4 Ways to Channel the Flannel This Winter!

Flannel has been the point of discussion for too long now. And guess what, they deserve it. You know they do. So how are planning to appreciate their versatility and comfort this season? If you have no idea how to do the task, here is a list of reference for you. Each occasion represents the perfect flannel clothing you need to garner compliments from all. Keep reading to know more.

For the casual outing with friends: Flannel shirt

When you are extremely lazy and have to go out with your friends, it is better to keep things simple and modest. You know you have no dressing norm to follow or anyone to impress, you can keep the attire controlled. For this particular look, you can use a flannel shirt. It is naturally grungy and spontaneous in its approach, which further makes it easy to steer. Wear your red plaid flannel shirt on top of a solid grey tee, compiled with a pair of black slim fit jeans and black sneakers. Shades and backpack can depend on your mood. Easy and warm, this is a must try casual wear. Flannel shirts wholesale can be purchased from top manufacturers producing the same in bulk.


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Chilling with Netflix and coffee: Flannel leggings

When you are staying home and have no intention of moving out (it is too cold outside), the best thing to do is to chill alone and watch Netflix. Come on, you got to agree! Nothing can get better than watching those holiday movies and gorging on some homemade popcorn. But if you want to feel authentic, skip those PJs and slip into super comfy flannel leggings. They do look a lot like your pajamas but are dressier in their appeal. Wear an oversized knitted sweater on top to complete the look and be ready to hop out whenever required.

The date: Flannel shawl

A winter date under the stars is romantic to every letter of the word. But it can get cold real quick, real fast. So if you don’t want to freeze, the best way to dress up is to use a flannel shawl. There are two points to notice for this ensemble. First, you are still implementing flannel in your look. Second, flannel can keep you warm even on the coldest night. As for the rest of the attire, go for a knitted turtleneck in white, a pair of slim fit jeans in dark blue, a pair of knee length boots and the shawl wrapped around your torso. Wear a pendant to get the simple accentuation on point. Sophisticated and graceful, your date will be impressed beyond imagination.

The Christmas party: Flannel shirt

When going to a Christmas party, you have to get your dressing game on point if you really want to stand out in the crowd. Whether you want to dress up or keep it simple, this ensemble satisfies you well on both fronts. All you need is a red flannel shirt tucked inside a black skater skirt. This basic ensemble is easy to achieve but difficult to carry if you get the accessories wrong. A pair of black fishnet stockings with black pumps sitting at its end is right for the bottom part of your ensemble. A black hat will get you going with the party mood while amplifying your look.

Thus, this season, let your flannel shirt be the hero that it deserves to be by wearing it right. Channel your flannel well to enhance your personal style statement. Custom flannel shirts showcasing a wide range of colors can be purchased from the manufacturers of the same. Retailers can make a bulk purchase while securing massive discounts.


4 Ways to Channel the Flannel This Winter!



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