5 Ways to Slip Your Son into a Shirt This Festive Season

You have been busying paying attention to your own clothes so much that you forgot your son needs help dressing up too. With his heart-melting smile, he is truly the star looking for a stage. Well, make the festive season his stage and his clothes a reason to shine through. How? Don’t worry. A list of clothing ensembles has been listed here. But you might notice that each of them integrate a shirt. the reason is simple- a shirt looks conventional but is extremely comfortable to wear, especially for the young boys. So here is your follow through and how to wear different types of shirts in different combinations.


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Pick a flannel shirt for your little boy and team it with a pair of khaki pants. A pair of boots for footwear and a black textured jacket on top will complete the ensemble while adding oodles of cuteness to his appearance.

A polka dot shirt looks great on kids, especially when combined with bright colors. So opt for one for your little hunk and couple it with a pair of jeans and tan boots. Use a bow tie to add to his adorability. If the temperature dips low, wrap a mini bomber jacket around him to look equally charming and fashionable.

If your son isn’t too fussy about his look, then you can opt for a solid oxford shirt in a pristine shade of white. You can team it with a pair of black denim and a waistcoat to add panache to his appearance. A shiny pair of shoes and a bow tie will surely make him a stand out in the crowd. Wholesale kids shirt manufacturers have the best white shirts with frills and other design innovations displayed in their inventory.

Who said polo shirt is only for the adults? Pick a blue polo shirt for your adorable munchkin and help him combine it with a nice pair of white trousers. A pair of sneakers and a waistcoat on top will complete the ensemble. Let the collar pose out to give him a nifty appearance, ready to slay the world.

A checkered shirt in light blue looks elegant and when teamed with a pair of dark denim for the little one, the result is always stunning. A pair of black textured boots, a knitted sweater on top and a scarf will give him an endearing appearance, worthy of attention and praise.

Thus, this festive season, make sure you dress your kid the part which will help him become the life of all parties. Let his charm work through the clothes and his skills take over the world! Use the shirt to its optimum capacity by retorting to the ensembles mentioned here. Popular wholesale kids clothing manufacturer have the best shirts displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk at discounted prices.


5 Ways to Slip Your Son into a Shirt This Festive Season



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