. In fact, a sweater dress can be worn with a pair of leggings to look stylish while also keeping the comfort deriving factors high. You don’t have to invest in big sweaters and blazers. You can wear a structured one, but make sure that is easy for you and doesn’t cause any sorts. Accessories like scarfs and hats will add to your attire greatly, so go for them as well.

To conclude, these nine months are the most beautiful ones in your life. You should enjoy every moment of it. Pick your clothes carefully and make the journey aesthetically beautiful as well. Flaunt your bump with pride. Manufacturers of wholesale maternity clothing have all these pieces and more displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk. Register today to get massive discounts on the purchase.

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3 Winter Maternity Staples That You Ought To Try Out


How to Incorporate a Flannel Shirt with Your Typical Christmas Attires

Do you desperately want to wear your flannel button down for this Christmas? But don’t know how to do that? Well, then keep reading. Here is a list of ensembles that state how to put together your flannel shirt with your typical Christmas attire. They are easy and they are charming. For the perfect result, read closely.


Flannel plaid shirt women


  • A sequin skirt can never go out of style. The chic charm of a sequin skirt (for this occasion, we recommend gold sequins) when combined with the timeless appeal of red flannel plaid shirts, the result is stunning as always. Pull over a white sweater on top of the shirt with the collar and cuffs sitting out proudly (tuck the entire thing in the skirt to give your waist a skinny illusion effect). A chunky neckpiece and red pumps will get the mood of the attire right, helping you look like a Christmas doll.
  • If you were planning to wear that ugly Christmas sweater which we all love to hate, why not give it a nice twist by teaming it with a flannel shirt? Don’t have to go over the top with this one. The basic clothing ensemble remains same- the sweater, a pair of jeans and boots. Only, you switch your t-shirt for the flannel shirt and let the collar stick out. Warm and adorable, this ensemble may turn out to be the cutest Christmas appearance ever.
  • You know how much in-demand and in-style tailored clothing is right now. So pick your red slim fit flannel shirt and tuck it inside a black midi skirt. The pop of color is bright and suits the tone of Christmas well. It is a classic Christmas outfit idea for it is elegant and sophisticated. Complete the ensemble with a pair of strappy heels. For the maximum impact, avoid wearing too much makeup and keep the rest of the look grounded. Women’s plaid flannel shirt in red can be purchased from the massive inventory of the leading manufacturers of the same.
  • The mood of Christmas requires you to dress in red and white and here is the perfect idea to achieve that feat. All you need is an oversized flannel shirt in red and a white overcoat. Wear these two together for an ensemble that highlights on being simple yet effective enough to turn heads. A pair of red pumps and a white beanie will sum up the look with panache unparalleled.
  • You know what is quirky? Wearing a suit for the Christmas party! You have to be super confident to pull off a typical man’s attire but with the right accessories, you can slay the ensemble. Put on the suit, but swap the white dress shirt for a flannel shirt in red. Here, remember to match the color of the suit and shirt for an easier approach. Wear a sharp pair of heels to stand out and add to your stature. Also, the key to getting this look right is to wear a tailored suit.

Now that seems easy! All you need is a little insight and help. With so much information on how to incorporate your flannel shirt with your Christmas attires, you can now definitely rock each of the look. Flannel plaid shirt women are available in multiple colors with the top manufacturers of the same. Interested retailers who are looking to make a bulk purchase can register online with the manufacturers. Special holiday discounts are available for bulk buyers.


How to Incorporate a Flannel Shirt with Your Typical Christmas Attires


4 Ways to Channel the Flannel This Winter!

Flannel has been the point of discussion for too long now. And guess what, they deserve it. You know they do. So how are planning to appreciate their versatility and comfort this season? If you have no idea how to do the task, here is a list of reference for you. Each occasion represents the perfect flannel clothing you need to garner compliments from all. Keep reading to know more.

For the casual outing with friends: Flannel shirt

When you are extremely lazy and have to go out with your friends, it is better to keep things simple and modest. You know you have no dressing norm to follow or anyone to impress, you can keep the attire controlled. For this particular look, you can use a flannel shirt. It is naturally grungy and spontaneous in its approach, which further makes it easy to steer. Wear your red plaid flannel shirt on top of a solid grey tee, compiled with a pair of black slim fit jeans and black sneakers. Shades and backpack can depend on your mood. Easy and warm, this is a must try casual wear. Flannel shirts wholesale can be purchased from top manufacturers producing the same in bulk.


flannel shirts wholesale

Chilling with Netflix and coffee: Flannel leggings

When you are staying home and have no intention of moving out (it is too cold outside), the best thing to do is to chill alone and watch Netflix. Come on, you got to agree! Nothing can get better than watching those holiday movies and gorging on some homemade popcorn. But if you want to feel authentic, skip those PJs and slip into super comfy flannel leggings. They do look a lot like your pajamas but are dressier in their appeal. Wear an oversized knitted sweater on top to complete the look and be ready to hop out whenever required.

The date: Flannel shawl

A winter date under the stars is romantic to every letter of the word. But it can get cold real quick, real fast. So if you don’t want to freeze, the best way to dress up is to use a flannel shawl. There are two points to notice for this ensemble. First, you are still implementing flannel in your look. Second, flannel can keep you warm even on the coldest night. As for the rest of the attire, go for a knitted turtleneck in white, a pair of slim fit jeans in dark blue, a pair of knee length boots and the shawl wrapped around your torso. Wear a pendant to get the simple accentuation on point. Sophisticated and graceful, your date will be impressed beyond imagination.

The Christmas party: Flannel shirt

When going to a Christmas party, you have to get your dressing game on point if you really want to stand out in the crowd. Whether you want to dress up or keep it simple, this ensemble satisfies you well on both fronts. All you need is a red flannel shirt tucked inside a black skater skirt. This basic ensemble is easy to achieve but difficult to carry if you get the accessories wrong. A pair of black fishnet stockings with black pumps sitting at its end is right for the bottom part of your ensemble. A black hat will get you going with the party mood while amplifying your look.

Thus, this season, let your flannel shirt be the hero that it deserves to be by wearing it right. Channel your flannel well to enhance your personal style statement. Custom flannel shirts showcasing a wide range of colors can be purchased from the manufacturers of the same. Retailers can make a bulk purchase while securing massive discounts.


4 Ways to Channel the Flannel This Winter!


How to Use Your Oversized Flannel Shirt This Season for a Diva-Inspired Look

An oversized flannel shirt is often the focal point of antagonism because women are not sure how to wear them. Unlike a fitted flannel shirt, an oversized flannel shirt needs a little more work than usual. They have to be coupled perfectly. Instead of giving you proper clothing combinations, here are ways you can experiment with them. Keep reading to know more.

Two oversized clothes make for one spectacular finish. Thus, we put together an oversized knitted cardigan in white and an oversized flannel shirt in red and black plaid. That is it! No other clothing pieces are required for that will add bulk to the clothes and your silhouette. Let the cardigan and the flannel shirt sort out their own charm. You can accentuate the look using accessories. For instance, use a pair of knee length boots in black to add to the style quotient of the appearance. Aviators, some junk jewelry, and an oversized bag will only complete the look.


oversized flannel shirts wholesale


But nothing beats the simple basic. Yes, we all are aware of that! If you are not a fan of oversized clothing, then wear your black oversized flannel button down like a jacket over a solid white tee. A pair of black jeans, black ankle length boots, and a black textured bomber jacket will complete this effective but otherwise humble ensemble. The monochromic effect looks great and endearing. For that extra touch of warmth, you can wear a black beanie, while setting your locks free. Flannel shirts wholesale manufacturers have a colorful assortment of flannel shirts displayed in their catalog.

Change of one accessory redefines the look. So if you love dressing up all grungy, then wear a pair of black ankle length boots with your jeans and flannel combo. To instantly turn it into something more fashionable and chic, replace your ankle length boots with a pair of knee length tan boots. One switch and you will be transformed into an “elegant” lassie from a “don’t care classy” chick. (For this one, it is more about the accessory and not the flannel shirt in itself that plays the hero).

And an extra bit of classy can never hurt anyone. So put together your solid black jumpsuit with a red plaid flannel shirt and a pair of ankle length booties. You will be surprised at the charm it weaves around the onlookers. Let your oversized flannel shirt be the anchor of the appearance, hence, be a slight bit careful about the texture of the button down. Red plaid should do the work flawlessly!

Also, you can’t stop taking inspiration from the constant changing dynamism of streetwear. And streetwear is completely indicative of putting together pieces that ideally don’t go with each other. Since athleisure right now is the latest trend on the streets, pick your yoga leggings in black and wear it with a blue plaid flannel shirt with an oversized fit that flatters your body. This odd combination has a way of garnering all the attention it deserves. You can further wear a pair of knee length boots to give the ensemble an undeniable panache.

Hence, it can be concluded that flannel shirts, no, oversized flannel shirts, if worn correctly can help you channel your inner diva and help you become a star in your own right. All you need to do is wear the shirts correctly. Take inspiration from the clothing ensembles mentioned here and make this season a memorable one (complain, if you don’t get the desired attention!)

Custom flannel shirts of different shades and textures can be purchased in bulk by the retailers from the manufacturers in bulk at discounted prices.


How to Use Your Oversized Flannel Shirt This Season for a Diva-Inspired Look


5 Ways to Slip Your Son into a Shirt This Festive Season

You have been busying paying attention to your own clothes so much that you forgot your son needs help dressing up too. With his heart-melting smile, he is truly the star looking for a stage. Well, make the festive season his stage and his clothes a reason to shine through. How? Don’t worry. A list of clothing ensembles has been listed here. But you might notice that each of them integrate a shirt. the reason is simple- a shirt looks conventional but is extremely comfortable to wear, especially for the young boys. So here is your follow through and how to wear different types of shirts in different combinations.


wholesale kids shirt


Pick a flannel shirt for your little boy and team it with a pair of khaki pants. A pair of boots for footwear and a black textured jacket on top will complete the ensemble while adding oodles of cuteness to his appearance.

A polka dot shirt looks great on kids, especially when combined with bright colors. So opt for one for your little hunk and couple it with a pair of jeans and tan boots. Use a bow tie to add to his adorability. If the temperature dips low, wrap a mini bomber jacket around him to look equally charming and fashionable.

If your son isn’t too fussy about his look, then you can opt for a solid oxford shirt in a pristine shade of white. You can team it with a pair of black denim and a waistcoat to add panache to his appearance. A shiny pair of shoes and a bow tie will surely make him a stand out in the crowd. Wholesale kids shirt manufacturers have the best white shirts with frills and other design innovations displayed in their inventory.

Who said polo shirt is only for the adults? Pick a blue polo shirt for your adorable munchkin and help him combine it with a nice pair of white trousers. A pair of sneakers and a waistcoat on top will complete the ensemble. Let the collar pose out to give him a nifty appearance, ready to slay the world.

A checkered shirt in light blue looks elegant and when teamed with a pair of dark denim for the little one, the result is always stunning. A pair of black textured boots, a knitted sweater on top and a scarf will give him an endearing appearance, worthy of attention and praise.

Thus, this festive season, make sure you dress your kid the part which will help him become the life of all parties. Let his charm work through the clothes and his skills take over the world! Use the shirt to its optimum capacity by retorting to the ensembles mentioned here. Popular wholesale kids clothing manufacturer have the best shirts displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk at discounted prices.


5 Ways to Slip Your Son into a Shirt This Festive Season


This Christmas, Women Must Look out for the Designer Sheer Shirts

Christmas is officially here and women as usual cannot wait to find the best party wear options for the festive season. Looking the best matters, but presenting you in a different light than the rest also works wonderfully to set major fashion trends. You can either follow the crowd, or choose something that is fresh, new or even vintage but most importantly something unique and offbeat. Do you want something in a magical blend of elegance and sexiness? For this fusion, you have the sheer blouses or shirts that reflect a very stylish appeal.  These shirts can be worn to the office after party for Christmas Eve, or to the church also with family, and hence exude a versatility that is irreplaceable.


wholesale shirts


Sheer trend is going strong today and if you want to be a part of this, you always have the safe options in the form sheer shirts that are gorgeous and happening. Be it in prints or neutrals and pastels or in color blocking designs, these sheer shirts come in an array of styles.

Here are some options to wear the sheer wholesale shirts this Christmas party season.

Learn to spruce up layering game

You can use the sheer shirt as a layer or layer it with something warmer, as you wish to go ahead. The sheer shirt can be worn with similar or contrasting colored slip or sports bras worn underneath for a very badass yet pretty ensemble.  You can also layer the sheer shirts in crazy winter evenings on Christmas with a blazer for some structure or a knit sweater for warmth.  Thus, make sure to be on point with your layering game for the sheer shirts.

Loose and relaxed

Each and every outfit design works in a certain way, and you have to stick to that. You must make sure that while buying the sheer shirts crafted by the leading shirts wholesale brand, you look for the loose ones, instead of buying something that is too tight and body hugging.  The looser fitted style is relaxed and floaty and goes in tune with the style that sheer shirts reflect.


women shirts wholesale


Button up for formal evenings

Do you have a Christmas special office party to attend? Instead of being boring, you can just dress up the sheer shirt in some soft shade. Look sharp in a sheer blouse by buttoning it up all the way.  You can tuck it into a pencil skirt or drape on a blazer for an office-friendly look.

Pair different materials properly

You have to carry a balanced and proportionate attire while wearing the loose- fitted and comfy sheer shirts. They are generally and naturally quite voluminous, and hence you have to try creating structure on your bottom half by wearing stiffer and heavier fabrics.  The accessories that you would be choosing should be sharp.

Experiment with textures

You can experiment with the sheer shirts as you combine them with different textures, for the Christmas party season. The sheer and lightweight shirts look great with contrasting fur vests, leather skirts or leggings, or brocade and embellished skirts

Thus, as the leading shirts wholesalers are bringing in a variety of sheer shirts, this Christmas, make them your closet staple.


This Christmas, Women Must Look out for the Designer Sheer Shirts