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5 Times Blake Lively Gave Fashion Goals To All Moms-To-Be!

We all know and remember Blake Lively as one of the ‘Gossip Girls’. And then she appeared in a number of romantic comedies and a superhero movie (remember Green Lantern!). Then she finally got married to her co-star Ryan Reynolds *sigh*. She is pretty and she is witty. She is known for being a great actor but it is actually her outings in various occasions wearing a number of praise-worthy clothes, her panache, which has made her a darling. Fashionistas love her for the ‘The Age of Adaline” actress definitely knows how to turn the heat up. From wholesale maternity t shirts to fashionable dresses, she tried all and with a statement that is definitely worth drawing motivation from.

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It was when Blake was pregnant with her first daughter James that we got a proper glimpse at her to-die-for wardrobe. She was completely chic and never backed from experimenting clothes. It was she in fact who inspired all expecting mothers to up their game. She smartly combined the street style with classy maternity apparels and created the best clothes possible. Even during her second pregnancy, she was unstoppable. So today, here is presenting a list that highlights the five times when Blake Lively was at the epitome of fashion and impressed the buffs with her maternity vogue.

  • She went to a launch party in the day wearing a floral dress with a plunging neckline that carefully emphasized her baby bump while adding to her sex appeal. The strappy pair of heels in blue and the crochet embroidered clutch added to the simple yet effective dress.
  • Blake went to attend the premiere of a movie in New York wearing a blue mini dress adorned with pink flowers that made her look adorable. The plunging neckline showed off the perfect amount of skin. She completed the look with a pair of pink ankle-strapped pumps. A modest diamond earring and a bracelet were her choice of accessories for the day. She definitely showed women how to be classy and elegant even when expecting.
  • Not once throughout her both pregnancies did Blake fail to impress the lot of us with her clothing choices. She stepped out on the streets wearing a printed mid-length dress that was complemented by the studded pumps. For accoutrements, she chose hoop earrings and a cross body sling bag, which added to her overall stylish approach.
  • If Lively owned the morning get up then you should take a look at her evening ensemble. Proudly highlighting her bump, she wore a body con dress in black with embellishments on the side. A pair of strappy heels and earrings just complemented the entire outfit making her look ethereal.
  • Blake lively proved it time and again that it is all about being confident. So she stepped out of the hotel and onto the streets of New York wearing a navy blue mini dress that flaunted her sexy legs. A pair of embellished heels and a golden clutch accompanied her clothes, making her look spectacular. She also debuted her new perm which was appreciated by fashion enthusiasts all over the world.

So, ladies who are expecting, make this phase of life even more memorable by trying out some Blake Lively fashion. Prominent manufacturers have gathered a vast inventory of garments that is primarily designed to keep the moms-to-be comfortable. Featuring wholesale maternity shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets and many more, retailers can buy them in bulk and make a stunning addition to their store collection.

How Men Can Dress A Shirt For 3 Different Occasions To Look Like A Winner!

Shirts are a versatile piece of clothing to begin with. It was somewhere around 3000BC when the first shirt was crafted from linen for an Egyptian mummy. Introduced to the world as an undergarment for men, shirts were viewed as humble clothing that was particularly worn by the shepherds, workers and farmers till the eighteenth century. It was only in the nineteenth century that shirts became popular with the masses. With time, they evolved as an independent fashion piece and came in different styles and designs, which were categorized according to the social strata. However, the recognition of shirts has come a long way with fashion enthusiasts incorporating their ideas. Shirts, as pointed out earlier, have a very versatile approach which helps blend with almost all outfits and in all occasions. So, highlighting three such occasions, here is a list that speaks of the ways in which men should dress a shirt appropriately to look effortless.

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The first date!

First dates are exciting! And they are all about impressing! The key is to look casual and spontaneous. It is all about not trying too hard but dressing up enough to get noticed by the person on the other end of the table. Wearing a solid shirt in lighter shades with a pair of jeans will perfectly sum up the smart-casual dress code for the evening. To look trendy yet nifty, wear a pair of funky sneakers. A sleek leather jacket can be a great pick for it will accentuate your look altogether. Wholesale shirt manufacturers have gathered a vast range of shirts to help you make a distinct impression on the first date.

The Friday night extravaganza!

When going out with friends, it is all about being flamboyant. So if and when you are planning to hit the club or just sip on a drink or few in your favorite bar, a casual shirt will work just well. Untucked shirt worn with a pair of jeans can be a great combination for this occasion. You can opt for bright and vibrant colors. Textures and patterns of various kinds will only add to the look. However, avoid overdoing your approach for it might make you look flashy. To look classy, stick to a pair of loafers or sneakers depending on your mood. For a stylish appearance, make sure to stick to your stubble for it is going to make you look like a stand out.

Office, office!

Sticking to a more formal style which screams of a sombre personality is what the dress code for office should be. Hence, the shirt you pick for the weekdays should be extremely classy in its approach. A button down shirt for the occasion that comes in sober colors, minus the quirky patterns should be a great pick. Darker shades matched with lighter hues for the bottom wear should create a great illusion for the onlookers. You can team your shirt with a pair of chinos and oxford shoes. A blazer will layer your outfit perfectly if you feel the chill. A messenger bag and a square sunglass will help you impress your colleagues.

So whatever may the occasion be, just make sure to dress appropriately. The last few years have seen a variety of designs hit the market. The subtle line that divided the formal shirts from casuals, have finally disappeared. Keeping this in mind, bulk wholesale clothing suppliers have arranged an exclusive series of shirts that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk to secure attractive discounts.

4 Apparels That Can Be Combined With Flannel This Year without Looking Sloppy!

Flannels are essentially for the fall and winter- is a myth that has been conveniently broken by the fashion enthusiasts. Flannel shirts are that fashion piece that can now be worn all year long with the equal panache. With the days of grey sky getting over to welcome the sun, flannel shirts are in fashion this year for the spring and summer trends. They are comfortable to wear and provocatively stylish in their approach. A rustic clothing piece with a long history that is casual but cute is what sums up the true meaning of plaid flannel. They blend well with other garments but with some, they just look brilliant. Hence, here is a comprehensive list that highlights four such clothes which amalgamates well with any flannel shirt. Read on to find more.

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Make a Statement with the Slogan Tee

This is a classic flannel shirt and casual tee combination that is sophisticated yet sexy in its appearance. All you need to do is wear a bold slogan tee under a flannel shirt and team it with a pair of slim fit jeans. You can opt for a pair of white sneakers or ankle boots depending on your mood. While the sneakers are perfect for a more informal setting, a boot can work well for any smart casual occasion. A leather backpack to accommodate all your belongings and a square sunglass can be great picks in the accessory department.

Layer It Up For the Windy Morning

Well, honestly the winter is still here. And while we wait eagerly for the spring to come, there is no harm in layering the flannel shirt for a stand out winter look. Combine a black plaid shirt with a pair of slim fit denims in the darker shades and ankle length boots. This ensemble is flawless for almost any casual outing with friends. A sleek leather jacket in black worn over the outfit will only add volumes to it. A scarf can be a great pick for accoutrements. It is minimal nut the effect is definitely maximum. An all-black look can never go wrong and you are bound to look effortless. You can get a vast range of wholesale plaid flannel shirts from reputed manufacturers.

A Skater Skirt for Refined Silhouette

There is no challenging the fact that tartan plaid flannel shirt is masculine in its approach and finish. Well, it was originally designed for the outdoor workers in 16th century Scotland. So make it appear a little feminine, you can team it with a skater skirt. A word of caution, albeit the combination is chic to say the least, make sure to opt for a lighter shade in the skirt if the shirt comes in darker tones or vice versa. This will highlight both the fashion pieces individually. You can complete the look with a pair of ankle length boots. A pair of fish net stockings can be used to further accentuate the look depending on your mood. Go sans the accessories for a well-defined appearance.

 A Summer Dress for the Warmer Days

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees…” she appeared in a summer dress and a flannel shirt! The perfect combination for any summer day, it is classically comfortable and defiantly stylish. A summer dress in conventional solid colours, remember minus the prints and patterns, when teamed with a flannel shirt in darker shades looks ethereal. A pair of sneakers can give the coupling a great support as a secondary character. A sling bag for the bling, dark lips for a defined statement, and a smile to impress, you are set to get complimented by everyone around you.

Wholesale plaid shirts are available with a number of manufacturers who have designed them keeping in mind the latest trends. If you are a retailer looking to revamp your store collection for the approaching summers, then make a bulk purchase today with striking discounts available on them.

The Untold Story Of A Mens Classic White Shirt: From History To Contemporary

Aarchetypal white shirt has always been omnipresent in a mans wardrobe. Since its inception almost 200 years ago, it has had an unadulterated presence in mans fashion symbolic of wealth and status. The change through which this singular fashion piece has undergone is significantly less, holding to its initial feel and elegance. Their history is extremely rich and poignant. Mostly it is untold with very few of us having a true idea of their natal. So tracing back their momentous walk down the road of fashion history, let us delve deep in the topic, appreciating them.

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  • The Victorian period was the time when things were changing rapidly. Industrial revolution had brought about a significant change in the lives of the people. With the introduction of machines, the clothes got a better finish. White shirts were no different. But the only fact that set them apart from their contemporaries was that they were highly symbolic of a persons status and social ranking. Arguably, people belonging to the working class avoided wearing them given that they did not want to stain the whiteness of the shirts. In fact, it can be noticed throughout that business men and employers of somewhat import wore them showcasing abstemiousness and sobriety. The term white collar possibly had its commencement during this time with detachable collars and cuffs available with the dress shirts. By the end the 1800s, wearing a classic white shirt was intricately correlated with masculinity.
  • With the opening of the 1900s, the insignia of white shirts as a social symbol had diminished somewhat. The easily accessibility and affordability of this fashion piece was met with almost everyone sporting them. Men were expected to wear them to churches and workplace. It was no longer the colour of the cloth that distinguished between the social strata but the quality of the fabric used. So the upper class would wear something as expensive as the silk, meanwhile the coarse materials were preferred by the masses. The discretion continued till Prince of Wales, Edward the eight introduced a more experimenting and daring fashion trend in the world. This changed the face of menswear but little could it shake the strong foundation of the definitive white shirt.
  • The time during the Second World War saw the white shirts being worn by the high ranking military officers. The fall in economy made them difficult to be acquired by the general public, thus retaining their principal characteristics of highlighting social significance. It was still believed to be figuratively masculine.
  • After the war came to an end, rigid white shirts underwent a change. They were now worn as a piece of comfort clothing. The question of them providing comfort to the wearer was raised, which ended in many new fashion brands designing them for a more relaxed wear, though not compromising on the fashion front. The change in collar types was also notable witnessed. Ruffles were added and the width of the collars increased.
  • The fashion industry was up for a spin during the disco period, read the 60s and the 70swith casual clothing making its way into the wardrobe of men all around the world. The importance of the white dress shirt was still prevalent as it was worn by the top notch business men as a representation of trust and worthiness. They were still seen as a proper piece of cloth that held its place in the fashion circuits without having to withstand the transformation towards more flashy clothing panache.
  • Adapting to the romantic style of the power packed 80s was considerably difficult for the stoic white dress shirt. Laces and frills in place of the collars and cuffs were introduced with a number of male ballet performers wearing them on stage. This was probably the only time when the basic design of the shirt was disturbed only to be reverting to its original form pretty quickly.
  • Modern incorporation of the mens shirt in the pristine shade of white could be seen in its original glory since the beginning of the 90s through the current day. With top designers and fashion brands letting them shine in their true form, they have once again returned to their early days, minus the social divisions, albeit more as a classy and elegant of mens clothing apparel.

Throughout the history, the white dress shirt has retained its permanent position in a mans wardrobe. They have successfully maintained their position without for once giving in to the ever changing dynamics of the fashion industry.

A number of manufacturers have assembled the best mens designer dress shirts wholesale that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk. If you are a retailer looking to update your store collection with this timeless and immortal fashion apparel, then register online today with the manufacturers.

The Wild, Wild Story of the Power Pact 80s Fashion

1980s was a fun time, at least when it came to fashion aspects. Continuing the casual sung fitting clothing trend from its predeceasing era, this period was full of power clothing and interesting fashion choices. With a massive boom to the economy, the fashion front too saw an excess in the types of garments that were worn by the masses. In fact, sports inspired clothes and active wears became staple for the hunks. Now if a man was not wearing a pair of sweatpants or sneakers, then he was spotted in sleek denim jackets, polo t-shirts or straight cut jean.

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The society’s pristine attitude of dressing powerfully was reflected in the bold colours and broad shoulder cuts. The suspenders too seemed inspired by the confidence which was finding its roots in the men. Expensive and garish clothing became symbolic of a person’s social standing and authority. Suits came in neutral shades and were tapered much in a way that is worn today.

Moreover, if the businessmen were all about power-clothing, then the youngsters of this era introduced the world to a whole new set of fashion trends. They made preppy-casual popular. So, here is presenting a list that highlights the clothes that came to limelight and became timeless thereafter.

Say Hello To Polo!

Polo t-shirts were loved by the classy and preppies alike, especially the ones that came in slim fit and simple logos on the chest. While emblazoned patterns and prints were having the time of their life, men preferred this one fashion clothing in sober and subtle colours. Solid palette of pink, green and white were extremely common. Some could also be spotted dawning smart stripes, mostly vertical though. They looked ridiculously handsome and charming on the men wearing it. Wholesale polo shirts manufacturers have devised a line that is inspired by the happy decade.

Cardigans Are For the Both Gender

The 80s men proved it that cardigans are a piece of clothing that can be worn by both the genders. In fact no self-respecting man would go out without wearing a button down knitted cardigan. Whether solid or patterned, they looked classy and gentle even at the primary level. Men would wear them for almost all occasions that took place during the colder months of the year. From crisp business men to funky youngsters, these were the favourite for a long period of time.

Welcome The King Of Jackets: Bomber

The idea of casual wear in this period was directly proportional to a hippie kind of appearance. Thus, the inception of leather bomber jackets as a variation to the classic leather jackets was very well received by the male masses. Also, bombers were considered to be more utilitarian than any other jacket that existed. Their ability to protect one from the strong winds during winter made them stand out. Moreover, the snug fit that they came in made them more polished and fine to look at.   Pairing them with acid washed jeans and a casual slogan tee was considered spontaneous and natural at that time.

Sports Inspired Clothes For The Go

Not all 80s clothes were inspired by the flashy world of entertainment. Some were seriously designed taking motivation from the sportsmen and athlete. It was rather considered sexy for the men to be associated with some kind of sports. Tracksuits and sweatpants were popular amongst the men and worn regularly for daily use and well outside the gym. Matching jackets and pants devised for workout worn often worn to dates, movies and hanging out with friends. Talk about the athleisure trend being new!

Oh Yes The Tartan Plaid!

We all know that tartan plaid flannel has been around for over more than four centuries now. But they before this era began, they were strictly considered to be a rough piece of clothing highly associated with the farmers and outdoor workers. Sweaters and shirts in this nifty pattern became widespread and accepted by the men. They lend a well-groomed look to the one wearing them, hence adding to the demure altogether.

The era of 80s has given a lot of memorable things and the world of fashion is thankful for their spectacular contribution. True that some garments were hideous enough to fade in the pages of history, some remained with us forever, original or transformed. With a number of polo wholesale distributors having assembled the latest 80s style fashion products, if you are a retailer looking to update your collection, then purchase them in bulk while securing great discounts.

Time To Rock And Roll In The Chic And Smart Sports T-Shirts By Women

We have often thought that women should only stick to the body hugging outfits which help them to show off their assets. But shouldn’t they be changing their usual fashion trend to something very offbeat and innovative? It is high time   the style conscious   women should be challenging enough to take up the daunting   looks, for instance  wrapping themselves in the tomboyish wholesale sports t-shirts or gym tees.  The athleisuretrend is garnering a lot of attention and even the celebs and models have signaled this to be the hottest trend of the recent times.  Thus, instead of investing in the skimpy classy and well defined ensembles, it is time to splurge into the super cool sports tees which are versatile enough to lend you a number of attires.

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The fashion world is constantly changing, and instead of limiting ourselves to some strict protocols we must step into the uncertainty and experiment with new things.  The out of the box additionsto our closets will offer us chance to present ourselves like a true fashionista    inform of the world. Thus, keeping in tune with the craze of athletic inspired looks, the leading manufacturing fashion hubs are   introducing a wide array of sports and gym tees for the women to embrace with flair and verve.

Here are some style ideas to own with like a perfectionist.

Belt up like tunics

The sports tees or jerseys are practically oversized and sloppy to look, and hence you can easily amp them up like tunics. Just add the sleek and slim belt cinched on the waist and wear them with skin tight bottoms. This will give you a boho chic look, and also add some uniqueness to your persona.  If your tee is of the perfect size, but the one which is baggies and experiment this way for athleisure.

Knot up like cropped top

Toget a definite shape and silhouette, you can tie the sports tee in a knot at the bottom and make it appear like a knotted crop top. Show off your midriff and toned abs with poise and wear this denims or skirt. You can also layer this look as per your preferences.

Jam with the denim dungarees

The dungarees are back on the global fashion scenes and deliver the retro edge. Hence, you can jam the sports tees with the denim dungarees as you wear it underneath for a relaxed vibe and feel. Add the heels or stick to the basic sneakers for traveling or for casual occasions.

Off shoulder fun

The wide sleeves of the sports tees make it easier for you to add creativity to them. You can wear it over a spaghetti top, and   keep one sleeve falling from the shoulder. This can be half tucked into the denims or shorts for the most cool and sexy look for beach or even for the pool parties.

Wear like a dress

You can pull off the loose fitted sports tee with a transparent legging, and wear it like a dress for parties. To get the put together look, layer this with a long cardigan or some other jacket and g give a dash of panache to the whole look.

The rocky punk look

You don’t have to stick to the simple and casual silhouettes in the sports tees as you can wear them with the leather moto jackets and boots with denims to try a rock punk look. This is a perfect look for the bike rides or music festivals.

Thus, check out the colorful sports tees from the best bulk sports clothing brands and own with now!

One Versatile Denim Shirt And 5 Bottom Wears Coupled To Tell A Story!

If right now, we had to pick statement clothing that would reflect our innermost style, then it had to be the denim shirt. They often top the list of the classic clothes you must have for they are versatile and provocatively stylish. Though combining them with a perfect bottom wear can be quite a trick. If you get them wrong, then the result can be pretty disastrous. Hence, today we have prepared a guide for you that lay down the different kinds of bottom wears you can couple with a timeless denim shirt to look at the top of your game.

Denim Shirt Wholesale

Black jeans for the denim staple

The key to appear like an ethereal being is to be subtle. Sometimes even less is more. Keeping that in mind, we have picked to staple clothes in our wardrobe. A denim shirt and a pair of black jeans. The best thing is that they both complement each other and are perfect in the clothing coupling game. Any shade of denim, darker or lighter, they go well with a black jean. Tuck in your shirt or tie a knot in the front, the approach is undeniably classy. Wear a pair of ankle length boots to add to the stature. No accessories will be required to amplify the appearance. Just this simple ensemble and you are golden.

Shorts for the spring look

We love spring! It is welcoming and warm. And we get to wear our favourite clothing pieces without much thought. So whether hitting the beach for a party or going for an errand run, wear your eternal denim shirt with any colour shorts. However, we would like to add a note of caution here. Make sure that the colours are in contrast. So if your shirt is in a darker shade, the pants must be of a lighter palette. You can use a belt to accentuate both the garments will equal poise. A pair of sneakers will keep your feet at ease, aiding movements. A retro sunglass and some chunky bracelets will work well with the rest of the outfits.

Pencil skirt for a perfect silhouette

Pencil skirts are known for their ability to amplify the other garment by immeasurable volume. Both are classics ad give off a very 80s vibe. So to perfect this approach, tuck in your fitted denim shirt with the skirt in darker shades. Team a pair of black pointed pumps with the ensemble. A modest pendant and an oversized handbag will work well for the accoutrements. This will give a boost to your aesthetics and will help you stand out at any formal gathering, be it a meeting or getting a cup of coffee after work.

Skater skirt to show off the legs

Feminine in its primary approach, a skater skirt worn with a denim shirt can be the ultimate chic look you are looking for. Wear your denim with a knot to flaunt some skin. You can wear a pair of pumps or sneakers depending upon your comfort and mood. Team a belt to give yourself a more defined aesthetics. A simple neckpiece and earrings will help you look stunning in any gathering you attend. You are sure to garner compliments when sporting this look.

Cotton leggings for oh-so-comfy look

Comfortable leggings. Check! Sexy denim shirt. Check! Being comfortable. Double check! This combination is elegant in its basic level. Just team it with a pair of knee length boots and you are done for a casual gathering. It is spontaneous and natural. You can pick a chunky neckpiece to complement the ensemble. Now whether you want to tie your hair in a neat plaid or leave it open completely depends on the mood and place you are visiting. You can carry a backpack that will not only accommodate your belongings but will also give you an edge over the rest.

So let the flexibility of denim be fully explored by teaming it with these garments. A number of wholesalers have gathered the best denim shirt wholesale which can be bought by the retailers in bulk with striking discounts available on hem. Just one click and register online to be updated with the latest products.